Older Windsor looking to taste some younger

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Its 14th-annual release is expected to bring thousands of self-proclaimed beer geeks — and their money — to downtown Santa Rosa beginning Friday, Feb. Pliny is only available on draft no bottles, no growlers and is only served in ounce glasses. Most Pliny pilgrims, especially the first weekend, can expect up to hour waits to get into the taproom.

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Once inside, guests are allotted three hours at the pub and three "Youngers. OK, when can I get my hands on some Pliny? Friday, Feb. If Pliny is so popular, why not just make more of it? According to Russian River Brewing, Pliny the Younger is a very time consuming and expensive beer to brew: it requires an exceptionally large amount of raw materials — malt and hops in particular — and takes up ificant tank space at the brewery.

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In Older Windsor looking to taste some younger words, it's just not worth the money and effort to make more Pliny - especially when the limited supply seems to be working out, just fine. Is there any way to escape the line? This year, for the first time in Pliny history, a lucky few will cut the line. For the best shot at a short wait, the time to come is midweek during the evening. But, believe it or not, a lot of people actually want to experience the line - come rain or shine - because "that's where the event is," says Natalie Cilurzo, who owns the brewpub with her brewmaster husband Vinnie.

Standing in lines has rules, though How do I master the line and not get kicked out? No matter how pumped you are about Pliny, waiting in line for hours can be boring, and bored people do silly things. Therefore, there are rules: no smoking, no drinking, no bottle sharing in line or inside the brewpubno camping in front of businesses leave your pop-up tents and easy-ups at homeand come with your entire party - don't cut in front of people who have been waiting for hours because "your friends saved your spot" - that's not cool.

What happens once I get inside? For customers who wish to brave the notoriously long lines and typically crummy winter weather, Russian River has imposed a limit of three Youngers and three hours inside the pub, per person. They keep track of this with three-tabbed wristbands — not, disappointingly, with chalk marks like meter maids. Tabs are removed as Youngers are poured. The limits, set in place inmeant that the brewpub only ran out of the daily Pliny allocation once in that year — a ificant improvement over years past.

Inside the taproom, Plinys can be paired with pub fare. What does Pliny taste like? Pliny the Younger is a rendition of other Russian River favorite Pliny the Elder, except with more hops, malt, and higher alcohol the beer finishes around According to those in the know and Russian River's websiteit is loaded with hop flavors and is surprisingly smooth and dry for the amount of alcohol and malt.

Who is this Pliny character anyway? And how do I pronounce Pliny? Gaius Plinius Caecilius Secundus, a.

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And how do I get around after I've had my share of Plinys? Want to explore Sonoma County post Pliny? Uber and Lyft are available in Santa Rosa. What if I am pining for Pliny, but am not willing to wait in line for hours? No worries. If you want to sample more Sonoma County brews, we've got a craft beer weekend itinerary just for you. This article originally appeared on Sonoma Magazine's website. Search-Icon Created with Sketch. KQED is a proud member of. Always free. In. KQED Inform. Save Article Save Article. KQED food. Jan 27, Failed to save article Please try again. The friends travelled from Los Angeles for the annual release of Pliny.

Waitress Alison Bellman painted her nails for the release of Pliny the Younger last year. Beer lovers from around the world stood in line for their chance to taste Pliny the Younger at Russian River Brewing Company in Beer lovers taste their Pliny the Younger during the release.

Older Windsor looking to taste some younger

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