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Looking for the Summer Reading Chart? At other points, like the first year or two we lived in Arizona, we did much less party hosting, as we got in to the groove of having children in school and making new friends here. We had a boatload of parties in our little, filthy-carpeted apartment in Texas, squeezing in up to 30 people into our tiny living area.

My idea of a good time is reading a book in bed with a bowl of ice cream. Happily, I married someone way more fun than me, so he can be charming while I make cookies. Aw, this made me remember how much I love hosting things, and how sad it is that I haven't hosted anything more than a game night with one set of couple friends in the past few months. I love your blog. Your writing always makes me laugh. Now I want to host a party! Ha ha.

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Miss those good ol' days. That baby diaper game grosses me out. SO disgusting. So I bought a few packages of plain white gerber onesies and a pack of fabric paint and the guests all decorated one. SIL chose her favorite and that person got a prize and she got to keep all the shirts when they were dry. I think we might have done one other quickie game. Mostly everyone wanted to chat and eat.

We host brunches and potlucks for friends about once a month. Our living room opens to the dining room which opens to the kitchen…. We never do paper products — loading a dishwasher and throwing the cloth napkins in with the wash is cheaper and just as easy as paper, but mostly I'm too cheap and lazy to buy paper products. We are the only friends that have a kid so far and when wine is still being poured close to 10 pm, it's hard to say "okay! Great suggestions. You've just motivated me to host a gathering here even though I know approximately three people.

Thank you for this!

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We are moving in less than two weeks and I'm determined to invite people over. Great reminder! I'll never forget some people from church inviting me over in my early 20's. I didn't care at all- I was so thrilled to be there!

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It made me realize people just want to come to things, and not everything has to be perfect. I'm feeling inspired to host something again, and remind myself not to over do it! This is such a great list. I love to have people over, but dig myself into a hole of wanting everything to be perfect and just so and when I realize I'm actually not having very much fun and neither are my guestsit's too late. And I vow to do better next time. This is an awesome list. My best tip when we are hosting family events is to hire one or a couple neighborhood teenagers to be party helpers. This is a fantastic list.

I love hosting too!

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For my birthday this year I told a group of 10 friends that what I wanted was for them to come to a dinner party at my house. Yes, let me worry about all of the cooking, and decorating, and cleaning — I WANT to do it all well, maybe not so much the cleaning.

I discovered that the wedding section of Dollar Tree has all sorts of cute little dishes to serve appetizers and desserts on. I will definitely be keeping that in mind as I throw future parties. These are really great suggestions!! I totally get it now!

Thank you so much for this comment! This part helped me too I never thought about it stressing then out, or making them feel like a burden, so thanks for the help. Your guests should create lifelong, […].

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Whether are you just planning on some big spring cleaning or something similar, or you had a party at your place and now you need help to make it look decent again, they will be there for you. Fully effective, […]. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Next Post: 8 Tips for Raising a Reader ». Comments Great list! Oh boy, am I ever with you on the baby shower games thing. How I loathe those. Great tips! I wholeheartedly support no games at showers!

Trackbacks […] the host of your party, it is important to make sure that everyone has a good time.

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Want ideas for fitting in reading and sharing books with your children? up! Do you have a Kids Kindle? Does your child lean more toward fiction or non-fi. One thing I love about everydayreadingbookclub is. Have you listened to any full cast audiobooks? Have you heard of CodeSpark?

Looking for now you host

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