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Please try another search. Multiple locations were found. Please select one of the following:. Location Help. News Headlines. Customize Your Weather. Privacy Policy. Current Hazards. Rivers and Lakes. Climate and Past Weather. Calendar of ificant Weather Events in Middle Tennessee January 1 Dickson receives its greatest snowstorm ever, with an accumulation of 15". Two persons are killed and 10, are left homeless. Ryman Auditorium becomes a shelter. Water reaches as far inland as 3 rd Avenue. Two steamboats float onto 1 st Avenue. Sixty square blocks are under water. Grocery shopping in some cases is done Venetian style -- by rowboat.

January 2 A powerful cold front dunks Nashville's temperature 46 degrees, from a daytime high of 59 degrees, to a low of 13 the following morning. January 3 A very pleasant, almost spring-like day settles over the mid state.

At Nashville, the high temperature reaches 72 degrees, with a low of Elsewhere, Clarksville reports 71 degrees, Springfield, 69, Tullahoma, 68, Crossville, Lawrenceburg, and Murfreesboro, January 4 Strong thunderstorm winds likely a tornado estimated near mph pick up a mobile home 5 miles east of Erin Houston County and wrap it around a tree. The mobile home is thrown feet, and one man inside the mobile home is killed instantly. January 5 Nashville's sea-level pressure climbs to Crossville measures 8" of snow, while Tullahoma reports 7.

January 6 A Lutts TN single woman storm buries Clarksville under 12" of snow, a single-day record there. Some snowfall totals include Lawrenceburg, with 10", Nashville, 8. January 8 A winter storm system ushers in one of the worst cold outbreaks in mid state history. A strong cold front brings 3. For the next 3 days, the temperature does not rise above 8 degrees, and the low temperature drops to 0 or below for five consecutive mornings, falling to -9 degrees on the morning of January January 9 One of the coldest days in Nashville's history -- high temperature tops out at 7 degrees, with a low of -8, making for a daily mean value of All three are records.

The twister cuts a 4 mile path, lifting at Bethesda Williamson Countyafter causing 4 injuries. January 12 Seven are injured in Madison after an F2 tornado rips a 5 mile path during the middle of the afternoon. January 14 In Clarksville, 2. January 15 The high temperature at Nashville reaches just 28 degrees. This is the 7th consecutive day in which temperatures have remained below freezing, tying a record. During this stretch, the temperature has never risen above 31 degrees, nor fallen below 7 degrees.

January 16 Nashville receives 7" of snow. The snow begins falling around a. At the Shady Brook Mall, huge panes of glass at the entrance are shattered. Forty mature trees are uprooted at the Graymere Country Club. Elsewhere, softball-sized hail is reported at Pulaski, damaging numerous vehicles. This is the largest known hail ever to fall in Tennessee's history.

January 18 A Lutts TN single woman cold air mass pushes into the mid state. The high temperature reaches just 10 degrees at Nashville. The plateau is especially hard-hit, as Crossville checks in with a low of January 19 Nashville receives 6. January 20 McMinnville measures 10" of snowfall, which is the most ever received in one day there.

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Following a daytime high of 7 degrees, the temperature falls to by midnight. Temperature at Crossville falls to by midnight, establishing an all-time record low. January 21 Nashville receives 6. The temperature drops another 2 degrees during the evening, Lutts TN single woman a low of 12, and a daily range of 57 degrees.

Three inches of snow fall by evening. Temperature ranges at other locations include Clarksville and Columbia, 59 degrees, Lawrenceburg, 58, Tullahoma, 57, Cookeville and Springfield, 55, Murfreesboro, 54, and Crossville, 52 degrees. Five persons are injured. Mount Pleasant 1 N measures 7. January 23 The strongest cold front in mid state history brings heavy snow and an unprecedented drop in temperature. Nashville receives 6. In addition, the high temperature reaches 48 degrees, but plummets to degrees by midnight, for a range of 61 degrees. This is the greatest daily range of temperatures in Nashville's history.

Nashville measures 8", the third highest January snowfall on record. Other snow totals include 10" at Springfield, January 24 Temperature at Clarksville climbs to 82 degrees. It's the warmest temperature ever observed there in January. In fact, Waverly sees its temperature drop by 80 degrees with the passage of the strongest cold front in mid state history.

Five inches of snow accompany the dramatic change in temperature. The Duck River freezes solid from bank to bank for the first time since Harbors along the Tennessee River also freeze. It is considered the worst winter weather since the ice storm. Amazingly, there are no fatalities. Barfield, near Murfreesboro, is hit by an F4. January 25 The Cumberland River at Clarksville reaches its highest stage ever recorded -- Two persons are killed in Cookeville on the 23rd during a rescue attempt. In Bedford County, a couple and their son are killed when their car is swept into Carr Creek during the evening of the 24th.

Overall, 6 people are killed, with another 11 injuries. A total of 97 homes are damaged, along with 37 businesses, and at least 34 bridges. Some 40 ro are damaged in Lawrence County alone.

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There are also numerous school and road closings, and people have to be evacuated from their homes, 46 of them being placed in shelters. Rainfall totals during the three days are topped off by Wartrace, which measures 9. Flooding also occurs along many rivers, with the Duck River at Columbia cresting more than 13 feet above flood stage. January 26 The Sparta Recorder and Law Journal reports that a cold snap drops temperatures to degrees at Sparta, degrees at McMinnville, and degrees at Nashville.

The official all-time record low at Nashville is January 27 Nashville measures 2. January 28 A strong cold front moves through Nashville shortly after p. This is the 7th consecutive day in which temperatures have remained below freezing, setting a record.

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During this stretch, the temperature has never risen above 31 degrees, nor fallen below -2 degrees. Frozen precipitation starts during the evening, with 1. January 30 Temperature at Pulaski drops tosetting an all-time record low, as does Lawrenceburg However, three EF-2 tornadoes occur, the strongest of which heavily damages the small community of Coble in Hickman County. January 31 Five inches of snow and ice fall, much of it during Lutts TN single woman evening, producing a water equivalent of 3. This is the greatest one-day precipitation event for January in Nashville's history.

February 1 Precipitation continues at Nashville through the morning, most of it as snow, and finally ends around noon. An additional 5. February 3 Nashville records greatest one-day snowfall for February, measuring 9. They are treated for electrical shock and released from a local hospital.

Power is also knocked out to homes when lightning strikes a transformer. Interstate 40 is closed at Monterey for 18 hours due to the heavy snow. Traffic is backed up for 13 miles. Winds gust to 50 mph at times during the snowstorm. Approximatelyelectric customers lose power. February 4 Jamestown sets a station one-day snowfall record with 18" of snow Monterey sets its own single-day snowfall record with 12" 14" storm totalas well as Livingston with 9".

February 5 Temperature at Sparta drops tosetting an all-time record low. Crossville's low of sets a record low for February. Fourteen tornadoes touch down across the mid state, including an EF-3 that kills 22 persons in Sumner, Trousdale, and Macon Counties -- the deadliest single tornado in Middle Tennessee in nearly 75 years.

This is the 6th largest tornado outbreak in mid state history. February 6 One person is injured near Ardmore as a pre-dawn F2 tornado rips a 6 mile path across Giles and Lincoln Counties.

Lutts TN single woman

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