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I'm seeking recommendations for a male therapist in Berkeley or Oakland who can help my husband with sex issues in our relationship. Sex addiction is a possible problem - it's unclear at this point. The issues have led to a serious two-year-long betrayal not cheating but equally serious and now there is a loss of trust in our relationship.

Husband has been in denial about the gravity of his behavior but is now expressing openness to working on himself.

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Not seeking couples counselor at this time, but someone who will work individually with my husband. Thank you. My husband saw George Collins in Walnut Creek for many, many years for sex addiction. It sounds like the same type of thing It looks like George now has a practice called Compulsion Solutions. The Bay Area has a great sex love addict anonymous program and he can begin attending these meetings and get therapist recommendations there.

Good luck! SAA www. I'm looking for recommendations for an experienced couples counselor who can speak gently and frankly regarding sexual and other communication issues--in Berkeley or Oakland. I would hugely recommend that you talk with Dr. Lisa Lancaster. My husband and I saw her a few years ago and she was instrumental in helping us through some very difficult days. She has a gentle and warm style. She is also practical, and offers insight as well as strategies you can actually use to make things better. Her phone is She mediated an amazingly Sex partners seeking in Berkeley transition, under the circumstances, from partners to co-parents for my ex and I.

She is very empathic but still keeps everyone able and grounded in reality. She focused on building consensus and trust and communication between us, based on making agreements and following through to take actions on those agreements. This was very practical but also so gentle and compassionate. I didn't work on any sexual issues with her, but I bet she would be amazing. Hope this helps, and I wish you and your partner all the best. This question has been asked before, but I need to ask again with my insurance company limitation in mind.

We have the Blue Shield HMO, and we need, need, need to see someone who will directly address sexual issues, no shyness or sideways talking. We'd also consider a workshop or course, but we have small children and no ability to go to overnight retreats, or to pay for tons of childcare.

We need to be guided through recovery from abuse and intimacy issues that have blocked our love life from the beginning. Although she didn't push our sexual issues until we brought them up, she then was totally comfortable and straight-forward discussing our sexual and intimacy dynamics, including long-standing difficulties and even our kinky tendencies.

She helped us understand the dynamics and clear out tension and start anew. Wife with Much Better Sex Life. He was having affairs and now has ''tapered off'' into chat rooms with women and men he pretends to be a woman in these pornographic conversations with men. He is sick and I am sick to my stomach and have just moved to the area.

We have young children and he is starting to look for a therapist and attend sa meetings, but Sex partners seeking in Berkeley am becoming unhinged and am a bad parent because I'm so upset about this. Female preferred. I really appreciate her approach to life. She's very caring, warm, open, grounded, and spiritual, while also being very down-to-earth -- and she has a great sense of humor. She really helps me to zero in on things about myself and helps me to understand what my husband is going through.

I specifically went to Living Arts Counseling Center because of its emphasis on drama and expressive arts therapy, but if you're a person for whom that is off-putting, no worries; I end up just talking with her a lot of the time I'm there.

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She totally rolls with what you're wanting to do each time. I'm looking for 2 therapists, for individual counseling as well as couples therapy. I'm searching therapists who'd be non-judgmental about my sexual issues, past, and propensity toward non-conventional living and desire to explore the possibility of open marriage - who'd also combine great analysis with a sensitive and spiritual perspective!

These are really difficult existential issues for me, so it's not only about being sex positive. I saw the recommendations in relation to sex work, but because that's not my particular history, I'm wondering if these wouldn't be relevant to me. Prefer East Bay or SF. And affordable, too. I love the way she deeply listens and addresses the issues at hand but always sees you as whole and perfect.

She is bright, grounded, empathetic and spiritual. You can call her to see if she is a good match to you. Her phone is Good Luck! Lyn Davis Genelli is your woman. Unconventional, amazing, frank, accepting very of alternative lifestyles, and does not pussyfoot around. Her spiritual well is very deep, and that's the first thing that drew me to her. Besides psychotherapy, she has a very committed intellectual spiritual practice as well as a deep background in yoga.

She's a wise elder in her sixtiesan ass-kicker when necessary, funny and just capable of coming up with the most amazing insights. I have never walked out of her office without an ''aha'' moment. She does body-centered psychotherapy, so you don't just become a talking head.

Her address: lyngenelli [at] comcast. Grateful Former Client. Hi there, I would highly recommend Jennifer Lieberman. I did couples counseling with Jennifer during a particularly hard life transition. My partner and I at the time were practicing an open marriage, and he is transgendered.

Jennifer handled our situation with grace, intelligence and compassion. I always felt greatly accepted and gently guided towards my own truth and healing. Jennifer always focused on the issues at hand, healing a relationship, finding our personal truth and hopefully bringing the two together. Unfortunately that did not happen, but I did go on to work with Jennifer in individual therapy and that was transforming and deeply healing.

She is located in the east bay and would be a wonderful guide through these difficult questions that you allude to in your post. I'm writing this for my best friend who is looking for a great sex therapist or something for her and her husband. Their situation briefly:Both in late 50's, married long time, kids grown, they've grown apart sexually, but are still compatible in many other ways He wants sex in the marriage, she isn't attracted to him sexually anymore and can't imagine having sex with him They are both in individual therapy and have been in couples therapy Any great recommendations?

I would highly recommend Lisa Lancaster. She has been a great help to me and my husband. She is in Berkeley and her is Does anybody have the name of a good sexual Sex partners seeking in Berkeley out there? I feel so frustrated that I don't even want to try anymore, Even though I am over 50, I feel too young to be celibate for the rest of my life!!

Sleepless in Orinda. We had great success with Dr. Deborah Caust in San Francisco. You can find her easily via google. She is a sexologist as well as an MFT with 25 years in private practice. We started seeing her primarily to jump-start our sex life and ended up also resolving couplehood issues I thought Sex partners seeking in Berkeley be arguing about for the rest of our lives! Better living through therapy. I'd recommend Victoria Lee, Ph. She is located in Lafayette and can be reached at Anon.

I highly recommend Dr. Lisa Lancaster in Berkeley. She is fabulous! Her is The last time we did therapy together it was very successful, but in the end we both felt that the therapist we had was not a perfect fit for us. Since then, we have had a second child and it is time for therapy again! This time we would ideally like a woman who practices close to Piedmont Ave.

Thank You! I'd recommend Elveyn Hoch, who has an office on Piedmont Avenue. We saw her for marriage therapy, rather than specific sex therapy, but I believe she has background in both specialties.

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I have been extremely happy with Dr. She has seen me and my husband for about 6 months now and has really helped us be a happier couple and happier people. She is in Berkeley anon. A great help to our marriage was a psychologist in Berkeley, Hans Stahlschmidt. We were able to work through some tough sexual issues. He incorporates the approach by David Schnarch recommended reading ''The Passionate Marriage'' and he has a deep understanding of the dilemma of attraction, desire and commitment in long-term relationships.

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Highly recommended. His office phone is: I am looking for a recommendation for a couples counselor specializing in sex therapy, or the sexual relationship as an entry into deeper issues between us. I have read through recommendations on the website, but few mention sex therapy specifically. I think this would be the easiest way to enter into a discussion of the ways we relate to one another and it represents much of what I see elsewhere in our personalities.

That said, I'm not looking for a counselor who only deals in sexual issues - I am guessing that our intimate relationship is how we manifest our other issues. Also, we are a hetero-couple, with few ''on the fringe'' relationship desires. We also have kids together and this would also be discussed. I am looking for someone in the Berkeley area within about 10 miles is reasonable.

Lastly, if you have more than one recommendation, that would be great since I have to match with our mental health benefit.

Sex partners seeking in Berkeley

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