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With the likes of Kim Kardashian and Nikki Minaj parading the carpets of Hollywood in tight fitting dresses that flaunt full round hips and booty, it is no wonder that so many women out there are embracing and appreciating their curves.

Apparently, there are claims that you can take maca root powder for bigger booty and hips and naturally fill out where you are lacking. But are these claims fact of myth? Maca is a root plant cultivated in South America and has been used by the natives for healing purposes and consumption as food. Some of the proposed benefits of maca root powder are helping to address issues of fatigue, certain symptoms of menopause and sexual dysfunction in men and women.

Certain studies have also linked maca root powder with helping to regulate and balance hormones in men and women. According to Vitaminstohealth. Your body shape is determined predominately by genetics and no, you cannot alter your genetics. However hormones also play a major role in how body fat is distributed and this can be altered by use of certain supplements and medications.

Traditionally women with higher levels of estrogen tend to store more fat in breasts, hips and of course the booty. Remember puberty? During this stage most young women will experience a surge in estrogen levels which triggers development of curves. On the other hand, there are some women who produce less estrogen or have a dominance of androgen, which are male hormones, and will tend to store less fat in these areas and more in the upper body thereby having less curves. For these women, supplements like Large Jackson girly big booty can encourage a more feminine figure because if your body is producing too little of estrogen, it will help to regulate your system and increased estrogen level can mean more fat deposits in breasts, hips and the booty.

You most likely will not experience drastic changes. Maca root powder can be beneficial to women seeking to regulate hormones and for some women this can mean an increase in fat deposits to breast, hips and the booty but probably nothing too drastic as your genetics and bone structure also play a huge role in your body shape. However be aware that as of current, there is little to no medical research establishing the effectiveness of maca in hormone regulation and will vary from individual to individual. There have been lots of success stories from women taking maca root powder for bigger booty hips.

There is a majority claim that it does work, in fact some women state they saw a drastic increase in their butt and hip size, and on the flip side, there are also reports from users who say it did absolutely nothing. It all boils down to each individual as well know every human body is different and will have different outcomes. But as with all supplements, you need to check with a doctor first before taking maca.

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I started taking maca and vitex extract for hormonal regulation years after my diagnosis with PCOS. Although, I am naturally curvy, I did notice that I filled out a bit more while on these supplements, and honestly I attribute the change to weight gain. Between to now, I have gained roughly 30 pounds which I am struggling to lose. On the left, I was approaching lbs thanks to my love for food and an inconsistent and improper exercise routine. I had A LOT of belly fat and was losing the roundness and definition in my butt.

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My current diet is high protein, low carb and fresh organic foods. In addition, I combine cardio with some strength training exercises along with mild weight lifting and waist training. I get a lot of s asking me what brand of maca root use and if it really works. The blend combines gelatinized maca root, fenugreek, tribulus and rose extract.

So how does it work? Maca root promotes curves by balancing hormones, and hormones affect how our body stores fat. Estrogen is the key hormone which tells the body to store fat in the hips, butt, breasts and thighs. For women who are not producing this hormone a optimal levels, taking a herb like maca can produce a noticeable difference in how their body stores fat.

In the article 5 popular herbs to increase curves naturallywe highlight fenugreek as a common herb used in many curve enhancing regimen.

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It is widely known for its abilities to promote larger, fuller breasts and thicker hips. It is high in a chemical known as diosgenin which has been said to cause the body to produce more estrogen. Fenugreek also boasts a slew of other health benefits including helping to regulate blood sugar levels, promote hormone balance and increase libido.

Combining maca with fenugreek boosts curve enhancing powers of the blend. We added popular muscle toning herb tribulus to balance out the two herbs and stimulate the strengthening of muscles and fit curves. The combination of maca and fenugreek may lead to elevated estrogen levels, and estrogen typically means more fat storage in the body. The addition of tribulus may help to tone the muscles. Tribulus is also a powerful herb for women and is a powerful libido and energy booster. This product is specifically geared towards enhancing curvy physique. The fusion of maca, fenugreek and tribulus with balancing effects of rose extract make CHIOMA Asana LadiesBalance a powerful blend to promote toned curves, boost energy, enhance libido, promote healthy fertility and balance hormones.

I especially love the Femaprin vitex product, I found it very effective at regulating my hormones.

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Having a toned waist line is what gives the illusion of curves and a sexy silhouette. I have found waist training to be effective at helping me shrink my belly size. Even curve queen, Kim Kardashian recently revealed waist training as one of her favorite fitness trends.

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I wear mine for around 9 hours a day under clothes. Be forewarned waist training or tight lacing can be dangerous if overdone. It should not be too tight to the point where it is very uncomfortable.

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Also beware of brands that promote products which are guaranteed to give you curves! There is absolutely no such thing! The goal should be to achieve healthy, hormone balance and combine it with the right diet and a strength training program deed to target the glutes. While a combination of diet and exercise can produce a beautiful physique, it cannot guarantee you the Kim K butt.

Genetics play a huge role on body shape therefore it is possible to do everything right and not achieve desired. You know the Onion Booty. If you are looking for inspiration on getting a cute, curvy yet toned Large Jackson girly big booty, see this video about Internet booty sensation, Jennifer Selter. Her curvaceous physique has taken the world by storm and she has been fairly outspoken about her workout regimen which includes lots of squats. How about you? Have you had the opportunity to try maca for bigger booty and hips, would love to hear your experience, please share in the comment box below.

I started today. Hi Tammie, thanks for the comment! Please do come back and let us know how things work out with the herb. I have been doing A LOT of research on whether or not this root can add to your behind. I could not find a single review that said it did not! Some people even said that it added 2 inches and they stopped taking it because it was making their behind grow TOO much. I am about to purchase some but I have a question, do you know if it is more effective in powdered than in pill form?

So to answer your question it does grow your booty but it wont be dramatic about to order my second bottle I will keep you posted and give you ladies honest answers…. Hi dede, all I can say is WOW. I believe you can get both from amazon.

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Hi Laurel, either pill or powder form will be effective, what matters is the dosage. The typical dosage is mg taken 3 times a day. However you might need to adjust it based on how your body responds. And remember to always check with a physician before taken any supplements. How can I purchase the maca root I have a big butt I just want to use it to make it more plump while I work out ….

So stay tuned. Otherwise you can do a search on Amazon. Is it fine if I just take one pill a day if my pills are mg?

Large Jackson girly big booty

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Maca root powder for bigger booty and hips Fact or Myth