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Updated: July 13, pm. Well, Mr. Owen and Mr. Morin, I only espouse what I have learned as far as supporting my president and love of country and religion. Yes, M. Are you telling me that I was taught wrongly? Are you saying I can never thank my teachers and ministers for their teachings because they were all wrong and they afflicted me with blinders? Are you saying that when the liberal, pinko teachers came along in the late Sixties and Seventies, that they are correct about things?

Well, let me tell you something: I will back my teachers and ministers to the hilt against all the liberal socialist wannabees out there. If they have their way this country will one day become the Iraq we just beat or maybe Cuba or any other Third World bastion of communism you can think of. This is America. It was founded by free-thinking people on Christian principles whether you like it or not.

God belongs in it's mottos and pledges and in it's schools.

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Murderers and robbers and rapists, etc, belong in jail for as long as we can keep them there. And America belongs in places where peoplc cannot help themselves no matter what hardship it causes you. That is our mission. So we can police the world of these butchering bastards like S. The fact that some of you and some countries turn your backs on this is proof of short memories. I pray you are not in a building or a bus or on a train that some terrorist butcher decides needs blowing up. Yes, my teachings are good and beneficial and I live by them. If it feels good it does not make it right, boys.

You all learn right from wrong and then you twist and shape it to your own belief system.

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Homosexuality was a sinful choice then and is a sinful choice now. That is what I Beautiful woman want nsa Barnstable taught and that is what I know to be true. None of this means I hate the mayor or any other gays. I pray for them. If I said otherwise I would be lying to them. I will not compromise my principals in order to be politically correct. God bless America. Congratulations, Mayor Keaneon your graduation at 73, and all your accomplishments! No foreign language in middle school!

Increased class sizes and reduced security and maintenance! If this is more than just a "scare tactic," you had better invite the National Guard to your next PTA meeting! I have many fond memories of growing up in Attleboro, But I sure am glad that my children are not doing the same. What a great letter from Paul Palermo Jr. A must-read for all. Thanks, Paul. You said it all and I agree with every word.

I would send a letter myself but the Web address I have for letters does not work and has not worked for my last three attempts. I tested them both today and they work. First of all, I would like to thank my sister, Lynne R.

And I hope all will send out their prayers to the Ronco and Rotundi families, who together have shared this difficult phase in life. I would also like to thank Zazzymystic, whoever she be, and Brian Crandall for responding to my letter. Thank you! If you have not been contacted, please let us know. Contact B. Libertore We would love to hear from some people from the great '50s era. People love through their hearts and their feelings. They want to be with the ones they feel safe and secure with. Oh, yes, Mr. Howard, when I said you had blinders on, it meant you have tunnel vision, and that is something you were taught by society.

Rich, so you want to know what I think is "fine and dandy. More to the point, though, I like reading the postings from people who truly care about each other and about people they don't even know. I especially like the people who write to stand up for what are truly American and Christian or other religious values not your twisted versions.

If I complain a lot, it's because you say so many objectionable things.

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May I never end up so filled with bitterness and anger. Yes Maryann, they did choose to be called those names as well as to be gay. Just like I chose to be called a right-wing nut job or a hawking warmonger or a Bush butt boy. Just like a liberal chooses to be called a left-wing whacko or a pinko or a tree-hugging woosie or a socialist dork. When we choose, we also choose the baggage that goes with that choice.

I or you can no more stop the name calling than anyone else can. If you talk the talk, you walk the walk. I don't call them those names. I only say they chose to live an unnatural life of their own accord. Yes, they have the right to do it but that does not make it right. When I rant on against it I feel sorry for them and hope and pray they see the error of their choice. That is what I pray for. I do not condone that which I think is wrong. I would not condone abortion or murder or rapists or purse snatchers or armed robbers, etc. It does not change the way I think or what I was taught, so it can't change me.

Yes, I have spoken to homosexuals, ones close to me. Some of them even question that I may be right about judgement day. They say this because we just don't know for sure, do we Maryann? Sin is sin and it has to be forgiven. I would not want homosexuals coaching my grandkids or leading their Scout troop or teaching them gym.

That is the way I feel and that is the way it is in Rich Howard World. Will I turn my back on them if in need or drowning or whatever? No, I will not. Do I condone men sleeping with men and women sleeping with women, and by "sleeping" you know what I mean? Not now, not ever.

Maybe I will be the one to burn in hell for this stance but I do not think so. Let us just agree that you cannot change me Beautiful woman want nsa Barnstable I cannot change you and that we agree to disagree, OK? Howard, if it is true that being gay is a condition caused by the influence of the family, and there are gays in your family, hmmmm, one must wonder what role you played in making these people gay! And surely when you speak of "every man in her life" as being "kind and loving," you are NOT speaking of yourself because if this hatred that spews from your mouth is your example of kind and loving, you are Beautiful woman want nsa Barnstable a blind man.

You have never addressed my comments in the past regarding what God's word says about "judging not. Remember, Lucifer thought himself smarter than God. Now, Mr. Howard, how about writing a nice comment about someone, anyone. How about mentioning what a nice job the new mayor is doing for Attleboro and the churches he works with. Or is that not possible bec ause he is, after all, gay! An alphabetical directory of out-of-town and local visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments.

Comments remain posted for at least a month and are printed periodically as Letters from Home on the Opinion s of The Sun Chronicle. A note on style: Please do not send entries or names in all capital letters or in all lower-case letters. Yes, Mr. Howard, I too am certain that homosexual people "choose" to be this way.

They "choose" to be persecuted, harassed and ridiculed at every turn. They "choose" nicknames like "fag" and "dyke," Yup, I'm sure that at 7 years old on the playground they decide that life would be too easy as a straight person and all the crap that goes along with being gay would be so much more fun. We all know that there are gays in the military and if ya think otherwise you need to see a shrink. The sad irony of it is that they put their lives on the front line defending the very Constitution that gives them the right to be left alone to live their lives in peace no matter what their sexual orientation.

Now, can someone please tell me why, at a time when the most dangerous thing you can be is American, why are we giving our neighbors such a hard time for whom they choose to love? Can't we all just get along and quit dissing gay people. Have ya ever spoken to a homosexual? They care about the same things we do, they have the same hopes, dreams, fears and ambitions as us. If we, as Christians, represent Jesus Christ, we need to be more compassionate and a little less judgemental.

Hmmmmmmm, if they execute gays in the Middle East, then Mr. Watson had the right idea.

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Just kidding, folks, don't get in a tizzy. Owen, if you really believe that homosexuality is NOT a choice, then you are living a lie. I could name some reasons why some make that choice and it is NOT because they were born that way. No one is born that way. It comes from surroundings, such as dominant females mothersetc. I know for a fact that the two gays in my family were not born "that way. Meanwhile, I pray every day that they see the light and come back to the right team. I also know that the female gay in the family chose the choice because of a dumb-ass shrink who takes her money and tells you what you wish to hear, instead of finding out why she hates men when every man in her life has been a kind and loving example of what a human being should be.

You liberal wonks who would have us believe that "if it feels good, do it" is the way to live will burn in your self-made hell one day. You think damnation is a myth?

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You think going against God and normalcy is OK? Fine, keep it up. Your time will come. Owen, can you ever answer a question? All you do is come up with yet another stupid statement ,but you never answer a question. Once again, is there anything you don't think is just fine and dandy except an opposing view? As for that first guy who posted an entry aimed at my feelings, if I knew what the hell you were trying to say I would reply but I do not understand what you are saying. Howard, what you need to do is take your blinders off. You do not speak your own thoughts but society's, so maybe you should go to a doctor and try to use your own thoughts instead of the ones you were taught.

Think about it: Everything you think and do you worry about what society might think. You are given one life to live on this earth, do you really want to waste it on society? Moran, spend five minutes researching the issue online and you will learn that Islam and the Middle East are not tolerant of homosexuality.

Beautiful woman want nsa Barnstable

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