I love your Grand River Ohio breasts

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We conducted focus groups and researched who the consumers were for the product. There were studies and questionnaires and we thought we covered all areas of business. Heck, I made this product to prevent wrinkles when I slept, how did we miss it being used as a maternity sleep bra?

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I can tell you we did because I had to experience it firsthand. I was almost 3 months along in my pregnancy when I took the test. My Mother-in-Law was dying from Cancer. I had a huge dream to provide this product that would help women feel comfortable and I was determined to make that happen.

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However, the minute I found out I was having a girl my priorities changed. All of a sudden, I wanted to devote myself and my body to taking care of my daughter. Although I had a challenging time healing my ego from the decision to close the company, I am so grateful for that choice. It turned out my daughter really needed me and more importantly, I needed her. But what superseded that reluctance was the real discomfort trying to sleep while pregnant.

Sleeping while pregnant was the most challenging for me even with my first. For me, pregnancy was not uncomfortable at all. At times it was the challenge of the activity that had to be accomplished while pregnant. However, the body changes like the heavy tender breasts and the growing belly were the physical changes that I enjoyed. It reminded me that I was nurturing a being inside. The only time this experience got in the way was when it was time to rest, so that was every day. A couple times a day.

The foam tubes were like pillows for my breasts keeping my skin dry and my breasts immobile and not squished. I continued to wear the BreastRest through my pregnancy and carried on using it while I breast fed Maci.

I was holding Maci in my arms just before her morning nap while nursing her. She was content and I was comfortable. I knew it was time to relaunch. I found it fascinating that a man wrote an article about the most comfortable bras for large breasts. The article was called.

Of course they are the best Bras. Just looking at them compelled me to want to try them all on. I actually felt sexy thinking about wearing those patterns and colours under a sheer blouse. Then undressing for my husband and seeing his reaction to I love your Grand River Ohio breasts frisky body language I would occupy. It always looks so beautiful hanging on the rack or on the model on the wall of the Boutique. The lighting just right, the pretty rooms and aromatic atmosphere that puts us in the mood to feel playful, and sensual.

However, like buying a new pair of shoes, my feet walk me through life and I take my time picking them out.

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So especially because I have F cup breasts, I spend extra time in the change room moving around and testing to see if any area of my body gets irritated shortly after putting it on. If I need to wear it with a specific blouse or for a one-time event, I can totally pass off an uncomfortable bra. I believe every day we have the opportunity to look for things that make our lives easier, more comfortable more exciting.

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We have experiences daily that offer us truth and the actions we take have an effect on us physically or mentally. These show up as possibilities to change the way we think or to become aware of what our options are. I realize in this moment how much I appreciate the effort of Charles Manning the above author of the post, for providing women with a list of possibilities for the most comfortable bras for large breasts.

My fascination in this moment seems to be on the psyche of men and how they truly contemplate women's breasts. This blog has inspired an awareness that has motivated me to pursue future literature for pleasure. Heck, I might as well throw a new pair of shoes in there too. You can contact Jody at jody[at]thebreastrest[dot]com or visit www.

It was two hand towels rolled up and stuffed into the legs of pantyhose and wrapped around my breasts to prevent wrinkles from developing while I slept. I wore the contraption every day for 3 weeks to see if it would prevent wrinkles from forming while I slept. Not only did it stop the wrinkles from worsening, it provided my breasts with comfort and support.

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My curiosity led me to endless forums where there were discussions on bra alternative possibilities, breast health, breast cancer, breast feeding, breast discomforts and boundless other topics about breasts. I had no idea there was a huge community of women around the world talking about breasts and their discomforts and experiences.

This drove me to continue the development of my contraption along with discovering the real needs for women's breast wellness and healthy bra alternative options. My research guided me to information and organizations like Breasthealth. Within their healthy lifestyle platforms, are suggestions to choose a bra without underwire or choosing bras that allow for better circulation around the breasts and lymph nodes. It is a system that provides 24 hr support and comfort through its patented des and quality fabric.

The foam replaces the underwire creating a healthier environment for the skin and surrounding tissues. It actually is a pillow under your breasts encouraging natural lift and support while offering additional health benefits to what the traditional bra has to offer. Lymphnodes- the lymphatic system is a network of lymph nodes and lymph ducts that helps fight infection. Lymph nodes — found under the armpit, above the collarbone, behind the breastbone and in other parts of the body — trap harmful substances that may be in the lymphatic system and safely drain them from the body.

1 2 Next. Honestly, I would be very uncomfortable had I not received it. Thank you for making such an awesome item. I feel so natural when I am wearing it. Comments Disabled Trackbacks 0 Permalink. Bra Without Underwire? Jody Harbour - Thursday, March 17, Several weeks ago, Ken informed me that I had to name my blog. I added that to my To-Do list and every night I spent at least 5 minutes thinking of what to name it.

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I should have known it never comes when you expect it to. Last week I heard my GrandMothers voice in something that I read, and it stuck. This Post is dedicated to Ken and wsitotalinternet. She was a strong voiced Romanian woman. Always looked and smelled beautiful with a fresh face of gentle makeup.

This is definitely calling for some reflection. Granma Mary went to live in the Spirit world 20 years ago at the age of Her name was Patricia, She died at age 42 of suicide. She died in Windsor at the age of 29, two years after giving birth to my grandmother Patricia. Great Grandmother Mary also died of suicide. Inside, I have always had this unexplained passion and respect for Elders and this aching in my heart to understand where I came from and who the woman were who birthed me.

The only Granma I knew had a compelling voice. She spoke in a strong tone with command and knowledge. It was taken away through oppression and assimilation. Until writing this blog of my Grandmothers, I never recognized or fully understood where my passion to be heard was initiated. I hear myself now loud and clear and appreciate my purpose. I came across this poem on Google, Author unknown. She is a wonderful combination of warmth and kindness, laughter and love. She overlooks our faults, encourages our dreams, and praises our every success. A Grandmother has the wisdom of a teacher, the sincerity of a true friend, and the I love your Grand River Ohio breasts of a mother.

She is someone we admire, respect and Love very much A Grandmother will always have a cherished place in our memories and in our hearts. A Grandmother is all the dear and precious things in life. This is where I heard my Grandmothers voice. Even though I was reading the above, I was hearing her voice and what the experience of living in this time and space is to teach us. Having a Grandmother in our lives demonstrates the principles that each and every one of us should strive for and purposes we should have.

Every morning upon rising and each evening before sleeping, we must give thanks for the life within us and for all life. We must grow a little more each day and consider our thoughts and actions and seek for the courage and strength to be a better person. To seek for the things that will benefit everyone. To honour and show esteem for someone or something and to consider its well-being.

To treat everyone with deference or courtesy and every person with respect at all times. I love the idea of growing a little more each day. To consider ourselves and others and have no judgement is what knowledge and experience bring.

My physical Grandmothers may not be here but I get their messages and they share their visions. It is my purpose through my blog to safely share my experiences and knowledge. To story tell and to grow a little more each day with the guidance of my Grandmothers Voice I look forward to sharing. How Does It Work?

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I love your Grand River Ohio breasts

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