A friend wanted

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I also avoid conflict like the plague. Some things should be kept private. Firstly, you are so not a loser!!!

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It would be so cool to have someone I can just message last minute my daughter is unpredictable at the moment haha for a walk or a casual coffee catch up. Your post is giving me a kick up the bum! Thank you Kez, you are wonderful. Me too. I do have a couple of close friends nearby, but honestly my diary is not full of coffee catch-ups and girlie outings. Hi Janet: I know just what you mean! This time in our lives is a little bit of a transition. While many of those women are still my friends, changes in our lives make regular meet-ups difficult to coordinate. I, too, work from home so making new friends can be difficult.

Hey LeAna!

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We have kids between ages 11 and 17we do go out to movies and op shops and coffee shops. We love sewing and being crafty. You may find what you are looking foras there are lots of women there who also do attend the church and they love to knit and crochet and love to talk and have a laugh.

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You are welcome to us on a Tuesday morning. Hope to see you there. Oh, and share fur-baby stories … May this year bring you opportunities to meet some local kindred spirits. You might be surprised where you find them. A friend of mine goes walking with a couple of her neighbors one evening a week.

You and I would be great together! I am in the same predicament, I have one good friend and alot of acquaintances but find I am on my own alot…. I am the mother at work, most of my colleagues are the same age as my children and the few who arent are not my type outside of the office!

There is only so much coffee and shopping you can do on your own or with the hubby! Too bad we arent closer geographically! Hi Sally — wish you were here!

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In fact my closest business buddy runs her own business in a complementary field is only a couple of years older than my son — yet we get on like a house on fire. Victoria, I have been amazed at how many people have reacted to this post here, and on social media, and even s and private messages to tell me they are in the same boat. Helped me gain some perspective. And, I also have about 3 coffee dates set up with local readers over the next few weeks — not my intention at all when I wrote this but what a great outcome!

Thank you for posting this. I too felt like I was the only one with no friends.

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My marriage broke up 6 years ago and the friends I had at the time drifted away. I have some casual friends who I go out to dinner with once a month which is nice and am lucky to have a daughter. Bloggernity Blog Directory. Start Here! Search this website Hide Search. This was a really hard post to write, as it makes me sound like a sad loser.

Comments Firstly, you are so not a loser!!! Natalie, Lucia and Amanda. Search Middle Aged Mama Search this website.

A friend wanted

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