Looking to share my stash with someone

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We recently gave Cowrywise Stash a makeover! In this article, we explained the following to help you enjoy the feature:. It helps you invest without a debit card. The feature works like an e-wallet. Once set up, it provides you with an that you can make transfers to.

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The money in your Stash can be used to:. Also, it is important to keep your Stash active by using it for your allocated savings and investments funds. Inactive Stash s are deactivated if found to not have received any funds within 6 months. Download the latest Cowrywise app. up and create a free. You can log in after ing up. Click on verify and proceed to set up your Stash pin. Your BVN is safe with us. Check here. With our recent update, we reintroduced Circles and also introduced usernames. You can now transfer funds in your Stash to other Cowrywise users using their unique username.

Log in to Cowrywise.

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Start exploring Stash — your digital wallet now. I just love cowrywise. It serves you…. If I want to transfer money from. Are there limits? Hi Blessing.

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Please send a mail to support cowrywise. If I want to send money to my Cowrywiseare there limits? Maybe daily, weekly or monthly limit Are there any of these? Hi Omotayo. Kindly send an to support cowrywise. Please is it possible to transfer the money from my monthly plan to my stash? And if it is possible will I be able to withdraw before the mature date. Hello Gracelyn, you can only transfer money from a matured plan to your Stash. From Stash you can transfer money anytime. How do I send money from my to my cowrywise if there was no money in my as at the date of remittance?

Hello Patricia, you can transfer money from any bank to your dedicated Stash. It keeps telling me to send it to my own. Please help. Hello Ige, there was a security update to Stash. You can transfer money to your own bank that reflects the name on your BVN from Stash. To transfer money to another person, you can use their username to do that for free. What method or option is available to automatically fund my stash or cowrywise wallet because I deactivated SMS alert from my bank.

As this has hindered from receiving OTP this or other reasons. Hello Collings, to fund your Stash, you only need to transfer from your bank to your unique Stash. You can also use USSD for the transfer. You have to initiate the transfer yourself. Hello…how can I change the bank on my stash to a more active that i use now. What can I do? Hi there. I transfered money from my stash to my saving plan but for the past 20 minutes it kept showing pending why? Good morning, I have transferred money from my stash to my bank for over 14 hours and it is still showing pending.

Because I transferred another this morning and it has gone through. I needed the first money I transferred for something important which I was unable to do btw. However, how will I get my money back because it is pending and you have deducted it from my stash. Good morning, I have transferred money from my stash to my bank for over 8 hours and it is still showing pending. Hi Solomon. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Kindly Looking to share my stash with someone a mail to support cowrywise. I want to transfer money from my stash to my bank 20, are there charges involved?

Because whenever I try it says insufficient bal and I have 20, in it. Hi Gabriel. Yes, there is. Is there any minimum duration for the money in stash? Can I transfer money to stash today and withdraw it tomorrow? Is there any maturity period for money in stash?

Hi Legend. Your Stash is your e-wallet within Cowrywise and you can top up or withdraw at any time. There are no maturity dates with Stash. Hi Olufunsho. Hope this helps. If your emergency fund has reached maturity, what are the procedures to access it. If you want just the interest on it.

Also you did not have stable funds to continue temporary. Hi Mariam. Emergency funds have no maturity date and can be accessed anytime. Someone sent money to my stash and they have been debited already. Hi Glory. Sorry about this. Kindly send us an via support cowrywise. Hello Oyindamola, there was a security update to Stash. Please note that your Stash will only be able to receive funds from banks linked to the same BVN as your Cowrywise. Please fix the stash transfers as soon as possible please I have a pending payment to receive to my stash from a different bvn.

Hi Michael. Can you look into it? Hi Andrew. I deposited k to my stash and transferred k to my cowrywise savings immediately my was temporary flagged. Hi Lucky. I lost the SIM card my phone was stolen. Hi Midun. You can have access to the app without your BVN. Please log in with your username and password. Hi Joest. Thanks for letting us know. One of my cowrywise plan will be due on 17th. Please what is the maximum on a single deposit to my stash? Like can my stash receive anything above 5m instantly? Hi Florence. Apologies about this. Its Looking to share my stash with someone working.

WHAT am I supposed to do? And this is the one connected to my BVN. Hi Esther. Kindly reach out to our support team at support cowrywise. Hi Ubi. Hi Ife. You can also send a mail to support cowrywise. Please I mistakenly transferred from another not linked with my bvn to my stash will the cash be reversed to the recipient. GoodDay I made a withdrawal via transfer to my till now my bank has not been credited, please what can I do and have been debited from cowrywise.

Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Guides Updates. May 18, In this article, we explained the following to help you enjoy the feature: What is Cowrywise Stash? Why should you use Cowrywise Stash? The money in your Stash can be used to: Top up your savings and investment plans. Receive payout of returns from your investments Receive mature funds from your saving plans Transfer money to other Cowrywise users, for free! However, at this time, Stash is not a replacement for your bank s. Regardless of the amount, bank transfer charges stay low at NGN However, transfers can only be made to s that are linked to your registered BVN.

Unlimited free transfers to other Cowrywise users. You can even send money to them via your contact list or their usernames. How to set up your Stash A few steps to get you started: 1.

Looking to share my stash with someone

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