Hope this works into a more on going relationship

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Trust is an important part of the foundation of every healthy relationship. Trust exercises can be a fun way to build trust, practice honesty and communication, and bond with your partner. Please note: These exercises are intended to provide fun and safe prompts for healthy partners to deepen their communication with one another. If, when trying out these prompts, you notice your partner is using any of the information you share to shame you, or responds to you in ways that are disrespectful, aggressive or emotionally unsafe, we encourage you to reach back out to love is respect.

If you are experiencing abuse in your relationship, please talk to a love is respect advocate before trying out any of these exercises. Take turns exchanging secrets and facts about each other. Afterwards, talk about how it felt and address any issues or concerns. Talk for 5 minutes about anything while the other partner stays quiet but you can use gestures and expressions! After your time is up, discuss, then switch. Play games with your partner online or in person. Play 2 Truths and A Lie : You come up with 2 truths and 1 lie, your partner guesses which is which, and you tell them the full truth.

Ask questions to learn about your partner. Share personal songs with your partner or make them a playlist. These can be songs about your feelings for your partner, about you that resonate with your life story or identity, or anything else you want to include. Please keep in mind that advocates are different from counselors and have a focus on education and safety rather than on treating any emotional, mental, or behavioral issues.

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We're here to help! To browse this site safely, be sure to regularly clear your browser history. He up! Try these exercises to build trust with your partner:. When you have the urge to check in, give your partner space and privacy instead. Give your partner opportunities to be trusted. Blindfold your partner and guide them through an obstacle course. Tell each other why you love each other.

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Recall happy moments you had together. Need more support? Reach out to our advocates! Feeling safe during sex.

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Call 1.

Hope this works into a more on going relationship

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