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We called in doctor and he gave him aome pills to relieve the pain, but he did tint know the cause or cure, lis advised ui to go to the Mtsa- rikiiifl njtnArnl ltii,nl fitr flit 'animation, and there we found out condition on my face for almost that there wus a constriction in two year, and with numerous the none which cut oil the air pas. Beryl can aome one give me aome advice on the treatment and cure of acne? X have had thla akin tiain After a ftlti'ht nnernlinn. InCi condition cleared up ana my son:vn uicw us, nuui"n ins hat had no more trouble.

I hope I have helped. A Reader. I ahould te very grate- treVbled with about a dozen little ful to anyone who knows of a pimplca on tbe right side of my xood medication or remedy for. I nave been nervous 'lor o! I am 50 yeurs old. I work In The netvei in the back of my neck'an oflice every day and while I bother me and I ft to a point ;come from a family that had small Here'l Hoping. Dear Globe Sisters I hope some where I tremble. Its very un comfortable. As for my tongue, rve mea appetites.

I never looked too thin or underfed. Now for the past two years I Why Grow Old? I'm always thinking of some-but nothing seems to help. If anything to eat About six months f you sisters have experienced alago I went to a doctor. He said condition similar to mine and I was all right and gave me some found relief, I ihould be so grate-pill to curb my appetite. While i Mhcy did help me. Etch capaula oomaina: Tlumln A C fflOMO.

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I cup chopped raisins, cup chopped citron, H cup chopped nuts, 1 cup flour, h teasnoon soda. Soak the breadcrumbs In the 1 1 I. It, I J. Naturally you do not Dunk so if he is attentive. However It is actually true that many men are i Hemic to tho cos-mesties their girls or wives use. There are tnatonccs of swollen lips because of an allergy to the woman's lipstick.

I know of one Instance in reverse. A happily married woman bewildered because add the sugar, molasses and well beaten eggs. Mix with the milk And bread-crumbs and add the fruit and nuts, Mix the dry In- Xi'cdlents and sift them into the mixture. Add the fruit juice, turn into a buttered mold, and steam for three hours, Serve hot with hard sauce or any desired sauce. Serves 12, so you may want to halve the recipe, It keeps a long time if properly eared for. Sod and Twig. He had to travel a lot. Each time, alter his return, she was bothered with a mh and swollen eyes.

The minute he left home everything was tine again. Small sHces of mild needed. There's a big section of processed cheese and cooked ham Provoletti cheese, too. I want to cut out the In-between snacks; but I don't seem to have any more will-power. I never was a heavy eater end 1 can i understand this recent craving for food. Beside the extra poundage which isn't becoming it is expensive and it isn't at all necessary.

I hope to see an answer to i Appetite. Canontrata iSti. Holders lor relishes to go with cold The varletv ot cheese found In S 'ss chese is decorative meats and cheese. And bread. A cover what It is by a bit of experi. Leave off one item at Remember that chestnut time and watch. It Wandmother used to make' Here ,? L aanal u '! SHE: "Fred talks incessantly about the duties of wives and the privileges of husbands, and insists on being absolute master in our lives. I almost hats him. I cannot grant my love to Ivy unless she acknowledges my full authority as her husband.

T dren, especially your daughter? I have two wants nome in rionaa small granddaughters. Dear Friends-Could any of the; i never make a SqUash piet ncir readers of this wonderful columnstand the spoon up in the dough. I 'years. How they do fly. Please arger cities in that state for in- write to. I hope that they will still remember me as the: Girl with the Crutch. This, of course, could not be for us. We both have simple tastes and have been told there are cer Enjoyed Capped Teeth for Years Dear to Cap or Not to Cap I would ai vise you to have your front teeth capped.

I had the same discoloration on mw two front of lemon rind, 1 cup rich milk, 2 tablespoons butter or margarinesalt ana pepper to taste. Scald the kernels to remove skins. Put into pan with stock, lemon rind and seasoning Housewives wants nsa Boston Massachusetts 2210 let simmer until the kernels are soft. Melt butter, add the flour and cook until golden brown. Add the stock and nuts and cook for 2 or 3 minutes. Add milk, let come to a boil, and serve. Hightown, Virginia. Boxshowed that many women are nl-! Some had! Squash Cakes Wash and cut the squash into pieces and then cook until tender in boiling water, then drain and remove the pulp from the shell.

Now measure and place in a bowl; One cup of prepared squash, 1 well-beaten egg, 1 tablespoon of shortening: cup of milk, lVa cups of flour, 2 teaspoons of bak- teeth ahd had them capped 0ZX jctuadgu. Bear, to mix naise, 1 cup sweet cream stiffly ii, ana i nave Droxen one Housewives wants nsa Boston Massachusetts 2210 al,u "it:" as a iur bhuuic patty shells.

Carefully pick overicup lemon juice, 'M cup. SMJry ',? Blend and add milk. Cook, stirring constantly, until a rlnd- 2 teaspoons grated oransa thick sauce forms. Heat the oysters jrind and 2 tablespoons sugar. Heat by placing them in a pan and and stir until lumps are broken shaking over fire until the oysters!

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Cool, are plump. Add hot oysters to the; then add h cup cropped mara- sauce. Serve at once 1n the patty shells. Captain's Matey? Two Crabmeat Mousse cups crabmeat, 2 table- once, when I stupidly ate corn on the cob. My dentist told me just to be careful about certain kinds of foods and tint tn null hnrrl nn m v Dear Fidelitis Permit me to front teeth I fepl wonderful anH tain communities in Florida where J01" m yur cal1 Lfor a return of, i know it has helped my appear-couples can rent two or three-IP5' members whose wonderfuUnce a great deal, room bungalows at very reasons-!

Lettcr oI advic and friendship Hope you have the work done ble prices, but we cannot seem Hav been ,1"n8 sent Iron wend that you enjoy the capped to find out where these communities are. If any of the readers of the Globe can supply us with information we would be very grateful.

Pensioner's Wife. It seems aces since I've seen the noms of Dunfretin, Higher Ground. Always Busy, Buster's Pal and others whose letters have filled s of my scrapbook. Our Column Enjoyed Far and Wide cup oaies. This principle applies I find, to with their nuneent.

As my nomjseem is read and enjoyed far and;gwetened indues, i uwiviii. Wha about your chil-? For tha litila attra it costs, very woman who ttket prlda in har appaaranca owes H to harsalf to usa professional care to kaap har hair beau tiful and glamorous. Raqardlass of tha typa or eondi tion ot hair wa haa a natural Kaalisric wava avary budgat.

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Serve with mapie sirup. Chocolate Plum Pudding 'me envelope gelatine, cup cold water. Soak gelatin in cold water five minutes. Put milk in double boiler; add melted choco late, and when scalding point is reached add sugar, salt and soaked gelatin.

Housewives wants nsa Boston Massachusetts 2210

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