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A large pair of sunglasses covers her face, almost entirely. Greenhouses surround her as far as the eye can see. Jadida had told her colleagues she was going grocery shopping, so on the way back she must pass by the shops to avoid their suspicions, she says as she begins the interview. The fields are fenced, and in many places there are surveillance cameras, guards and electric gates which close as soon as strangers approach.

But after these reporters handed out their phone s to a group of strawberry pickers in the area, inviting them to be interviewed, Jadida called back because she wanted to share her experiences of sexual abuse, allegedly by her supervisor.

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At first, he was kind to her. But on her second day at work, he tried to persuade her to him in his room. She refused, and he began calling her phone constantly. Eventually, he approached her when she was working in the fields and tried to pressure her into having sex with him. Continuously rejecting him has had consequences.

The supervisor now threatens to have her fired and sent back to Morocco.

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Al Jazeera, in collaboration with the Danish investigative media outlet Danwatch, interviewed 16 female farm workers, all of whom had contracts with the seven largest red fruit producers who sell to well-known supermarkets in the UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Sweden. Most workers recounted daily humiliations, such as penalties for taking toilet breaks, union busting and little or no protection against COVID Several reported sexual harassment and being blackmailed for sex. The only other worker she knows who did so was frequently seen crying in the greenhouses and eventually moved to another part of the farm, Jadida claims.

Strawberry pickers with temporary work visas have few opportunities to report harassment and abuse. According to the deal, migrants lose the opportunity to work in Spain if they leave their Spanish workplace for any reason.

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Scholars and NGOs say this is why ANAPEC demands that hopeful workers must show evidence that they have children under the age of 14 at home — so that they have something they must return to. The women stay in small apartments — barracks and containers in between the greenhouses, far from any town centre.

After two weeks in the fields, she miscarried. Two weeks later, when her condition had still not improved, he eventually took her to a clinic, which immediately referred her to the hospital.

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The small shed she lives in is made up of discarded greenhouse parts, wooden pallets and plastic tarpaulins. It is in one of the many temporary settlements that house some of the undocumented migrants working in Spanish agriculture. Since then, managers repeatedly asked her for sex in two farms where she picked strawberries. A study published by the Foundation for Applied Economic Studies this year estimates the total of undocumented migrants living in Spain to beThree days after our interview with her, her shack caught fire.

This happens often in these settlements, which do not adhere to Spanish fire regulations. Saeeda was found dead. The year-old was the sole breadwinner for her teenage son who lives with his elderly grandmother in Morocco. She had not seen them for two years when she passed. In the past few years, an increasing have taken red fruit producers to court over exploitation issues.

That same year, four other women sued an unnamed strawberry exporter for sexual harassment and gross labour exploitation. Their lawyer has appealed the case to the constitutional court. In the second case, a labour court rejected the case of the four women.

They have appealed and are still waiting for a criminal court to hear their claims.

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These reporters have been in contact with another former strawberry picker who is currently suing a large red fruit exporter on similar charges. Spanish authorities said they were unable to disclose how many of such cases are continuing. Inmigrant and Spanish female workers organised themselves in Jornaleras de Huelva en Lucha Female Day Labourers who Fighta grassroots union focused on the needs of the labourers. She was not available for an interview for this article. Neither were the industry associations Freshuelva and Interfresa. AP investigation on treatment of women workers in palm oil plantations in Indonesia and Malaysia finds widespread abuse.

Filipino workers in Geneva, Switzerland are being forced to pay exorbitant prices to live in overcrowded apartments. Agricultural labourers from India, Nepal and Pakistan work in greenhouses during the day and learn Portuguese at night. How the government scheme to recruit British workers to bring in the harvest fell at the first hurdle. According to Jadida, many of her colleagues do not dare to reject the supervisor. Rape, abuses in palm oil fields linked to top cosmetic brands: AP. In Portugal, Asian workers pick fruit and live precariously.

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More from News. In Pictures: Protests in Tunis over economy, health system. New rules have China private education firms bracing for a hit. Most Read. The Taliban explained.

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In Spain’s strawberry fields, migrant women face sexual abuse