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There's a little graveyard, brother, where the Lombard; poplars ware. When we were boys together '. But the nest was silent, brother, not a bird was there to sing, - Where song iteell once nestled, ere song had taken wing. Twas before that. To be the boys together there— in that world as in this '.

There away, like moonlight breaking, something dawning through the dark 1 Now the shadow shape is taking— sail of silver! Sliver barque! In the bow there sumls an angel, and a cherub by hersido; And that cherub, trust me brother, is ' the little boy that died. Had I seen through her disguising, could I so have loved and mourned? Oh 1 that loving and that weeping, would have been to worship turned. As the maiden, footsteps hearing, rom the darkened window ing, So gome angel, earthward nearing, lured my Mary into dying! Where none are ever stranded, yet none are heard of more.

I am sure there is no record left, of one that ever sailed, Who was ever in such music, by such a vision hailed. But that lonely graveyard, brother— in its bosom let me rest. With the turf as irreeon above me, as mv childhood's fe. When this being's wild campaigning, and the dreary march is done. What he was— but that's all over I— what he is, is naught to thee! Bonaparte was as keenly alive to the acquaintances needful to be shaken off as to the friendships desirable to seek. For most people, one of the most delicate and difficult things in life is to repudiate former friendships, and break with connections that have been ly sought.

The person who does SO. In periods, especially of social trouble, sincere attachments will often arise, particularly between persons whose career in life has commenced from a common starting point. They hold together, like fellow-countrymen whom chance has conducted to a barbarous country, and whose first acquaintance is made in the minds of savage enemies. I When friends like these are obliged to bid each other adieu, the separation is mostly distressing to both. Bonaparte felt no such scruples. Her per. One thing is certain, namely, that, both before and after her marriage with General Bonaparte, Bhe was mixed up with people whose habitual society was quite unsuitable for the wife of the head of the State.

While her husband was only a General, her position obliged her to receive the ladies who were connected with the existing order of things. Doubtless, her natural tact and good taste enabled her to make some selections ; but even amongst those Selected few were persons whose reputation, rightly or wrongly, shocked the First Consul's natural rigidness. Mademoiselle de Gabarrus, daughter of a rich Spanish banker, had married the Marquis de Fontenay before the Revolution, and while she was still almost.

Divorced from her first husband, she married the too famous representative of the people, Tallien. But it may be observed tbat contemporary books and journals belonging to that disastrous epoch add but very few extenuating circumstances to the reprehensible acta of which they accuse her ; whilst her justification did not appear till a long time wards, when she had changed her name of horror for the well-sounding title of Princesse de Chimay.

Whatever truth or falsehood there may have been in the popular rumors that were bruited about respecting the lovely Madame Tallien two things are certain, namely, the real affection which Madame Bonaparte felt for her, and the invincible repugnance with which she inspired the First Consul. He had long concealed within his own breast the unqualified annoyance which he felt at such an intimacy ; he did not allow the slightest symptom of disapprobation to escape during his marvelous Italian and Egyptian campaigns ; but the day after his establishment in the Luxembourg Palace, af.

The names of other pretty ladies were also added to the Index Expurgatonua ; but the loss of all the rest put together gave comparatively little pain to Madame Bonaparte. She tried every means to carry her point Mwm looking for Sacramento and intimacy with soft persuasion, sulking, entreaties, tears. Her congratulations met with the coldest possible reception, at which she felt a little piqued, without being uneasy in other Mwm looking for Sacramento and intimacy with ; for she was not ' apprised of the great event which was then maturing itself in secret.

She merely I said 'to Madame Hainguerlot, another celebrated beauty of the day, "He is an unlicked bear. You think he won't speak to me Very well, I am easily consoled. I shall make up for it with his wife. It is not certain whether. Madame TaL lien's expressions were reported to Napoleon ; but what followed immediately after tbe First Consul's installation at the Luxembourg was this : A list had been made of the persons to whom the earliest visits should be paid, at least by cards, seeing that republican equality could not be unceremoniously trampled under foot, and that there still existed secondary powers, whose vanity the First Consul did not wish to shock too rudely.

He paid very few of these visits in person ; and, as people knew how precious his time was, the most susceptible could not feel offended. But with Madame Bonaparte the case was different ; for, in the early dawn of greatness, the wife of the head of the State was considered as a nullity in Government matters.

At first, she went, almost by stealth, once or twice, to Madame Tallien's. The other came to her several times without ; being admitted, of which she was not aware. On inquiry, she learnt tbat the footman, whose duty it was to announce. The usual Argus was not yet at his post. Madame Bonaparte, still agitated by the communication her husband had made, was in the utmost confusion when the charming Spaniard burst into her chambers unawares.

Few faces were less capable of dissimulation than Josephine's. Madame Tallien, seeing at the first glance that a somber cloud was resting on the countenance whose expression was ordinarily so amiable, exclaimed : "What can be the matter with you? She wept as she embraced Madame Tallien ; and, after regaining her composure a little, she confessed the cause of her vexation, and related the scene which bad taken place a moment before.

Madame Tallien, wounded to the quick by the First Consul's pointed and expressed! There are people whose judgment I despise ; but I am anxious to undeceive Bonaparte. He will then revoke his odious order ; and I net d not tell you how happy I shall be to be able to letaia my most cherished friend.

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Madame Bonaparte, whose constant study was to watch' her husband's good-natured moments, possessed a whole treasury of charms and seductions ; her smile and her looks were so csressing, that she often succeeded in disarming Bonaparte. But she was obliged to allow sufficient time for the calm to succeed to the tempest ; and after any scene of unusual vivacity the hero was less accessible to her influence.

At first, Napoleon was refractory ; he knitted his brows — as was his habit when anything displeased him — which gave him a resemblance to the Jupiter of the ancients, for it was an ordinary precursor of the coming storm. Madame Bonaparte, who perceived it, wanted to retract her words, when Napoleon, thinking better of it, said, "Be it so ; let her come! Her foot, white and at liberty, instead of being imprisoned in a shoe, was displayed on a sandal.

On her great toe an enormous diamond glittered ; and her arms, naked to the shoulder, were encased by golden bracelets, enriched with antique cameos ; whilst her bead, uncovered also, displayed the most glossy black tresses it is possible to imagine.

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After an exchange of gracious words, she inquired where were the proofs to be submitted to the First Consul. Josephine was far from sharing Madame Tallien's security ; she knew her husband too well! Meanwhile, Bonaparte, who had given orders to be informed of Madame Tallien's arrival, " entered suddenly, and shut the door, still more, abruptly than he had opened it. Josephine, in alarm, fled into an ading cabinet. You are accused of having participated in Tallien's sanguinary acts, and of being bloodstained with his revolutionary murders.

Ihave been ; misled. Let us say no more about it and pass, on to the rest. The rest! This declaration suffices to explain the necessity of depriving herself of your visits, until the day when, strong in your innocence, you shall have thrown down the wall which must henceforthseparate you from each other.

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The eyes of the world are fixed upon me. Adieu, madame. On retiring, Napoleon made sufficient noise, as. She hastened to her friend.

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Josephine made no attempt to tffer consolation ; she wept with her, renewed the protestations of a friendship which nothing could extinguish, and uttered with a deep sigh, "Alas! I know not what fate he reserves for Europe ; but if he treats her with as much severity as he does his own— — ". Madame Bonaparte could not finish the sentence. We are told that we bave too much of them at theaters. We do, and I say this not because the exhibition is indecent, but because it is ugly. What a 'woman is ex-' pected to bide and what to show is purely a question of convention. Princesses and other lights of the harem were being dragged about in bullock carts.

Soon some of them got out 'of their conveyances and sat down upon the grass. Among them was a girl who I felt convinced was pretty, and I sat down near her. Her face was covered with a thin veiL Nothing would have induced her to raise it, but slowly she pulled her wide tronser up above her knee and ' proceeded to scratch her bare leg.

This was htr idea of a ' mild flirtation with a Frank. I And why not? Am I not right, therefore, in saying that the rule as to what portion of the female form divine may with propriety submitted to the eyes of mankind is local and not general? Here faces, necks, backs, shoulders and arms may be shown, in the east legs may be shown; while in Zululand, according to all s, the ladies walk about like Eve before the fall.

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Bat even in England the rule is different lin theaters j and in ball rooms. If a girl were to appear at the latter in a dress only reaching down to her knees, she would be regarded as a peculiar girl, whereas j she ' might do this on the stage without adverse comment. The effect was pretty and graceful. To emulate this display the principal dancers eschew everything except one muslin petticoat, and this a very short one. What is the result? Exoeeding ugliness, I suppose that it may be taken as a rule that when a girl has small, thin arms, she generally has small, thin legs.

In the name, therefore, of good taste, let us go back to the days of cloudy muslin. Bangs on a girl give her an unruly look, like a cow with, a board over her face. T'-AV girl with bangs may try. The banging of a girl's hair changes the whole nature of the little wretch, and she becomes as a gun that is loaded.

You take a picture of. Van ' Cott, the alleged ; ; female preacher, look with. Tag Wilson. Andrews, attorney- at-law, Ashton, Indorsed by physicians. When Babies. Sour Stomach, Colds. It simple and inexpensive. It Is a sure cure. Delay Is dangerous. Far 'lie. A' one '. Take no other preparation It is never sold in bulk or by measure. Bl 00 Catarrh Cure.

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Family Hyrlnce, Sl. Dandruff, and arrests the fall;! Allen's World sMair Restorer. Snd 1, Circular and Prices. It relieves the child from pain, cures dysentery and diarrhea, griping in the bowels, and wind colic. By giving health to the child it rests the mother. Price, Twenty-five Cents a botUs. This great remedy was discovered by a missionary in South America. Send a self-addressed envelope to the REV.

Address all orders to A. San Francisco. Ot He calls goods by their proper names, and does not sell Cotton-mixed Articles for All-wool. Give hint a call, and do not forget to bring the Cash!

Mwm looking for Sacramento and intimacy with

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