Looking for a date an upcoming wedding

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A couple recently requested February 29, for their elopement date. What a great anniversary date! Choosing a wedding date can be a bit tricky but eloping can make it so much easier since there are only a few guests only two guests is all that is required to coordinate with. Which means that you and your co-eloper can get married on any day of the week. If the special date that you want falls on a Tuesday, then you can have your ceremony on that date with no stress about guests not being able to make that day. When considering what day you want to get married, I would suggest thinking about how you may want to celebrate this date in the future for your anniversaries.

For example, if you and your co-eloper are big travelers, I would suggest avoiding holiday weekends that may be expensive travel times for future anniversary trips such as Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, etc. You may also want to consider a date that is fun and easy to remember like your current dating anniversary date or double s where the month and the day are the same i. Whether you get married at our little wedding chapel or somewhere else, here is a list of cool wedding dates to consider.

Have fun! July 13, Saturday - Our wedding venue is located right in the heart of the Tacoma Pride Festival.

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September 9, Monday - easy-to-remember anniversary date. September 10, or Tuesday - For those who think s are lucky, this date is a palindrome. September 13, Friday - Friday the 13th. October 10, Thursday - easy-to-remember anniversary date.

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November 11, Monday - easy-to-remember anniversary date. December of any year - If you and your co-eloper like to travel I would suggest picking an anniversary time that is a great time to travel. December 12, Thursday - easy-to-remember anniversary date. December 22, Sunday - Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year.

A fabulous excuse to go to bed early for all future anniversaries. December 31, Wednesday - New Years Eve elopement with built in parties all across town. January 1, Thursday - Imagine every year of marriage will start with a kiss at am. February 2, Sunday - Now this is a Super Palindrome day. March 3, Tuesday - easy-to-remember anniversary date. March 13, Friday - Friday the 13th.

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March 14, Saturday - Pi Day is a popular math geek holiday since Pi starts with 3. March 17, Tuesday - St. Patricks Day. April 1, Wednesday - April Fools Day. April 4, Saturday - easy-to-remember anniversary date. May 1, Friday - Do you love Springtime and flowers?

Then maybe May Day is for you! May 5, Tuesday - easy-to-remember anniversary date. Also, Cinco de Mayo. June 6, Saturday - easy-to-remember anniversary date. June 20, Saturday - Summer Solstice is very romantic! Note: this year is tricky because usually the Summer Solstice is on June 21st however since its a Leap Year, the solstice is on the 20th in July 7, Tuesday - easy-to-remember anniversary date.

August 8, Saturday - easy-to-remember anniversary date. September 9, Wednesday - easy-to-remember anniversary date.

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November 11, Wednesday - easy-to-remember anniversary date. November 13, Friday - Friday the 13th.

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December of any year - Same reason as December 12, Saturday - easy-to-remember anniversary date. December 21, Monday - Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. If you would like to see if any of the above dates or any others are available for your elopement at Elopeyou can find us here. What We Do. Meet the Team. The Chapel. Elopement Packages. How it all works. Getting Married in WA.

Book Now. A fun wedding date now and an awesome anniversary date for years to come. Eloping at Pride would be super fun. You would be surrounded by so much love! May 4th. January 1, Thursday - Imagine every year of marriage will start with a kiss at am February 2, Sunday - Now this is a Super Palindrome day. November 13, Friday - Friday the 13th December of any year - Same reason as Older Post That time I was on a Podcast.

Looking for a date an upcoming wedding

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