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By Sara MacNeil. The Chicken Ranch, which sits in a remote area south of Pahrump, plays host to some 60 women who rotate through to provide their services. At any given time, about a dozen women are working at the pastel blue-and-pink building with dormers and gingerbread trim.

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All told, about 20 brothels are d to operate in Nevada. Chase, 27, who also performs in adult films, has been working at the Chicken Ranch for the last two years. Men were waiting in the parking lot for the doors to open. Ariel Ganja, a year-old sex worker, said one client asked if he could sleep outside in his trailer until the brothel opened.

Clients are allowed to remove their masks after they show proof they are fully vaccinated.

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Lexy has an air purifier in her Playboy-themed room and uses a handheld disinfectant sprayer on her bed and shower. When a customer comes at any hour, the women slip them on for a lineup in the parlor room.

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The ladies come out one at a time and introduce themselves while standing in front of a mirror so the client can get a front and back view. The room brothel includes a common area where men can be entertained in an indoor jacuzzi while women spin on a stripper pole under strobe lights.

Chase, who said she was coerced into illegal prostitution when she was just 13, has been working legally in brothels in Nye County since Chase, Ganja and Lexy said they were relieved to ditch the odd jobs they picked up during the pandemic and return to the Chicken Ranch, which offers more money, safety and stability.

They were especially happy to see the other ladies again.

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Nevada sex workers return to brothels, making up for lost time. Legal Brothels Reopen in Nevada Launch slideshow ».

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Christina Parreira worked in Nevada’s legal brothels in order to pursue her PhD