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On a steamy evening at the beginning of the rainy season, a crowd of 10, packs the street outside the National League for Democracy headquarters in downtown Yangon. Volunteers pass out bottled water in the oppressive heat, while a Burmese vaudeville team performs folk dances on a red carpet. Radiant in an indigo dress, white roses in her hair, The Lady pushes through supporters and cuts a ribbon with a pair of golden scissors.

Suddenly, in the midst of the crush, she is standing before me, exuding not only rock-star magnetism, but also an indefinable serenity.

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Standing ramrod straight, reaching out over admirers and bodyguards to clasp my hand, she speaks to me in a soft, clear voice. She wants, she says, to give thanks for support from the international community. She has a trip to Thailand planned in a few days—her first out of the country since —and her schedule is even more jammed than usual.

She and I had first met, only 16 months before, in more tranquil circumstances, before the international frenzy surrounding her escalated exponentially. The setting was the temporary NLD headquarters a few blocks from here, a dilapidated, garage-like structure watched round-the-clock by security agents. In a sparsely furnished lounge on the second floor, she had told me that she took up vipassanaor insight meditation, at Oxford University, where she studied philosophy and politics during the s.

The 2,year-old technique of self-observation is intended to focus the mind on physical sensation and to liberate the practitioner from impatience, anger and discontent. Aung San Adult hot women Ong Sang Kyi found meditation difficult at first, she acknowledged. Meditation helped confer the clarity to make key decisions. That helps you to control not just what you do, but what you think and what you say. As she evolves from prisoner of conscience into legislator, Buddhist beliefs and practices continue to sustain her.

Indeed, a growing of neuroscientists believe that regular meditation actually changes the way the brain is wired—shifting brain activity from the stress-prone right frontal cortex to the calmer left frontal cortex. Yet this underlying story has often been eclipsed as the world has focused instead on military brutality, economic sanctions and, in recent months, a raft of political reforms transforming the country.

The golden spires and stupas of Buddhist temples soar above jungle, plains and urbanscapes. Red-robed monks—there are nearlyof them in Myanmar—are the most revered members of society. Pursuing lives of purity, austerity and self-discipline, they collect alms daily, forging a sacred religious bond with those who dispense charity. Nearly every Burmese adolescent boy dons robes and lives in a monastery for periods of between a few weeks and several years, practicing vipassana.

As adults, Burmese return to the monastery to reconnect with Buddhist values and escape from daily pressures. And Buddhism has shaped the politics of Myanmar for generations. Based on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, the Indian prince who renounced worldly pursuits and attained enlightenment beneath a banyan tree around B. Its belief system holds that satisfactions are transitory, life is filled with suffering, and the only way to escape the eternal cycle of birth and rebirth—determined by karma, or actions—is to follow what is known as the Noble Eightfold Path, with an emphasis on rightful intention, effort, mindfulness and concentration.

Behind vipassana lies the concept that all human beings are sleepwalking through life, their days passing by them in a blur.

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Only by slowing down, and concentrating on sensory stimuli alone, can one grasp how the mind works and reach a state of total awareness. On those same steps, during the bloody crackdown on the pro-democracy movement inAung San Suu Kyi was catapulted to the opposition leadership by giving a passionate speech embracing the Buddhist principle of nonviolent protest.

Inthe generals regilded the spire of Shwedagon with 53 tons of gold and 4, diamonds. An earthquake shook Yangon during the reconstruction, which senior monks interpreted as a of divine displeasure with the regime. The military lost all credibility during the Saffron Revolution inwhen troops shot dead protesting monks, defrocked and imprisoned others, and shut down dozens of monasteries.

Monks appeared on the streets with begging bowls turned upside down—a symbol that they would refuse alms from soldiers. This seldom-invoked punishment was tantamount to excommunication. One of his first conciliatory acts was to reopen monasteries shut down by the junta. Among nearly 1, political prisoners he freed in January and Februarymany were jailed monks who had participated in the Saffron Revolution. Senior monks say, however, that the damage will take decades to undo. Aung San Suu Kyi has invoked Buddhism repeatedly in her calls for peaceful protest and passive resistance to military rule.

But like all religions, Buddhism is not free from violence.

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In June, the worst ethnic and religious clashes in decades erupted in coastal Rakhine State between Buddhists and stateless Muslims—whom the government has classified as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, although many have lived in Myanmar for generations.

Triggered by the rape and murder of a Buddhist girl and the lynching of Muslims in revenge, the violence—in which dozens died and thousands have fled—reflects the loosening of dictatorial controls in democratizing Myanmar, and a new freedom to organize along ethnic and religious lines. When I met Aung San Suu Kyi after her release from house arrest, she spoke at length about the role that Buddhism had played during her confinement. It had given her perspective and patience, she said, an ability to take the long view. This was especially important during the last seven years of her imprisonment, when her principal nemesis was Gen.

Than Shwe, an erratic, superstitious leader who harbored a deep antipathy toward her, and even reportedly used black magic rituals against her. Than Shwe, who ruled the country with an iron first from towas not known to meditate. Like many of his predecessors, Than Shwe fused his Buddhism with belief in natsor spirits, and yadayamagic rituals performed to ward off misfortune.

Than Shwe was a frequent visitor to Bagan, the ancient capital sprawled across an arid plain on the east bank of the Irrawaddy River, about miles north of Yangon. On a hot morning, I mount steps to the plaza of Sinmyarshin Temple, an ornate 13th-century structure with a stupa sheathed in gold leaf. Than Shwe visited the temple frequently and paid to regild it in Three weeks later, the temple collapsed, killing about 20 workers who were rehabilitating it. During the darkest days of the dictatorship, after the arrests of most secular political leaders Adult hot women Ong Sang the s, it was the monks who led resistance to the junta.

Perhaps the most charismatic was Ashin Gambira, now 33, a leader of the Saffron Revolution. He withstood four years of torture and beatings and was freed on January Gambira promptly d his harsh critiques of the government. He then broke into three monasteries that had been sealed by the army in and also traveled to Kachin State in northern Myanmar to draw attention to human-rights abuses allegedly being carried out by the army in a war against ethnic separatists that d last year after a year cease-fire.

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Both times he was released after a night in jail. The physical and mental strain of prison life, along with continued harassment, took a heavy toll on Gambira. In March he reportedly suffered a nervous breakdown. The monk left the monastery, returned to layman status and moved in with his mother near Mandalay. The golden spires of an adjacent temple poked above a dense grove of coconut palms and banana trees. Sitting cross-legged on the veranda of his dormitory, the abbot, also a former political prisoner, told me that the monastery is still trying to recover after the devastation inflicted by the military.

Most have disappeared. He has not been right since. Gambira is not the only monk who has run into trouble in the new Myanmar. I traveled a dirt road through rice paddies two hours outside Yangon to meet with Ashin Pyinna Thiha, 62, a prominent Buddhist scholar and political activist. A spiritual adviser to Aung San Suu Kyi and critic of the junta, Pyinna Thiha tried to instill a spirit of political activism in thousands of young acolytes at his Yangon monastery. Late last December, the Supreme Council of Burmese monks—47 abbots approved by the regime—banished Pyinna Thiha from his monastery and ordered him into domestic exile.

He now resides with 15 monks in a rural compound donated by a supporter. Monks are the biggest potential organizing force in Burmese society, he explained; the government remains fearful of them. This is luxury. As if on cue, the downtown lights go out. Watching The Lady from the VIP section is a rising member of her inner circle, Kyaw Min Yu, 43, a founder of the 88 Generation, an organization that includes many former political prisoners. Sentenced to life in for his role as a student organizer in the uprising, he was freed in February after nearly 22 years, as part of the general amnesty.

A wiry man with chiseled good looks and capable English, Kyaw Min Yu believes that his embrace of Buddhist practice saved his life in prison. Then, Kyaw Min Yuu found himself in the same cell as a monk, who began to teach him vipassana meditation. Soon he was meditating for an hour each morning and evening. Other prisoners began to follow his example. He ended outbursts toward his guards.

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Adult hot women Ong Sang

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