Woman fukc interest in Wichita

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For District Judee. Henry Clay would rather be right than President; Marsh Murdock would rather be Governor man oe rignt. Remember that voting for. We suppose Ignominious Parsimin-ious Campbell will get some yotes this fall, but we can't for the life of us see 7 the reason why he should. Watts, v i in. Soap 7 C Vintons best corn.

Wiggins, the weather wizzard, says the cold and frost crested wave that has just swept over us is not a marker to the one he will send in a few days. Get your sKates ready. Yankee athletes won all the field day events in the contest with an English team Saturday and even the British press admits that Johnny Bull's boys were out-classed. State Labor Commissioner Bird was in the city Thursday and called to inform us that he was not yet an "ex" as we had intimated in a paragraph printed some time ago. We deeply regret that out of respect for tne truth we are compelled to correct our error.

A certain Joe Bristow who was once quite prominent in Kansas newspaper circles seems to have dropped completely off tho earth. Will some one please inform us what has become of him and what will become of other newspaper men who quit their legiti mate calling and go into politics.

John Stanley has never been up for office before, has always been a good citizen, a good neighbor, a staunch Republican, a gentleman, a scholar and a judge of good Demo crats. John's all Woman fukc interest in Wichita. IT has come to light that Waller was, convicted by a French Military'tribun-al solely on documentory evidence, which was in reality some letters written to his wife and intercepted by the French. The case only occupied a couple of hours time but Waller was sentenced to twenty years imprisonment just tho same.

Shame on our Government for not helping that poor fellow! Editor Simons, of the Caldwell News has leased his paper to a man named Wm. Taylor and will take an extended, vacation. Tho new man in his introduction hopes the relations between himself and the people of Caldwell will bo the most pleasant nature.

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Such a thing is to be devoutly hoped for Mr. Taylor but does not often occur Some of the days the people will be looking for the editor with a brick instead of a pleasant relation. I mat s tne way it goes in tne newspaper business.

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Derby Dots. Our schools are progressing finely. Dick Hogan is again able to be on tho streets. Grant Hays was summoned to the jury this week. Miss Ella Carpenter is home again from Chicago. Waugh are up Wellington this week. Miss Delia Hamilton is visiting her brothers in tho Strip. Hammun is taking music of Prof. Sickner of Wichita. Larimer went to Parsons as a delegate to the A. Youngs was up from Howard visiting among friends this week.

A little daughter of Mr. Minnich and H. Harris were in Wichita Tuesday. Grandma Ricks, who lived just north of Mulvane was buried in the Derby cemetery Monday. Perhaps the most scholarly, intellec tual and honest of thebimetallists is the president of Brown university.

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He was one of the delegates from this country to the international monetary conference held at Brussels in and is an ardent advocate of the wider use of silver. Bnt he sees the folly and danger of attempting the impossible at least when one nation attempts it single handed.

The following is Dr. This because we cannot in a long time, even by working our mints day and night, coin silver enough to take the place which would be vacated by gold. Prices would surely fall. Immense s of failures would occur. Laborers would be thrown out of work. Altogether a dreadful paroxysm in our business would be precipitated. Slowly the gap left by gold would be filled by the mining and coinage of siver. Prices would then gradually rise.

At last they would become higher than now, more and more approaching the Mexican and Japanese level. It would annihilate all fixed par between New York and London, repeating the Woman fukc interest in Wichita inconvenience in our European exchanges which we suffered in war times when we were upon a paper basis. Every holder of land, bonds, notes, securities or property of any kind, which has decreased in value since Jan. These disasters are made none the less cruel and oppressive by the fact that the silver i party did not intend the result.

This country has suffered as much arid perhaps more from the "free silver" moyejmenl than it would have suffered from. The losses of a war in a just cause might not only be borne with fortitude," but be considered glorious sacrifices. The losses of property and wages which have come from an "honest" effort to "help Woman fukc interest in Wichita and the silver miners are as real as those of war and must he borne under the conviction that they are the result of an inconceivable folly. Weissinger in "What Is Money? Senator Mills of -Texas has heretofore been classed as a supporter of free coinage at 16 to 1.

If he ever believed in this doctrine, he has been convinced by study and thought of its folly and dangers. That there may be no misunderstanding he has just written a letter to the chairman of the Democratic state committee of Texas, in which he states his position clearly and forcibly. Here are some excerpts from his letter of Sept. Every debt contracted since Jan. The debtor honestly owes the value, of When it was proposed years ago to demonetize all the coined silver of the world and suppress the further coinage of that metal, I ed with other, friends of silver in denouncing the monstrous proposition, because it was an attempt to double the debts of tho world, and to bring all debts in this country contracted on a pa per standard, much of it at less than 50 cents on the dollar, to par with gold.

Is not the proposition now to substitute the silver dollar on the silver standard for. He would under the silver standard be able to discharge his debt by paying one-half of what he promised. This would be a scheme to enrich one-halfof a community by despoiling tho other Tialf. Wherever there is a debtor - there is a credit? Chair Gars Free. Contains no I'Oeain or l'oison, safe and reliable.

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All work done at reasonable prices and guaranteed. Douglas Ave, Wichita, Kans. If you want to buy or sell a farm in Illinois Missouri, Kansas. Oklahoma Territory or Texas, or want to exchange land for Woman fukc interest in Wichita property, come and see us. We also do a rental and collecting business. Reference Fourth National Bank of Wichita. Office over E. Douglas ave, Wichita,Ks. Wholesale and Retail dealers in Wood and Iron Pii rape.

Irrigating Pumps, Pipe Valves and Fittirjcrs. Sll E. Douelas Ave. Wichita, ivansas. Xraf ting and Deing. Wo have on the Star fnrp. A a Will. Its KeTleilnm editorials and discussions nr nrtmm-c,; u. Lawrence auem I Our work guaranteed first class. J'w'nTviM a r'"! Proof of all submitted for your approval.

Cheney Items. Jack Frost visited Cheney the other mgni. Wheat is coming into market by the nunqreas 01 Dushels. Allen has his new house ahout completed. It is a beauty. Williams, of Missouri, a son of our real estate agent, has located with us, Wi Quite a large delegation from Cheney auenuea ine picnic at uarden ir'lain Wednesday. Shoemaker and Mr. Mar- tection as the debtor; Congress has the bIe are making some valuable improv- power to dischare-H insolvent flehtnr ri-o- "n nieir resiuences. Pennsylvania For Sonnd Money. In spite of the efforts of a small clique of silverites in Philadelphia the Republican state convention of Pennsylvania adopted a platform which declares strongly and clearly against the free coinage delusion.

After indorsing international bimetallism the plank re as follows: i. We oppose th debasement of the national currency by the admission of sil ver to free and unlimited coinage at the rate of 16 to 1, for the reason that if such a policy be adopted it will not be possible to maintain the parity of values of the two metals, and the purchasing and debt payincr power of the dollar.

Grandma- Groff died Wednesdav! She was 84 years old. Henry Trlnkle. Lloyd Murphey, of Ohio, a nephew of Wm. Mine Owners Versus Cotton Growers. If the United States adopts ; free coinage without international agree-: ment, the gold standard price for cotton would remain exactly the same. The Eoutherrnfarmer above all others is vi tally interested in sonnd money, or the dollar that has the largest purchasing a bankrupt law, but the adoption of the silver standard now would discharge all solvent debtors from onehalf the obligation of, their.

Mrf Jefferson says, 'To trade on equal terms the common measure of value should be as nearly as possible on a par with that of its corresponding nation, whose medium is in a sound state. Teague and eon Charlie have traded for a farm in Wright Co. Moand have moved there. Hendrix of Wichita preached at the Christian church Sunday niffht.

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It was an able discourse and was greatly appreciated by the audience. Allen's barn: Young man you must be more careful. There i3 per I prayer meeting with Geo. We hope it will be a sucl toineowner and per cent loss in it! West' S. J, j Tennessee Whig.

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Cotton and wheat will be bought in. There must be between these standards constant fluctuations. Two-thirds of all our cotton must be exported and sold by gold value. The price of the whole, jcrop at home and abroad will be fixed by the gold standard, but every pound of it will be sold by American farmers by the silver standard. When the American farmer sees cotton quoted at so many cents or pence per pound in Liverpool, he knows that it is so much in gold, but he does not know how much the silver will be worth with which he will be paid for his cotton.

Instead of legitimate business exchange, where every one knows with what value, he parts and what he receives, our products will be sold by a system of commercial gam bling with a fluctuating standard by which the producer must in very instance be defrauded. Pacihc Coast, via the Santa Fe Route.

Special agents and porters in attendance. Pullman tourist sleepers are used, furnished with all conveniences for comfortable traveling.

Woman fukc interest in Wichita

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