Bbc for white women only

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Your children will be encountering the term in school, and in mainstream media like BBC Newsround.

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The subject evokes strong emotions from a range of people — some of whom disagree with the use of the term at all. Four in five of our service users are white - and we know only too well the inequality and disadvantage they face daily. Helping children and those who nurture them, to understand what white privilege really means will not only prevent future generations from growing up to ignore race as an issue - but to be actively anti-racist through their actions.

Sit with that discomfort. Expect hard work - white privilege is reinforced in all aspects of everyday life, and understanding and unravelling it is a constant process of learning and changing your behaviours. White privilege is the multiple social advantages, benefits and courtesies that come with being a member of the dominant race. In reality, society was deed by, and to benefit, the small subsection of people already in power.

You feel safer at home and in your local area - unlike The rates of infant mortality are also up to twice as high among Pakistani, Black Caribbean and Black African babies.

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It is important to be aware that being born with a certain skin tone affords people certain advantage in life that people of another skin colour are not afforded. By creating greater awareness and understanding we help to build a fairer and more equitable society for future generations.

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We believe educating children about white privilege is a part of that, and so is talking to them about how to be actively anti-racist. Care experienced young people from our Brent services worked together to create this helpful guide for talking to children and young people about white privilege. All the ways white people are privileged in the UK. Our hope for a better future for all children is the source of our inspiration.

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These stats show how systemic racism affects children, young people and families in the UK. At the heart of our culture we cherish our core values - respecting the unique worth of every person, encouraging people to fulfil their potential, and working with hope. Published on. What does everyday white privilege look like? What can parents do? Share fact-checked resources, examples, information and statistics with others. Look after your mental health, and take breaks where needed. Keep cool - stick to the facts and show some patience. Pause the conversation with someone refusing to listen - suggest they continue their research.

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Entertain heated arguments. Tolerate racial slurs or abuse. Blog 21 July How systemic racism affects young people in the UK These stats show how systemic racism affects children, young people and families in the UK.

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