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Paramount Pictures. Something is happening in Hollywood. Art is a reflection of its society and based on this, America is a society where women are used as props and filler. Saturday Night Feverwhich celebrated its 40th-anniversary last month, has been occasionally criticized but has still been repeatedly celebrated throughout the years.

Inthe Library of Congress deated the film as culturally, historically, or aesthetically ifican t. It w as also selected for preservation by the National Film Registry for its impact on cinema. However, outside of all the fancy footwork, Saturday Night Fever is also one of the most sexist films I have ever seen and rewatching it after the fallout of the metoo movement blew my mind. After his shift ends he goes home, where he lives with his out-of-touch and abusive parents who Need a dance partner saturday night him a loser.

All the regulars at Odyssey treat Tony like a greased up god because of his slick moves on the dance floor. The second woman is Stephanie Mangano Karen Gorney. After dancing together for a while, Tony and Stephanie become close and she asks him to help her move from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

When they get to her new place, the owner is home and he kisses her on the mouth. She cries and cries, because she has to repent if she wants to be a good girl. Like a bunch of idiotic primates, Tony and his pals bust into the home base of the Barracudas and beat everyone up. The driver, Bobby C. Barry Miller takes off but circles back and rescues his friends after they flee the fight.

Meanwhile, Bobby C. Stephanie and Tony dance and they do a pretty good job. Somehow, Tony wins first place anyways and becomes enraged about this. He gives the Puerto Rican couple the first place trophy and then tries to rape Stephanie. She takes off and Tony is met up by his boys and an extremely intoxicated Annette. Like a real weirdo, Tony sits in the front seat of the car while Bobby drives around and their other friends take turns raping Annette.

Finally, Bobby pulls over on the bridge, rants about his pregnant girlfriend and how Tony has ignored him and then throws himself off the bridge. She lets him in and they agree to be friends. How many people need to get raped so that the guys in this film get to feel true machismo. Any woman who tries to assert herself in this film is punished. Not one good thing happens to the women that encounter Tony and his friends.

Poor Annette gets raped and then has to watch a guy jump off a bridge. There is almost zero way this could be made today. This is a film about threatening women to stay subservient to the blue-collar men who eventually settle for them or else they will end up getting violated in the backseat of a car on a bridge.

Instead, I saw that society at large hated women and wanted to celebrate spitting on them when they embrace their sexuality. It turned my stomach. The character of Tony Manero made John Travolta a star, but today it would have ended his career along with everyone else who worked on it. Tony Manero is the prototype for the good guy who turns his head.

Somehow men continue to struggle with this kind of empathy. This likely comes as a result of a society brainwashed by the power of toxic masculinity. Until we attack this, there will just be more women like Stephanie and Annette who are simply background noise for a man who uses their tragedies to grow. Sabrina Cognata is an award-winning writer, producer and storyteller. During a decade long meltdown, she burned her life to the ground and revamped it as often as Madonna. Only an extremely biased, brainwashed twit you can do better, Tracking Board! As for he being too under the influence of alchohol and drugs to know what she was saying, the movie simply does not support that assertion; it is a bald-faced lie by the author of this missive to try to prove her point.

And even if she was, it was her decision to take all of those drugs! He was full of anger at the judges, his friends, and himself, and he started to take his rage and frustration out on her. It has long been said that rape is more often a crime of violence than sex.

But fortunately he realizes in time that he is misplacing his rage. If not, do you think Stephanie could really have put him off? And in almost losing control he realizes he cannot go on with his old life any more, and that maybe he and Stephanie can help each other have better lives.

I was never a huge fan of this movie I saw the original R rated movie when it first came outprimarily because of how accurately it described how poorly people treat each other. But I now realize that is its value… for only in acknowledging the truth can we do better. Thus, I will check first and avoid reading columns by this author in the future.

I hope others will boycott her too, and that Tracking Board will find someone less brainwashed to take her place. Something that you might not have noticed when you saw the R rated version, but I did. Yes, Tony always was the narcissistic sleaze you describe. That so many women fell in love with Travolta thanks to the film, I guess says more about them. Hard to fathom, I agree. Though it was perhaps the inkling that he was on his way to improving in the end that did that. It was good to tackle the subject, and portray it honestly, But it was also the era of Woodstock, Harold and Maude, Annie Hall and others in that vein.

Plus we always somehow forget the era of strong women characters that came before it — the Katherine Hepburns, Bette Davis, Crawford, Stanwyck, Bacall, Garbo, Dietrich, Joanne Woodward… there were tons. All highly popular stars, for decades. As a Femocrat, this is the most absurd article. People watch SNF for the tunes and Travolta on lit floors. I saw the movie as a teen in the theater. Magazine, women pushing the way for smart ass millennial article. I experienced sexual harassment in the workplace for years.

I tell my stories to the discomfort of men, especially when I tell them it happened to me. Need a dance partner saturday night your sister or daughter. Forget old white men. Focus on parents to treat opposite sex with respect.

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My career gave me skin like armour. Both male and female. Quit asing blame and be the solution. As a caveat, Seriously, Travolta is a gay teen in this movie trying to be as macho as possible. Watch it again keeping that thought in your head. Pretty Gross. Sabrina, I congratulate you for this article. Great article! After watching this movie today, for the first time, I got a real sad feeling. What a terrible fucking movie. Makes me upset. The movie was a of the times.

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The movie is great in that it depicts what was happening then. Just as the movies we are making now — in years they will still be different but erasing the movies we made today would be not letting the year generation from now know what NOW is like. I was 6 when this movie came out, and I vaguely remember seeing the version on tv as a teen.

The first guy could have been seen as regret during sex, but the second one it was clearly rape. And not a blink out of anyone in the movie.

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My stomach is turning. I am just stunned. I am not even sure how to react to this. Anyone who claims there is no such thing as rape culture needs to watch this with a woman they love. Add to that the fact that many people today still do not believe that the Annette character was a victim of rape. I remember SNF as exactly the way you describe it. I just watched it tonight and was really shocked by the rape scenes at the end and the way they were sort of just brushed over.

I would say Tony did try to stop his friends from doing the gang bang but then he just gave up. Annette was definitely pushing for it but then seemed to change her mind and definitely resisted and said no to the 2nd guy and Tony just sat there and listened to it happening. That was sickening and then after his friend fell to his death Tony just left Annette alone with those same two guys. Also when Annette was crying and really traumatized by the other friend falling off the bridge the two rapists were hugging her to comfort her?

Like all was forgotten?

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Also, Tony taking his anger out on Stephanie to the point of almost raping her when she was clearly refusing his sexual advances was really upsetting as well and really soured the ending of the movie when we were supposed to feel hope and admiration for Tony.

Also, just in general, I felt that the creators of this movie really just disliked women.

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Only Stephanie was a bit less of the slut type as far as Tony saw it but she was also extremely materialistic and self absorbed. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Hollywood's Insider News. Paramount Pictures Something is happening in Hollywood. July 6, 1.

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Need a dance partner saturday night

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“Saturday Night Fever”: A Problematic Classic in Film History