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If you're wanting to host a meeting, special event or wedding with Prestige and have questions about what is permitted, please see this FAQ document we have prepared.

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Please reach out directly to your preferred Prestige location for further inquiries. A: Based on the recommendations by Public Health Officials, it is the expectation that our staff all comply with the following instructions:. Some of these additional considerations include:. A: Effective July 1, face masks are no longer required to be worn indoors. However, we are strongly encouraging guests to wear a mask, and we will be requiring our hotel staff to wear masks. A: Should you require service or assistance, when a guest is present employees have been instructed not to enter the room.

You will be asked to leave your room during housekeeping service in addition to clearing your personal belongings from surfaces such as your bathroom vanity, desks, tables, etc.

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Staff have been instructed not to touch or move guest belongings during the Covid pandemic. Q: If an employee is not feeling well prior to a shift, are they permitted to come to work? A: During this pandemic, it is crucial that employees who think they may be sick stay home to ensure that they do not infect other staff or guests at work.

Employees must answer a wellness check at -in. Q: I just came home from travelling internationally. Can I stay at a Prestige hotel? A: If you have arrived anywhere from outside of Canada you are required to self-isolate and monitor symptoms accoridng to Canada's rules at the time.

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This self isolation period applies for all Prestige employees who have travelled internationally as well. Can I stay at a Prestige property? A: In either of these cases, please stay home and avoid travel. If you require hotel accommodation in order to self-isolate, the expectations outlined above will apply. If you begin to feel ill during your stay at our hotel, please call our front desk immediately to notify us of your symptoms — do not come to the front desk or wander throughout the hotel. You must immediately self-isolate in your guestroom and contact the Health Unit at for further instructions.

We will do everything we can to provide you with assistance and help you sort through this difficult time.

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Yes, we have purchased ozone generators for each of our Prestige properties. Ozone generators deodorize, disinfect, kill, and remove dangerous airborne particles in indoor environments. Guestrooms are treated during the cleaning process to enhance the level of disinfection for both the safety of our guests and employees. We are also incorporating electrostatic disinfectant applications to address common areas and larger spaces.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Please let us know if you have any more questions. This website uses cookies. We do not collect personal data or sell information to outside parties. Read our privacy policy here. We encourage you to consult BC's Restart Website for all the details and up-to-date information regarding the status of travel and gathering restrictions. We will enforce strict protocols that will ensure social distancing and limited capacities in all facilities, and guests will be required to follow these protocols at all times.

Thank you for your cooperation. A: Based on the recommendations by Public Health Officials, it is the expectation that our staff all comply with the following instructions: Keep their workplace clean and hygienic i. Increase procedures to ensure common areas throughout the hotel are frequently cleaned, and that high-touch areas are disinfected continuously throughout the day.

Regularly and thoroughly wash their hands; use hand sanitizer as an alternative. Avoid touching their face. Wear gloves during all cleaning or laundry duties, and replace with a fresh set for each guestroom or between tasks. Wear face masks in all areas of the hotel and whenin the presence of guests and colleagues. Keep a physical distance at all times. Hotel room visitor includes with colleagues in the back office, in the laundry room, or while housekeeping guestrooms.

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This document identifies areas of risk to exposure and outlines controls to minimize risk to employees. Before returning to work or starting a task, all employees are required to be trained on these procedures and understand all policies outlined in that document. Some of these additional considerations include: Ensuring personal protective equipment PPE is available for staff as needed. Staggering shift times to eliminate groups of employees congregating. Updating the Sick Leave Policy to ask workers who are potentially infected to stay home.

Creating social distancing protocols. Installing Plexiglas shields and creating social distancing parameters and age for guests and contractors. Closing common area washrooms from public use. Encouraging guests not to use cash, but having protocols in place for dealing with cash when unavoidable. Asking employees to change into clean uniforms at work and to not wear uniforms outside of the workplace to minimize contamination.

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Our visitor policy has been amended so that all visitors should be limited to essential, and those who must come into the hotel are required to register at the front desk. Food delivery must take place at the deated area in the lobby. Our pool, hot Hotel room visitor, and fitness centre are operating under new guidelines, limiting maximum occupancy, requiring -in and increased sanitization.

Our restaurant partners are required to follow Provincial guidelines for capacity, social distancing and sanitization at all times. Q: Do I have to wear a face mask at the hotel? Q: Can I have visitors to my hotel room? Visitors must register at the front desk using the Visitor Log for contract tracing.

Visitors must leave the hotel by pm. Employees who are in this situation have been instructed to stay home and not come to work. Q: What do I do if I become sick during my stay? Q: What if I decide to cancel my stay prior to arriving or during my stay? Q: Are you using any other sanitization techniques that I should be aware of? Staff and Management.

Hotel room visitor

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