I like smart ladies

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I actually considered once dying my hair gray, hoping a more stately, mature look would convince coworkers I actually did know what I was doing. It may seem a silly or drastic gesture, but I was just so frustrated. No matter my credentials or years of experience, there was always somebody who still bought into the dumb girl stereotype.

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Knowing the game was already fixed against me, the pressure was on to show the world how brilliant and fearless I was. The easiest way to sound silly in a discussion is to talk about something you have no knowledge of. When you find a topic that interests you, read up on it. Look for several sources. Ask for someone to tell you about the subject. Not quite yet. A nuanced opinion that draws from both personal experiences and research will have far more weight. We all do it and it stems from a harmless desire to share and participate. Your response will seem like an extension of the conversation and not just something you blurted out when it was your turn.

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The second part of this tip is to ask questions. If someone brings up a topic you know a lot about, inquire if the person has read a specific article. Ask their I like smart ladies on a particular area of the subject that you found interesting. Now, I totally get that confidence is something a lot of women struggle with, but there really is some truth to that sassy old slogan, fake it until you make it.

Big words are great for Scrabble but not in regular conversation. Do not pepper random big words in your speech unless you are completely confident you know what they mean. Some people men are going to interrupt or talk over you.

This is a sad fact of life. One day, perhaps we will live in a magical utopian society where everyone listens and no one mansplains. Until then, all you can do is make like a girl scout and be prepared. Do not feel guilty for interrupting them.

To keep interrupters from stepping on your verbal toes, keep your speech flowing without long pauses. Also, speak with a loud, clear voice. Women are frequently called out for sounding shrill, so the more calm and steady your voice is, the more you can stay in control of the situation. address:. Tags: eloquence how to give a speech how to sound intelligent how to sound smart public speaking smart talk speak well speaking at work work presentations. January 29, April 30, March 14, Send me more Brain Magic! Because smart goes with everything!

Be knowledgeable and informed, like the smart lady you are. Think your own thoughts. Listen up! Embrace your inner con woman. Be word wise. Get more Brain Magic and smart lady tips! And up below for our Brain Magic newsletter!

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Brain Magic Podcast! Great article, thank you! Ooh, I've never read Bird by Bird, but now I want Excellent suggestions!

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In the problematic fight scene, I'm pretty sure it was meant Thanks so much for sharing! I haven't heard of Betterment but

I like smart ladies

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Are girls smarter than boys?