Bored and lonely here in orlandoany married men out there

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Forgot your password? By pozFebruary 24, in General Discussion. Maybe someone can shed some light on the situation for me. Ever since I've tested positive he's wanted to stop using condoms and now I let him breed me and I have to admit the sex has been better.

He's the only one that I have sex with. I've met his husband before. I wonder why he's still into me. Is there anyone else out there in the same situation? You can post now and register later. If you have anin now to post with your. Restore formatting. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead.

Clear editor. or insert images from URL. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. You can adjust your cookie settingsotherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. Existing user? in with Twitter. Followers 0. A married man By pozFebruary 24, in General Discussion breeding cross generation mature raw young. Recommended Posts. Posted February 24, Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options the conversation You can post now and register later.

Reply to this topic Go to topic listing. Similar Content. Bred by my next door neighbor. Benny pushed his forearm into the small of my neck hard and pressed his fat cock head into my lubed ass. I swallowed a yelp. I wasn't ready for that. I did my best to meditatively breath as Benny pounded my virgin ass. His cock flopped out of me and I felt lube run down my balls. I thought you were lying about being straight. We moved in next to Benny a few months back. He was super gay and loved to make me uncomfortable by aggressively flirting with me in front of my wife Sara.

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We both thought it was tacky but unimportant. We certainly wanted a harmonious relationship with our neighbor. Benny and I became friendly and we would hang out at his bachelor pad. It was fun and so was Benny. Sara didn't love it but couldn't come up with any non homophobic reasons to complain so was always outwardly supportive of being neighborly. I'd gone next door to watch an NBA playoff game. Sara was having a couple friends by for coffee and boggle. Benny and I were having a good time watching the first half and throwing back beers and smoking some potent weed.

At half time Benny said he wanted to watch something else and switched over to gay porn. You know I'm straight. You can get into this. I've fucked plenty of women. How many? It was way more than me. On screen a young guy was getting fucked over a classroom desk. My cock stiffened. Don't make it a big deal. By by now I was rock hard.

Benny swallowed me and slid a finger in my ass. It all felt so fucking good. I fixed my eyes on the screen, watching incredibly hot bareback anal sex. Two of Benny's fingers were in my ass when I exploded in his mouth. Fuck that was one of the hottest orgasms I'd ever had. Benny swallowed my load. My turn! I didn't say I would blow you. Don't return the favor? He knows I'm married. I always eat pussy. But to be frank I can't go home with dick breath.

It was so hot and I knew I wanted to be the one getting fucked. Just wear a condom and try to cum before too long. I had never been so horny before. I arched my back and got ready to finish this experience. He pulled out and rubbed his cock against my asshole. I realized he wasn't wearing a condom anymore. I twisted around. Semen was dripping out of me and I needed to get cleaned up. I'm embarrassed to say but I smoked some weed with him and got too high.

She didn't like when I got high and she didn't like Benny.

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And she didn't even know that I had a load of his cum in me. Chapter 1 of 3. In college, I dated an incredibly sexy jock named Adam. His ass drove me wild. This was back in the time when we all played safely.

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My sheathed cock always looked amazing sliding in between his meaty cheeks, but I wished I could feel it against my bare shaft. In fact, Adam introduced me to Brian. Adam and I talked, and we decided to not be exclusive, but to keep outside play safe and quiet. Every time I fooled around with Brian, it was like he tried to trick me into going raw. Once before fucking him, he blew me with a rubber on and I swear he was trying to bite through the reservoir.

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Another time, he kept reaching back and trying to grab the ring of latex at the base of my cock. It was like it kept rolling up to my tip until it nearly came off.

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After a couple of weeks, Brian convinced me to top him bareback. The head maybe slipped in a little once or twice that first time. But I was still nervous to go all the way and breed him. That first times, I just let my raw cock sit inside him and pulled out to cum on his ass.

After that, there was no more pretense of anything other than raw buttfucking. I was hesitant to cum inside Brian, but after he started begging for it, I loved breeding him. It made me want to convince Adam to play raw with me. It made me feel bad for spending less time with Adam and more time getting piggy with Brian. After Brian started taking my lo, he asked if I could get into sharing his hole with another top, or a few more tops.

How could I resist? This guy was really turning me into a cum pig. The next time Brian and I hooked up, he invited a buddy over. His name was Brad, tall, older, and hairy. We took turns plowing Brian until Brad came deep inside him, and I slammed deep as soon as he pulled out.

The squelchy gloppy sound of my cock churning that load inside him really got me off. I had that naughty idea again. If two lo felt good on my cock, how would more feel?

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After a few minutes of afterglow, instead of letting Brian clean my dick, I headed home, texting Adam to meet me there and that I had a sexy surprise for him. When I got home, Adam was on our bed, ass up, gorgeously framed by a familiar red jockstrap.

Bored and lonely here in orlandoany married men out there

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