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From high in the sky to deep underground to right at the surface, there are incredible sights to see all around Marana. Astronomy is a big industry in Arizona. Like, really big. A winding road southwest of Marana slowly climbs up the slopes of the Quinlan Mountains. Spread out before you is the expansive Sonoran Desert, studded with its plentiful mountain ranges. Kitt Peak is home to the largest array of optical and radio telescopes in the world.

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All year long, the Kitt Peak National Observatory offers highly engaging tours and educational programming. For those seeking even more, they offer an overnight telescope observing program that gives you the chance to contemplate the heavens all night long.

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The only way to get a better view is to book a seat on the space shuttle. If you manage that, can you save a seat for me, too? This karst cavern has provided shelter for all kinds of visitors over the years, from the ancient Hohokam people to cattle thieves fleeing the sheriffs. In chamber after chamber, stalactites and stalagmites create extraordinary formations that defy logic. Like fingers rising from the floor or hanging from the ceiling, these structures represent the slow accumulation of mineral deposits over millions of years.

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Forget ancient times—this place is prehistoric! Father Eusebio Francisco Kino founded a mission on this site in to preach to the local Native Americans. The structure that stands to this day, however, was built almost a century later by the Franciscan order supported by Spain, who at the time claimed ownership of this area.

Today, murals are preserved on the walls of San Xavier depicting a Creation story which melds together the traditions of both groups into a captivating composite.

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When you first arrive at San Xavier, take a few moments to contemplate this highly unique structure. Only the saguaros climbing up the surrounding mountains beg to differ. From the farthest reaches of the universe to the deepest depths underground, and everything in between, Marana offers its visitors a wealth of day trip options. Discover unending possibilities when you Discover Marana. Marana's summertime beverage and food oases in the desert continue to expand the options for cooling down.

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Explore further in Marana, AZ. Arizona's official state flower, the saguaro cactus flower Carnegiea giganteais one of the most unique state flowers in the United States. Tip: When the temperatures rise, eat early in the day and sip cool drinks by a pool in the afternoon. Here are some favorite spots for enjoying slow or quick spring and summer breakfasts any day of the week. Perched on a beautiful 6, mountaintop, Kitt Peak's collection of astronomical telescopes are used every night to make important…. When was the last time you treated your body to an easy outing? Full Blog ».

Kitt Peak National Observatory Perched on a beautiful 6, mountaintop, Kitt Peak's collection of astronomical telescopes are used every night to make important….

Marana seeking top me

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