Teen golf club set

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Parents of junior golfers are often unsure about when kids should move from junior golf clubs into adult clubs. In addition it can tricky to choose suitable adult size golf clubs for juniors that are transitioning from kids clubs to adult clubs. This article outlines factors to consider for juniors transitioning from lighter weight kids clubs to adult clubs and provides some examples for different skill levels. These considerations are also appropriate for teenagers picking up golf. The best golf clubs for teens will also depend heavily on their level of experience.

This guide is intended for juniors that are approx. For younger juniors that need a lighter golf club and are not yet ready for adult club he please refer to this article: Best Kids Golf Clubs. Note that although some of the major brands sell golf club sets that are specifically marketed for juniors from approximately years old, these are generally cheaper options and are not the same quality and do not perform nearly as well as most adult adult clubs. In general the price reflects the quality of the de, build and materials. For junior golf girls there are some good options as most of the major golf brands produce quality ladies clubs that are a little lighter than regular adult clubs and fitted with shafts appropriate for slower tempo and swing speed.

Certain junior golf clubs are not that dissimilar from women's golf clubs: i. Callaway ladies clubs are one excellent option. Club fitting should be considered for advanced juniors and it is generally worth the cost in order to ensure you are getting the best performance for your junior golfer and that you are optimizing what will likely be your junior's most expensive set of clubs to date. Fitting the right shaft is critical for juniors that are not using regular size adult clubs, since the length and flex of the shafts changes the performance of clubs ificantly. For more information on fitting junior golf clubs and a junior golf club sizing chart see our article on junior golf club fitting.

While this article is aimed more towards younger juniors, the advice and fitting chart is still relevant and will provide some general guidance on how to measure junior golf clubs. With so many options out there it is easy to to feel overwhelmed in selecting junior transition irons and this can easily lead to "paralysis by analysis". All of the major club manufacturers have irons that are suitable for all levels of juniors from beginner to advanced. Tip: if you want to keep costs down there are many online shops and classified sites that sell high quality new and used golf clubs.

For some clubs Amazon can be an option but beware of buying new clubs direct from foreign suppliers. Quality used irons can often be purchased at big discounts. There are also many very good "prior season" iron sets that sell at heavily discounted prices compared to current year models. We recommend that you only buy new iron sets from a reputable shop such the dealer Teen golf club set e.

Do not be in too much of a rush to move younger kids into adult clubs. US Kids Golf and Flynn Golf are still some of the best junior golf clubs available, especially for slower swing speeds and tempo. Intermediate or beginner junior golfers should look for irons with more forgiveness. See examples of clubs for different skill levels below. Take your junior to the local golf shop to look at various models. Look at clubs in other junior's golf bags, ask if you can take a closer look at them and perhaps even swing them.

Many golf club pro shops and coaches have demo irons that juniors can try. Some of the manufacturer's websites such as CallawayPingand TaylorMade have on-line fitting guides, some of which also that take into size, swing speed, handicap etc. Below are examples of irons for juniors and teens, based on different levels of experience and expertise.

The club head weight of adult clubs 6 iron is used as a basis ranges from approx. The weight of irons is set out Teen golf club set each section below.

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Intermediate to Advanced e. Intermediate to Beginner e. Advanced - Intermediate. Mavrik Pro. X Forged. Apex DCB. Mavrik Max. Big Bertha CF King Tour.

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King Forged Tec. MP 20 Forged MB. MP 20 MMC. MP 20 HMB. G Z P Sim Max. Sim Max OS. T Intermediate -Beginner. Callaway pre Rogue Pro. Apex CF Rogue, W, X. King F9, F8, F7. ZZ. P AP2:, AP3 AP1:, Callaway has such a large selection of irons currently on the market no less than 20 different head optionsthat it can be difficult to figure out the best options for a regular golfer, never mind a junior golfer.

Below is a summary of recent model Callaway irons:. Buying advice - below we have provided links to some good buying options. We also like the excellent Callaway Golf Pre-Owned website. A set of "excellent condition" irons can go for half the price on the Callaway Pre-Owned site than new.

The site also has an "other brands" section with some great deals on brands other than Callaway. The Mavrik replaces the Callaway Rogue which were already very good irons for juniors. The irons are not overpriced, yet are full of the latest Callaway technology and materials. The Mavrik Pro are excellent all round clubs that juniors with handicaps Teen golf club set the single digits through teens, can enjoy. The Mavrik and Mavrik Max are both suitable for intermediate through beginner golfers. With the regular Mavrik getting more distance than the Max, being about as forgiving as the Max, looking very much the same, and being ificantly cheaper, it is difficult to see why golfers would opt for the Max.

The Callaway Mavrik is definitely a great option for Teen golf club set or teens. The Rogue irons have Callaway's excellent Face Cup the same as the Great Big Bertha and Epic irons that provides high speed off the face, Variable Face Technology as opposed to the Exo-cage structure of the GBB and Epic that provides excellent speed, even on off-center hits, and tungsten weights that provide maximum forgiveness and playability. Below is brief overview of the difference between each of the Rogue models and some of the other major brand clubs that are comparative to these irons.

Rogue : all-round great performance that can be used by any level player. These look and feel like player irons but provide all the forgiveness you could want. Rogue Pro: smaller face and thinner topline than the regular Rogue, giving a "player iron" look. More workable but not quite as forgiving. Callaway also brought out the cool looking Rogue Pro Black irons in June Rogue X : fitted with longer, lighter shafts and stronger lofts.

These irons are for players with a slower than average swing speed. Longer than the other Rogue irons and also longer than most other irons on the market. In general juniors do not benefit from the longer shaft and they will generally be using lighter shafts anyway. In addition, stronger lofts does not necessarily benefit juniors. Rogue W : deed primarily for ladies and seniors, these come with light weight graphite shafts and are deed to get the ball into the air easier and provide more distance.

The forgiveness and distance comes from a very low CG, wide sole, and large cavity back de. These are suitable for juniors with slower swing speeds and beginner to intermediate juniors that can benefit from a little more forgiveness. The Big Bertha irons are very forgiving clubs that are a good option for beginner to intermediate junior golfers. Club he weigh grams and are Super Game Improvement rated.

As with the prior Apex irons, these are excellent forged high performance clubs. Mixed sets are also available and a great option for a junior looking for more forgiveness in the long irons and more of a forged look and feel in the short irons. The series benefit from Callaway's AI deed "flash face cup" which is deed to optimize speed and spin across the face. The series also has 5 times as much tungsten as the series which means the COG can be positions precisely in the club head enhancing forgiveness and launch.

All clubs feature forged steel in their construction. These are great looking clubs and very popular clubs that should last for many seasons. Callaway has a great ordering tool to tailor your clubs, directly from the company on the Callaway website site. These are excellent forged high performance clubs deed for advanced players.

The CF19 irons use advanced cup face technology and are a little more forgiving than the more blade like Pro series. The Callaway Apex irons have been played by numerous golf pro's for a long time and have a dedicated following.

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The Apex CF 16 is more forgiving than the regular Apex and Apex Pro, thanks to the advanced de, multi-compound materials and manufacturing techniques such as the face plate weld. These irons will appeal to advanced players, with the small top line profile as well as a great sound and feel. The standard shaft is the True Temper XP95 which may suite juniors transitioning into adult clubs as these shafts are a little lighter than the Dynamic Gold that many advanced clubs come with.

The CF16 is suitable for advanced juniors. Overall this is a great looking club with good performance and reasonable forgiveness. The CF16 Black series is the same club, just in a good looking matt black finish that will appeal to some juniors. The Callaway X Forged is deed for low single digit to plus handicaps.

The X Forged is a "forged cavity back" that is more forgiving than the Apex MB blades but still has superb control and workability. Sets comprising 3 iron through PW are available. Earlier models of the X Forged and are also great irons and can be found for ificantly less than the model though given the age, these older sets are generally very well used. While Cobra do make and sell Cobra junior golf clubs for year old junior golfers see our review hereit more of a beginner set and their adult irons are more suitable for teens and advanced juniors. The King Tour was released in October and features a manufacturing process called MIM metal injection molding that produces an ultra-soft feel similar to grain flow forged irons while also providing for a precision in the shape of the irons.

These irons also have a tungsten weight in the toe of the club head that adds stability and forgiveness as well as a thermoplastic polyurethane insert behind the face to enhance the soft feel and absorb vibrations. The back of the clubs looks like a players distance iron while the top view for the golfer looks more like a true players iron. Performance wise, the King Tour are suitable for advanced players but could also be used by intermediate players thanks to their relatively forgiving de and performance. The King Forged Tec is Cobra's entry into the highly popular "players distance" irons.

Similar to many other big brands in this iron category, the King Forged Tec has a hollow cavity with tungsten weights that provides distance and forgiveness while the club still has a sleek muscle back player look to it. It is also available in a one-length option for those juniors wanting to follow in the footsteps of Teen golf club set DeChambeau. They are best suited to high single Teen golf club set and teen handicaps. Used by tour players these are high quality performance irons and are based on Ricky Fowler's custom gamers.

Teen golf club set

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