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By John Dennis Anderson. By Karen Vuranch.

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By Doug Mishler. Wednesday, June 2; 2 pm: Marie Curie: What Almost Stopped Her - Political, medical, and romantic backstories of hardships that could have kept her name in obscurity. By Susan Marie Frontczak. By Ted Kachel. Visionary scientific ethics, breaking glass ceilings, nuclear technology and more. Modern-day Chautauqua programs present a variety of historical enactments, workshops, and informal discussions.

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Evening performances include first-person presentations and time for audience questions to the historical figure in-character and to the scholar portraying the character. Ten daytime workshops and five evening lectures explore the cultural and political nuances of the era.

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The events are all free of charge, and are targeted to audiences of all ages, cultures, and socio-economic demographics. The Chautauqua Assemblies, which began as summer camp meetings, were held under the sanction and direction of the governing Sunday School Board of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

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Within a decade, the Chautauqua assemblies or Chautauquas, for short sprang up all over the United States, bringing learning, culture and entertainment to small towns and villages. Over the years, the range of subjects at the Chautauqua grew. Prominent personalities were paid to give speeches on religious, political and scientific topics, such as Samuel Clemens and William Jennings Bryan.

Circuit Chautauquas, also called Tent Chautauquas, began in The programs were performed in tents for a few days, then folded up and moved to a new location. By the mids, when circuit Chautauquas were at their peak, they appeared in more than 10, communities. It was expanded from the original traveling tent with one-person presentations to a group of five scholars who present historical characters in a first-person dramatic performance. This was the start of a new movement, resolving the dilemma that faced many humanities organizations: how to make it possible for scholars to interact with the public in an open and accessible forum.

The Oklahoma Chautauqua returned to Lawton in June Bythe Lawton Chautauqua Committee decided to bring the evening performances inside because of the extreme hot weather.

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The City Hall auditorium was decided on as a perfect venue. Lawton Public Library. View details and all updates here. Your. Live Registration Links - ! Your donations to The Friends of the Library help fund Chautauqua each year. Volunteers Needed Contact

Sexi free ladies Lawton Oklahoma

email: [email protected] - phone:(240) 409-1142 x 7485

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