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In his first elected position inhe served as a delegate to the Tennessee Constitutional Convention in Knoxville. House of Representatives Afterward, he was selected by the Tennessee General Assembly to serve as U. Senator Due to boredom and mounting financial difficulties at home, Jackson cut his senatorial career short.

This post required him to travel throughout the state, including to the state capital in Knoxville. Simultaneously, Jackson maintained a law practice in Nashville and established several commercial business ventures at his plantations in northeastern Davidson County, including general merchandise stores, whiskey distilleries and boat making. He also maintained other connections of a more risky nature, such as that with former Vice President Aaron Burr. In NovemberJackson reed his governorship, citing health Live in wanted 1824 and a desire to retire from public life as his reasons.

Jackson had a thriving plantation in Tennessee with a newly completed brick home to which both he and Rachel yearned to return and live out their lives. But, the American people quickly ended any real or feigned hope Jackson had of spending a quiet life in retirement as a gentleman farmer at The Hermitage.

Senator from Tennessee in As Senator, Jackson cautiously steered clear of controversy and favored working on military affairs. Jackson used his time in Washington to make friends and political allies while also endeavoring to convince Washingtonians that he was not an uncivilized Westerner or a military tyrant.

He did so by demonstrating his refined manners and controlling his temper. In the presidential contest, Jackson did not publicly advocate for his own election, in keeping with the tradition of the day. However, Jackson did make it clear he was determined to cleanse government of corruption and return it to its earlier values.

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Americans went to the polls in the fall of Though Jackson won the popular vote, he did not win enough Electoral College votes to be elected. The decision fell to the House of Representatives, who met on February 9, Disheartened by the antics in Washington, Jackson reed his Senate seat and returned to Tennessee. Immediately, he and his supporters began laying the groundwork for his election in A grassroots party was organized around Jackson known initially as the Democratic-Republicans and later simply as the Democratic Party.

This was timely, as voting qualifications for white men were being eased. ByJackson was ready to win the White House. First, he would suffer through a bruising campaign still recognized today as one of the most malicious in American history.

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Technically, Rachel was a bigamist and Jackson her partner in it. They largely stayed away from other controversial issues.

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They struck back with attacks on corrupt officials in the Adams administration and labeled Adams an elitist who wanted to increase the size and power of government to benefit the aristocracy. In the fall ofthe decision fell to the voters, and they overwhelmingly elected Jackson. His victory was seen as a complete repudiation of Adams and Live in wanted 1824 vision for America.

Furthermore, it revealed that some believed the United States government was run by a small group of aristocrats unresponsive to the demands of the voters. Voters trusted Jackson and saw his military accomplishments as an indication he would bring the same success in restoring honor to the government. It was also the opportunity to lay waste to the barbs and accusations flung during the campaign.

Jackson had reached a high point in his life, but its cost proved tragic. The public controversy over her marriage placed a great deal of strain on Rachel Jackson, emotionally and physically. In a letter written on December 22,Jackson noted that his wife had already fallen gravely ill once in the fall ofalthough her health had begun to recover. In a matter of hours after Jackson wrote those words, Rachel collapsed and died, likely from a heart attack, according to the best assessments of modern-day physicians. Grief stricken, Jackson buried Rachel two days later in the garden at The Hermitage with a large assemblage of mourners on hand.

Andrew Jackson's Hermitage is open Thursday - Monday from 9 a.

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The Kitchen Cabinet Cafe is currently closed. Please visit Natchez Hills Winery for light snacks, local wine and craft beer. Home » Andrew Jackson » President » Candidacy. The road to presidency was long and difficult for Andrew Jackson. Though successful, his campaign came with a price.

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I am very lonesome, A Controversial Election In the presidential contest, Jackson did not publicly advocate for his own election, in keeping with the tradition of the day. Martin in Jackson's Win Overshadowed by a Great Loss The public controversy over her marriage placed a great deal of strain on Rachel Jackson, emotionally and physically. Continue to Presidency.

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