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Fill or port tirpe, or pnf' morning or ,m, ASornno k 0 m Ail vectr round otternoon. Experience preferred. Lehonon ; - fof Company operated station Pleas. Rlpier Gulf.

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Allison Pjlk. Downtown area Call jo Sto'oo Reno, fnim - F. Oior : V 8. West Miftnn Area Coll Mr. Bernstein, 0! Cail bc'IOre 4. Walnut and Ivy, Shpdvside. Full or port-time. Can iise any weokdnv. Sotmrtov nnd nr n. Home every nialit Top Steodv day turn. Call Schwermon Avenue. T'ucking Co. Apply Ridge Atlantic o Mage ' ". J clHIk - hotf ornei; ooetiing lor. MI 52 j.

Coll alter. Sci'ary p'us commision. Kll - S ine eiiietletne ne. OOK - Shoit or dei, e. I lime, tort sulurv nnustkirPf R - rsiwi er. IS 4J Ffr Hit. In tire k casual y oaeir; r a 1 re. Aonoiiitcd leo. A v tyitfrtrnc, n-essniy. KOUie ir oouin, rein s Twp. Fair Price Oil Company. No phone colls. J,0 Must be clean out, neof appearma,' I.

Experience nrrfprrfcj will tram the right party. Over VV- il tuiin.

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Law firm Evi-luslvelv Girls tf iiotovmecit I Agrncv. Jenkins Arai. VVntf Box t M2. Exrlusivpiy Gl'ls Fnum v corp. W0 the ll-sl vcuii? Jiish'Cull Mrt '. Moray, 4t 9e Ivolst. J day. Employment Ageiv Berger P. Apply Emnloyn. Call r:jS Cr flTfifrS. J81S ro nece-sarv.

Fmnlnv- wunvu ment Aoenev. Salary plus commission. Apply Carlton House Bar-1 ber'Shop. Burton, 61 05o0. We ofler: salary, commission, oenefits. Excellent opportunity for advancement.

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ApdIv hi person: A. Morgan otters o complete Owner-Operator Program, so consider the following reauirements ond moke your move to our Morgan team. J-Numerous terminals located East of the Rockies. Apply in person to Mr. Lunches jfn tirm. Lali immediately lor a per- ond. AMtR- advertlsinq! J6 -VVI8 We ve no on exc us ve new henr na aid promotion and were swamped -uumicr neip - New nnawicn, ATnncy wirn niyr aimniv leuus iium miss ' ,lv' uiieiiciiu. Help us close hot le, help employed, must have good For an Interview, call collect be- references, woman, general house tween 9 o m and 2 o.

Ask for. Mcnacy throuoh Friday 8 to 4. Must be neat, sober ond able to drive.

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Work 2 hours otter school ona o cnlnrv onen no h 6sa Prne hours Saturday. For appointment call No fee. Elliott-Fisher model. Staff Builders Temp Pers. Colleoe atmosphere, dnvliaht hours, piensanf working conditions Nation nstailatrn Is large and glvrs you the chon. Excellent advancement to supervision. Coll now lor more details and confidential Interview. Employment A. Filing consists of Pl t50urBh Glr hal of lm-corresDnrdence, reports, invoices. Must read k ODeralor, vou are ,nter. Over 50 ' material removed: sort and shelf mpn".

Debftl Office. Clerks - Dry cleoners. No experience necessary. Will train. Sauirrel Hill area. Miller, or Prestlae Dwtn. Good pay.

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Salary 8, comm. Light typing helplul. Very good oonnrtunlty. Monroeyllle area. Tht ; ;early evenings, full time.

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Apply 8 polientnl ""d. Work from downtown office, experience, Call Phone

Sexy mature in Nofoun

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