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Sure, these feature-packed gadgets—which wirelessly connect with a mobile app and track how long and, possibly, how thoroughly you brush your teeth—can be fun to use.

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The best you can expect from a smart toothbrush is the motivation to brush thoroughly. The American Dental Association recommends that you brush for two minutes or more, twice a day, and be sure to reach all surfaces of your teeth.

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And we tend to miss certain spots when switching sides. The apps generally display this information in animations of the mouth, so if you want to course-correct as you go, plan on having your mobile device sinkside. But neither brush-head-position detection nor pressure sensors can correct for brushing technique.

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Bring in the brush you regularly use so you can have a personalized refresher on the proper technique for your preferred tool. And although your brushing data will probably become less meaningful to you, this information is valuable to toothbrush manufacturers and other companies.

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Last year, Philips and Delta Dental, an insurance company, partnered on an opt-in pilot program. The information is anonymized at the level of individual users and reported only in groups.

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Philips is not. Modern life presents precious few opportunities to leave your phone behind. For many, toothbrushing provides a twice-daily respite from staring at a screen.

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Why We Don’t Recommend Smart Toothbrushes