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Skip ! Story from Movies. By now, the role Black women play in our society should be undeniable.

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Even the unsung heroes — our mothers, aunts, daughters, teachers, and caretakers, for example — have extraordinary stories of resilience and pride that more people need to hear. Black women's perspectives are so valuable, even when they aren't reflected by pop culture at large.

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Luckily, stories that Black women have been able to bring to life on screen have been just as impactful, tackling everything from friendship and careers to motherhood and social justice. I've taken the liberty of rounding up some of the quintessential films, across genres, centering on Black women and femmes.

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Each of these titles explores the complexity of Black womanhood. How Black women see the world, ourselves, and each other is central to each of these stories.

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Collectively, they offer a creative take on our experiences. These are 22 movies that every Black woman absolutely needs to see. Spoilers are ahead. Major spoilers are ahead.

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As many cities suffer through another 90 degree day, city dwellers are finding a tropical oasis by watching a movie about…subzero temperatures and de.

30 or younger black chic wanted

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"Life Is About Change": Black Women on Aging, Beauty, and the Power in Growing Older