Granny in Great Yeldham relation ship

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Granny Ting Ting was the first book of mine to be published, in It has recently been spruced up and reprinted. Even last week when a friend asked me about middle grade books by Black British writers, I struggled to name many.

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I was also struck by how most of the books I could name were about subjects relating directly to our ethnicity. The answer is — yes, of course!

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I first visited my family in Trinidad when I was six. It was a big family. One terrifying grandma, seven aunties, three uncles and so many cousins I lost count at fifty. Neither of my parents had any family in the UK so it was a shock to be surrounded by relatives. Fresh from s Brighton, it was even more of a shock to see so many people with brown skin going about their everyday business.

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Here, I was not a novelty. I had a heritage. I had roots. The memories of my childhood visits to Trinidad are still strong — sitting on the porch and wondering at the fireflies in the night and humming birds during the day. I loathed the long drop latrine toilets but was appeased by sugar cane, or sugar cake or anything involving copious sugar.

I first took my daughter to visit her Trini family when she was four and again when she was seven. I knew how important it was for me to feel that I had anchor. In an ideal world, my daughter should not have her identity challenged, but racism is still here — both explicit and insidious.

I wanted her to know that she too had roots.

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Three generations of Lawrences with UK passports and our sense of belonging here still feels fragile. Believe me, I tried to teach her! It is definitely Aunty Baby that makes the best tamarind balls, hottest pepper sauce and pholourie spiced dough balls with homemade green mango chutney. It was the day after the Brexit referendum and I had travelled up from London on an early morning train feeling shocked and a little frightened, not just for me, but for my daughter, my mum, my Italian stepdad. The racism and xenophobia that had blossomed during the lead up to the vote was not going away. But in those classrooms, I met children who themselves had roots in different parts of the world.

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But it was also a reminder about how glorious it was to discover and share my heritage. And in those classrooms in Telford, I saw how stories can bring us together in spite of the divisive world outside. Find out more about Patrice's book, Granny Ting Ting. The teaching notes are packed with brilliant ideas for activities and engaging discussion material, helping you to put high quality books at the centre of your teaching. Visit the Bloomsbury website for a wealth of free guided reading notes Created: 21st October, So did I want to write this book?

Granny in Great Yeldham relation ship

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