Blk male for potnetial ltr with thick lady

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ed Oct 22, Messages 5, Reactions 33, 1, Alleybux 70, Wyndexman said:. And y'all still fucking us and mad we prefer white women not me Click to expand ed Jun 19, Messages Reactions 1, Blk male for potnetial ltr with thick lady Alleybux 60, Amandabby22 said:. Next caller.

ed Apr 20, Messages 2, Reactions 20, Alleybux 51, This thread is weird as hell, policing black women's or any woman's body is gross period. First of all black women are built hella different from white women so following their standard of beauty is just dumb as fuck from the first place but also do you people know how bodies work?! Some people are simply not meant to be "thin" or "slim" there are women who me included who work out, eat healthily and do all the standard "fit" checkmarks who are thick or big. My thickness hasn't stopped a man from wanting me, and if there is a guy out there who doesn't want to marry me because of my size.

Cool good riddance I didn't need to gain that weight anyways. Silk Rubbers. ed Sep 24, Messages 2, Reactions 6, Alleybux 70, My husband is white and european so that doesn't apply to me sweetheart. ed Jun 25, Messages Reactions 68 Alleybux 69, LovableShade said:. ed Sep 12, Messages 3, Reactions 31, 1, Alleybux 78, ed Jun 22, Messages 29, Reactions 80, 1, 1, Alleybux 33, Sweetiepiie said:. This thread gets made like every days and I feel like it's from the same fonts.

Okay we get It!! Men don't like fat women!! ed Jul 8, Messages 13, Reactions 22, Alleybux 41, Lmaooooo you think this based off of some Facebook comments? Whoever gets their dick hard and puts up with his bs is who a man will marry not their shape. Corona Borealis. ed Aug 12, Messages 3, Reactions 36, AlleybuxYou notice how every woman on My Pound Life got a man? ed Mar 29, Messages 29, Reactions5, 4, Alleybux 97, Ya'll got to give it up. A lot of these men who are so obsessed with TALKING about what a woman has to have, how a woman has to look, how a woman has to act, etc.

What does this tell you? Stop caring about what the margins of society has to say Ivy Park. ed Jun 25, Messages 10, Reactions 52, 1, 1, Alleybux 24, Bubbles said:. To me curvy is negative and I equate slim women with butt and thighs as thick. Curvy to me is:.

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ed Dec 21, Messages 9, Reactions 49, Alleybux 47, I don't understand how the opinions of a few men and not even quality men turned into an 18 thread. We can't say that these men reflect the thinking of EVERY Black man in the world, so giving this energy really is pointless. Also, I'm a slim woman, so maybe I'm not in a place to comment, but some of these comments reek of insecurity. A few comments on a social media from a bunch of dusty men isn't worth some of these responses.

If we love ourselves as much as we say, those comments again, from a bunch of dusty men on a social media shouldn't trouble us. Last edited: May 22, ed Jan 25, Messages 51 Reactions 8 Alleybux 80, From a brothers perspective Personally slim women are not my thing but as with most men I could play with all four types.

As men we must for potential weight gain after. If we like thicker women it works out eventually. I will say professionally I have friends very sensitive to their date's size around their colleagues. Really female colleagues are the most critical! They will date one for appearances and strickly play with the thick or BBW friend. It is, what it is. Tanzinite84 said:. Men will have sex with any shape. They like to clown all four shapes to feel like they have some type of standard then stick their wenis in all four. I figured out their con game And desperation long ago.

Akimbo said:. Are you black? Belle ami. ed Apr 25, Messages 22 Reactions 85 Alleybux 3, As a slim and young married woman I have to say I think slim wins. Just generally it looks healthier and like you actually have a self esteem.

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Curvy medium figures are also highly desired I'd say but I think it's mostly because they always seem to wear super tight clothes and look as if they are trying to sell their bodies, then they get upset when they are just a one night stand. ed Oct 20, Messages Reactions 2, 54 29 Alleybux 74, Edit: Being slim is desired, but people love who they love and accept love from. If you use your resources and have enough confidence to use the Law of Attraction, you can get what you want.

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ed Jan 26, Messages 23, Reactions4, 2, Alleybux 1, Ivy Park said:. Being black, growing up middle class and graduating from a non Ivy League university took me out the running years ago. ed Feb 28, Messages 29, Reactions3, AlleybuxAs I said ly, they might prefer slim, but they end up with something else. Let me give you a perfect example.

My ex-hus. We both had babies and I snapped back because for one, I worked out my entire pregnancy and only gained 30 lbs. This woman is regular sized, about 5'4" and probably sized I dunno 14 or something. Well she didn't lose all of her weight after the baby, gained even more. I'll never forget feeling horrible for her as we all sat at dinner and he says to her, "Babe, look at her, she just had a baby too. What a DICK. I'm thinking this dude clearly likes slim women more, so why the hell did he marry, and just have a baby with a thicker one, ONLY to complain and make her feel like shit about herself?

He told my ex about how he was hounding her to lose weight.

Blk male for potnetial ltr with thick lady

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Black men prefer slim women for LTR/Marriage