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I became aware of it as a young woman, and my mother would never let me work in the fields. And then when I actually did go out and work in the fields, then, like all of the other women, I saw the foreman coming and hovering around you. Then eventually talking to other farmworker women that were working out there, [I found out] that this was part of the job, so to speak, that you had to kind of be careful, because somebody in that field would come and try to invite you, or they would start looking at you, making these Women wants hot sex Dolores.

And of course it was bothersome to a woman to know. So this has been one of those hazards of the job of being a farmworker, because the way that farmworker women are treated, they are looked at as sex objects, actually, when they are out there in the field. Is it part of the landscape? One of the issues that you have with farmworkers generally is that the employers do not take direct responsibility for their workers. They outsource the work, so to speak. What they use to manage their workers is fear: fear of losing your job. Of course this then comes to [the surface] when a women is a victim of sexual advances.

It might even be a cousin, because many of these families work together. There were no toilets in the fields, so women literally, when they had to do their business, they would have to go together. They would have to get sheets or towels to cover themselves. There were no toilets. Before that time, especially for women workers, it was extremely embarrassing for them, because you have some places where you had row crops — asparagus, tomatoes, daikon, lettuce, all of these types. There was no place that a woman could go to the bathroom. So this was part of it. This was demeaning [for] a farmworker generally but demeaning [for] the women in particular.

And I think at this point, when we started organizing farmworkers, Cesar Chavez and myself, farmworkers were getting paid like 70 cents an hour, 70 cents to 90 cents an hour. I remember that Lyndon Johnson, as the head of the Senate, refused to pass a bill that gave farmworkers a minimum wage of 50 cents an hour. So the big pressing issues were feeding the family. This is what people talked about: How do we earn enough money to feed our families?

Was that true, and is that true?

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That is very true and shocking, and I believe that one of the reasons that sexual harassment was not talked about openly is because the women themselves feel very ashamed, because they have to do this to be able to keep a job. Is it true today? And so that is why sometimes women keep it to themselves. And it is very painful for them that they have to live with all of this guilt, not only to protect themselves but to protect their families, to make sure their whole family has a job.

Is it really the responsibility of the employers? Sexual harassment, as we know, is not limited to any culture. It happens in offices. I can say personally myself, working as a secretary in an office when I was young, I had to figure out every day how I was going to make an escape before the boss was going to try to sexually harass me. And it was just on my mind every single day. It happens every day in many, many places in the United States.

I think what makes farmworker women more vulnerable is one, they work in isolated places [and] that the jobs they have are Women wants hot sex Dolores of entry-level jobs, so to speak. So Women wants hot sex Dolores job is scarce for them and they have to try to keep those jobs. That makes them very vulnerable. And he said this is a form of modern slavery. But it takes a lot. So it is a type of common slavery when you can have the employer that can impose himself upon his workers and demand sexual favors from them.

But is management involved? And women know this. They know that they are not going to be heard. They know that nobody is going to be there to support them and protect them, and this adds to the reluctance of them to come forward. Yes, there was. I believe it was part of the culture, again, of the male-dominated culture.

But Cesar was very hard on any people in the union that engaged. The fellas used to tell all these jokes, these sexist jokes, and what I did once is during a board meeting, I took a little pencil and jotted down every time they made a sexist remark.

During the course of this meeting, you guys have made 58 sexist remarks. And they were all shocked, and then the next meeting, I got them down to 30, then 20, then eventually two and pretty soon zero. And so they would check themselves when they went into a meeting before they started making any sexist jokes or anything of that nature.

The best way to curb this type of macho sexist culture is to make sure that women are involved. Is it an epidemic? The foreman hit on every single woman. So it is an epidemic, unfortunately. If a worker may ask a labor contractor who owns this land, they can get fired. It is much worse in the fields just because of the places where farmworkers work. They are not in the city.

And I know that the employers are in total denial. They outsource the work to the labor contractors. The employer is responsible. One of the organizations in California, the California Rural Legal Assistance [CRLA], which is a law firm, has for years tried to get a law through the state legislature that whatever happens out there in the fields, the employers are responsible for the workers, even if they have a labor contractor in the middle.

And in a particular case, they said it was consensual sex even though the court found otherwise. But actually its agribusiness, and these employers hire thousands of workers.

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You have Dole, the pineapple people. They hire maybe 20, workers in California if not more. You have again these lettuce companies [where] the workers are 1, to 2, people. You have Grimmway Farms, a carrot company, that probably has about 5, or 6, workers. The grape companies, Giumarra corporation, maybe has 4, So these are not small family farmers. They leave it up to the labor contractors for them to take care of the workforce. Of course all farmworker women are vulnerable. They [could] be citizens or they may be residents, but we have to say definitely that the women that are undocumented are the most vulnerable, because they feel that they always have this fear of being deported if they report any type of sexual harassment.

So it makes it extremely hard for that particular group of women, and even harder for them than the others. They are pretty much always going to do the bidding of the powers in the community, which are the growers, and they are not that sensitive to the workers. They are always going to be a little suspect. The one thing I do want to say, the one way that workers can be protected in the fields is when they have a union rep, because when you have a union representative out there, that foreman or that person in management is probably not going to be very open about what they do, or they may not do it at all, because then the women know that they have someone to report to, and because the union representative is right there working with that crew.

That union rep is going to be there to make sure that that toilet is Women wants hot sex Dolores, that the workers are getting their rest periods and that they have cold drinking water, and that the working conditions that are negotiated in the contract are met, and making sure that the women are protected. Then many of the women themselves become reps in the crews.

So that really is a big protection. But unfortunately, those same elements in the grower community fight very, very hard against union representation. And that is foolish on their part, because if they would allow the union to represent their workers, then they would cut out that middleman, because what they pay that foreman out there or the labor contractor, that 25 or 35 percent is enough for them to increase the wages of their workers, to give the workers a health plan and to even give the workers a pension plan.

No, the of workers in the union has dropped very much, but they are coming back.

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And the reason they are coming back is because of a law that Gov. Jerry Brown ed here in California that any of these employers, when the unions win an election, that if the employer does not negotiate, the employer is taken to court. Is that right? How is it different? And it would be nice, I think, if more people in cities would go out there to the fields sometime and see how difficult the work is, and then I think the farmworkers would be given a lot more respect. We would have more support for the farmworkers to get better wages, to get better working conditions. I mean, there is nothing wrong with working in the fields.

Farmworkers pride themselves on their work. Professional farmworkers who know how to do a of different jobs, whether it be pruning or picking or crafting, they see themselves as professionals, and they take a lot of pride in that work.

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He vetoed unemployment insurance for farmworkers three sessions in a row and got away with it, because why should farmworkers be able to get unemployment insurance? When we tried to get disability insurance for farmworkers, the Associated Farmers and all of the growers went against that.

And this is a one-penny contribution that the workers make for themselves; it comes out of their own paycheck.

Women wants hot sex Dolores

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