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Doukhobors have lived in Saskatchewan for years, first arriving in They came to Canada with the hope of practicing their religion freely. Below are stories of two Doukhobor families and the clothing they brought with them.

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Author Leo Tolstoy had heard about the plight of the Doukhobors in Russia and with the help of other sympathizers, sponsored their immigration to Canada. In7, followers of the Doukhobor faith emigrated from Russia for land and for religious freedom. The Canadian government promised exemption from military service and allowed Doukhobors to establish communal farming villages similar to those in Russia.

Inthe Canadian government, cancelled the agreement, requiring Doukhobors to abandon their villages for separate farmste. Some chose to comply with these Need Marcelin and stayed in Saskatchewan on their individual homeste, while those who refused had their homeste cancelled and subsequently resettled on purchased land in British Columbia, Alberta and elsewhere in Saskatchewan where they were able to continue their communal lifestyle.

InOnya and Fedyor Perehudoff travelled with thousands of others of Doukhobor faith to land set aside for them in Western Canada. It was the single largest mass migration in Western Canada history. When Onya Kabaroff wore this wedding ensemble for her marriage to Fedyor Perehudoff, there was no way of knowing that a new home in Canada was in their future. Likely made Need Marcelin her by her mother, the wool and linen of this garment were homespun, while the cotton and other fabrics were purchased on an annual trip to a larger town.

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Onya and Fedyor, whose anglicized names became Anna and Fred, settled in the small Doukhobor village of Ospennia, near present day Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan. Most Doukhobors adopted a Canadian style of clothing not long after coming to Canada.

Onya, like most Doukhobor women, continued to wear her traditional outfit throughout her life for Sundays and special occasions.

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Inyear-old Alex Nemanishen travelled to Canada with his family and thousands of others of the Doukhobor faith. The Nemanishen family settled in the small Doukhobor village of Kirilowka Kirilowvlanear present day Langham, Saskatchewan. Alex left Saskatchewan for work at a lumber mill in Brilliant, B. He hurt his leg while on the job, forcing him to use a cane for the rest of his life. After the accident he returned to Saskatchewan, using his carpentry Need Marcelin to earn money to buy land.

Inat 38 years of age, Alex Saskatchewan oral land near Langham, close to where Kirilowka village had been. By the time Alex died intraditions in Doukhobor communities had changed enough that he was not buried in the suit you see above. Anastia used her sewing machine to turn the cloth into a matching traditional shirt and trousers. It captures the oral history of Doukhobor elders and explores how the community has evolved since first immigrating to Saskatchewan years ago.

The project consists of three components: a documentary film, an immersive soundscape created by Spirit Wrestler Productions, and an exhibit produced by the WDM. Please advise if you know of any way to obtain information on him. Many thanks.

Thanks for your inquiry. We are looking into this for you and will let you know what we find out. Thank you for your inquiry to the WDM. We have looked through our material on Doukhobors, especially in Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan, and have been unable to find any mention of Peter Hromick Gromick. We do not currently offer genealogy research services.

We hope you might find some of the following resources helpful in your search for more information about Peter Hromick Gromick. They have many online resources, as well as staff trained to help family historians find the resources and records they need in the archives. We are sorry that we cannot be of any further assistance to your inquiry but hope that the above resources will be helpful. Thank you for thinking of the WDM.

We wish you all the best with your research. He may actually be buried in the Riverhill Cemetery. Check Marcelin-area history records for possible further information. Google it and it comes up. I found my relatives thru that. I believe it is out of BC grand forks and castlegar area. Hi, my name is Leif Reiter, I am the Grandson of two of the singers that made up the Doukhobor choir. My parents failed to record full Need Marcelin clips of the voices of my grandparents, by any chance is there a place I can find these audio recordings from, otherwise, would you be able to send them to me?

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Thanks, Leif. It also includes an audio CD of the singing. Hi there, I am looking for my my ancestors and have reason to believe that my great grandfather Peter Prescesky sp? He would have been a young teen at the time, I believe he was born in Do you have any information on him, or any Presceskys?

They may have changed their names when they moved hereā€¦ Any info you have would be of great help to me. Thanks for the inquiry. I am not sure what we will Need Marcelin able to provide you with, but let me find someone who might be able to help you further. I will get back to you as soon as I can. I spoke with our curator and she suggested contacting the Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan. I find this quite interesting. I was born in and raised in Blaine Lake. We loved in the Ospennia community.

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So much to write, so much history, so many, many memoirs. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You can unsubscribe anytime. With a collection. Doukhobors in Saskatchewan 21 Mar Hi Kim, Thanks for your inquiry. Thanks, Nicola.

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Hi Nicola, Thanks for the inquiry. Hi Nicola, I spoke with our curator and she suggested contacting the Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan. Good luck! Thank you for your comments!

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Need Marcelin, Saskatchewan oral

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