Friends first see what hapens

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Here are 6 pros and cons of wanting to be friends first. In movies in general, there is an extreme bias towards the tall dark handsome stranger, or the bubbly new girl who sweeps you off your feet. Attractive but distant, unknown yet mysterious, this magical stranger is the answer to all the hopes and dreams of the person involved. I guess then it makes sense why in life we may prefer the idea of putting all our dating hopes on a stranger. And maybe we will.

When it comes to dating, there are two main approaches. One — you start with romantic interest straight away, either through a blind date, a romantic evening after a few conversations, or meeting someone on a whim at an already romantic venue. You know, wanting to slowly build something, taking your time, having a solid foundation of friendship to fall back on. And the idea of falling in love with a complete stranger — the pros and cons of that write itself.

They say that love is friendship on fire. If you get into a fight, you already know you can handle a disagreement well. It is possible. And this is probably the most common set up when someone throws the romantic card on the table.

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There is a huge risk that you will once the romance card has been played. The issue is that the status quo may be quite close and it may have been closer because one person has been more interested than the other. I have also seen this end rather devastatingly where large groups of people are involved. I get to learn more about who you are and what makes you tick.

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Plus, in our crazy world, there are some real dangerous people out there. Many of us can be quite set in our ways. What does this mean? Which is the unfortunate truth many a time. People have lots of friends and get used to them being friends.

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And even if you do all you can to convince someone otherwise, they may never promote you and see you as a worthwhile option. Self awareness is a powerful thing. In every area, but especially in this one.

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And hey, some people do make it out, and on the 37th attempt, she says yes, or he gives it a go. As they say, one of the hardest things in life is working out whether you should try harder, or walk away. All in all, love and dating will always involve some sort of risk and some sort of measuring up process. In truth, any form can end in happiness or heartbreak. How about you? DatingLove. Address. Walking the Shoreline.

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Search for:. Which makes me wonder sometimes if we really prefer wanting to be friends first. The Discussion Cancel reply.

Friends first see what hapens

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I Tried Dating Someone as “Friends First”