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Pine Ridge Reservation stretches across some of the poorest counties in the United States.

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Driving from nearby Rapid City to the reservation on Pine Ridge, it's easy to see why the tribes want to reclaim some of that unused land -- and why it was parceled as it was. Unlike the barren stretch of land that encompasses the reservation, the Black Hills are green, resource-rich, and thick with the smell of Ponderosa trees.

Stretching across western South Dakota to neighboring Wyoming, they've been a draw for tourists and investors alike.

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In addition to gold, timber and minerals have been extracted, reaping profits for people other than the Sioux. Fast forward to One key problem: The tribes say the payment is invalid because the land was never for sale and accepting the funds would be tantamount to a sales transaction. They wanted the Black Hills.

To this day, sacred sites and religious narratives often center around the Black Hills. Excluded from the debate are landmarks like Mount RushmoreEllsworth Air Force Base and privately owned or residential land. But we would like to have some type of a co-management plan for certain parts of the Black Hills. And further, if distributed on a per capita basis across nine tribes, the money would soon be gone with little permanent benefit to the recipients. Two Bulls agreed.

Leaders must continue to convince younger generations to adopt their long view. Tim Giago, who was born on Pine Ridge Reservation and has spent three decades as a journalist covering the issue, worries about that trend. The issue has been revived in recent years by an offer by President Obama to meet with the tribes if they could come up with a unified proposal to settle the issue in Congress.

The most prominent attempt to do so in recent decades was a failed bill introduced by former New Jersey Sen. Bill Bradleywhich would have returned some of the land. But in the years since, the issue has been largely dormant, and the money in Washington untouched. Toward that end, tribal council leaders have been holding a series of meetings to try to come up with an agreement to take to Washington.

The Hasapa or Black Hills Reparations Alliance was formed to bring the Sioux tribes together to formulate a plan that could be presented to the Obama administration. A series of meetings are underway this summer and fall in an attempt to reach a unified position.

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He hopes that plan will provide a vehicle for a mutually acceptable solution. Two Bulls sees the clock ticking as tribes scattered across the Dakotas and Nebraska try to unify. Watch the State of the Union - Watch the Republican Response to the State of the Union. Diving into the Philippines' dangerous, underwater mines. Peter Yarrow sings "If I had a Hammer". Remembering Pete Seeger, 94, who made music to unite people.

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Shields and Brooks offer State of the Union predictions. How Pussy Riot arrest marked new phase in Russian politics. As Sochi security tightens, conflict continues in Dagestan. Additional Foundation and Corporate Sponsors.

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