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Goin' to Washington It's unfortunate that Election Day always follows Halloween by just a few days in the United States, for invariably some lame-brain candidate will try to make a jab against his opponent and tie it in with the holiday.

Rowling was "outed" as the real author of the mystery novel The Cuckoo's Calling this past summer, the somewhat obscure discipline known as "forensic linguistics" was suddenly thrust into the limelight. Building a Mystery I have to admit I've become morbidly fascinated by Glenn Beck, the popular Fox News host whose recent "Restoring Honor" rally attracted large crowds in the nation's capitol and incited endless commentary from social and political analysts.

Eat Your Young It's been a particularly persistent Winter in Indiana this year, with surprising late-season snows and colder than normal temperatures dominating the usually sunny and optimistic Spring months. Everything I've Learned About Everything The most humbling part of being a parent usually happens around this time of year, when school starts and your kid asks you for help with his homework and you realize that somehow you know even less than he does.

Facebook and Existentialism If anyone wonders whether it might be time to delete their Facebookhere's some information that might help sway the decision. Generation Skank I'm a great admirer of people who are willing to wage pointless battles against immovable social forces, so let me speak on behalf of the varsity cheerleading squad at Central High School in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Live Like You're Living We're coming out of the busiest travel season in America, for the last weekend of July is typically the most active vacation time in this country.

Orange Opera, Punx Fest and more coming soon The Lovelines show see our feature this issue happens on August 30, but if you also need something to do on August 29 look no further than The Brass Rail once again. Trouble in Mind Comedian Drew Carey used to do a funny riff in his stand-up routine about postal workers, where he theorized that the spate of shootings committed by disgruntled employees was directly caused by the oddball prices for postage stamps.

Troy Laundry Company ca. Vice is Nice I broke down and subscribed to People magazine, probably the first subscription to anything I've had in about 10 years. But Fort Wayne Ballet artistic director Karen Gibbons-Brown says the current world of ballet and dance is more like a wheel, with no distinct lines separating one form of dance from another.

His tattooed eyebrows told you so. White supremacist. His Web site was an Aryan nightmare. The evidence was irrefutable. And that Tattoo artist wants fwb will Fort Wayne ink makes me a bad person. Not Steve Blanchard. In high school, Blanchard decided that acting would be a great way to make a living, and set out to do just that. Time and time again, television producers use the stranded-on-an-island theme as the plot to their shows. I've been a big fan of the television series Lost ever since I saw the pilot episode of the show back in the summer of I evangelized Lost to my friends.

I gushed over Lost in columns and on my web site. As the series progressed, I found myself to be more and more excited about Lost, and waited in anticipation for each new episode. She really likes him.

Michelle is sixteen years old and so is he. As I was bathed in the light from the TV screen, the room filled with a holy chorus. Images of school children and blue collar workers, basketball nets and local landmarks danced in front of my eyes to the uplifting music. Behold: Something to believe in! Over the past decade, Messmann and Quandt have released an album every two years, like clockwork.

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It's a mix of post-punk jangle, straight-up southern California punk, garage pop, and riot grrrl punch It was a psych-pop menagerie of both late 60s psych and garage rock and British Invasion pop with a modern twist. The senior fine arts student at St. Francis wanted to bring together visual artists, spoken-word performers, and musicians to celebrate the word. Written, painted, smeared. Rapped, spat, or sung. Whatever the manner of delivery, the connection between the artists would be, simply, the word.

Much more common nuisance T. Instead of finishing his senior year in college, T. Indiana law also prohibits the possession of marijuana. I think the reason that film appealed to me is that it presented a sort of nihilistic view of the near-future that I've always found interesting.

I've known Bert Ehrmann for almost four years now. I've followed his blog, DangerousUniverse. We've had many discussions about movies, TV, comics and everything in between. I know the two friends I went to see it with didn't care for it, and it didn't seem like the dozen or so other people in the theater with us were all that jazzed about Starship Troopers either. I have a friend who works for a modeling agency, and she told me of a curious phenomenon that exists amongst her students.

When you think of authentic deli, what comes to mind? FWR's music writer Sean Smith brings you 5 local bands you should know. No additives Erica Justice is on a mission. She wants to show you that preparing healthy, nutrient-dense meals can be easy, inexpensive, and taste a whole lot better than you might imagine. It was a Saturday, and while we were waiting, we had the television on. Every movie from Battleship Potemkin to Meatballs gets the reverential treatment, restored, refurbished, and packed with enough extras and commentary to constitute a mini-course on film.

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On one hand, we have instant access to some cinematic masterpieces. On the other, it has also robbed us of something. He seems to be just a regular bloke, just doing his time and putting in his hours at a 9 to 5er like the rest of us. His 9 to 5 is 9pm to 5am, but that little detail is irrelevant. Even though most of the members of the Fort Wayne ballet seem to spend their life at this studio, none of them mind.

This kind of dedication and passion is rarely seen in adults, let alone teenagers. As I often do I began formulating my opinion on the movie as the ending approached. Akira and the modern superhero movie I was recently watching the movie Akira which turns 30 this year. Alien: Covenant is not Prometheus 2 Prometheus has never been a fan-favorite film in the Alien franchise. When it was released back in it got middling reviews and, what surprised me the most, lots of fans of the Alien movies disliked it too.

Back in late I had been approached by the publishers of The Reader to become their entertainment columnist. Cloverfield opened so big that most assumed Paramount had another movie franchise on their hands and that a sequel would soon be in the works. Critic's Choice Kicks Off Surprising Season at Arena Dinner Theatre Theatre audiences looking at Arena's season might be more surprised to discover what's not on the schedule than by what is. Driv3r is a sequel you can swerve to avoid Before Grand Theft Auto ruled the streets of cyberspace, a well-known game called "Driver" let its participants perform seedy deeds while behind the wheel.

One lackluster sequel and more than five years later,"Driv3r" crashes its way into the limelight. Some of these tend to be overlooked or ignored altogether. Recently three local artists have ed forces to change all of that. They are doing their part to bring these cultures and those spearheading them to the forefront and into focus. Eric Stine, Daniel Dienelt and Julie Morrison have created Expired, an on-line magazine which made its debut in May and spotlights all of the above and more at www.

Fear the Walking Dead s game The series The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on TV with up to 17 million people watching each episode. Forever Into Space Greg W. Locke is the kind of guy you want to know. Someone you could spend hours getting drunk with and espousing about art. He's the kind of creative and artistic soul that has long suffered the pain of the dreamer. No matter how impossible something may seem he doesn't back down.

Since then, I've devoted several columns to the series as well as Tattoo artist wants fwb will Fort Wayne ink many blog posts to count. Lost was unlike anything I had ever seen on TV and seemed to be written and acted by some smart, funny and adept people. AMC did the impossible last season in producing the best series of the year on a channel other than HBO. Mad Men : Good or Great?

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For the fourth time. Mars Attacks. Again I can remember the first time I ever saw an original Mars Attacks trading card. Night Shift returns with a twist of reality If comedy is a science, then Kevin Ferguson and his crew have it down.

Well, almost. Phantom of the Woods Michael Storch likes the smell of fear and the sound of things that go bump in the night.

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And fear, suspense, and the darker sides of the human condition are served up in generous portions in his movie Phantom of the Woodswhich premiers at Cinema Center on Sunday, June It proved to me that I live in an alternate universe, but then, so does everyone else who lives in Fort Wayne. Porcelain by Moby It's pretty interesting to listen to life-long New Yorkers talk about how scrubbed-up and relatively unmenacing their city has become in the past two decades.

Predator 2 is for you! I think that the movie Predator 2 starring Danny Glover is the best sci-fi action movie of the s. Really old Berry Street Recognize it?

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