Single firefighter looking for a beautiful gf

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Last we saw Captain Bobby Nashhe was being informed—during a nice date night with Athena, no less! So, as Bobby faces a panel that will determine his fate in the department, we get to see how he landed at the and what his first few months there were like. Yes, friends, like Hen and Chimney before him, Bobby Nash is getting the backstory treatment. Give me all the emotion, you know? Okay, I take that back. Paul inon the night of the fire. Oh, and then Bobby has to sit around and watch his wife suffer from her burns and lie to her about their kids, only for her to eventually die, too.

It is gutting and awful and may never bring us back to this night again. Of course, Bobby relives this night every single day. Not long after, his boss at the St. Bobby is in a bad way, people.

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This is how Bobby finally ends up in Alcoholics Anonymous, attempting to gain control of his life. The night Bobby gets his six-month chip, we see his sponsor give him a very familiar tiny black notebook. He just needs his boss to take him off desk duty and put him back in the field.

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He needs this. And so Bobby has an idea: Get him transferred somewhere else. Out of St. Both Hen and Chimney are already there as well as familiar faces from their flashback episodes, Tommy and DeLuca. The man is laying down the law. Immediately, he gets a taste of weirdo Los Angeles rescues like a palm tree trimmer getting stuck in a palm tree, a woman having an allergic reaction at a hair salon and getting her head stuck in seated hair dryer, and, most memorably, the leader of a cockfighting ring getting pecked by one of his roosters.

Fun fact: The rooster rescue is where Bobby and Athena first meet. He hands over Maurice the Rooster. Athena is not pleased. Just shy of one year sober, Bobby goes to a seedy bar and drinks.

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The next day he finds himself at a church remember season 1 when Bobby was always at church with his little notebook? Bobby is punishing himself over and over again. Station is on it. Well, they try to be. Before Bobby can even give out orders on the scene, DeLuca decides to run into the fire by himself. Regardless, Bobby runs into the fire and pulls Victor out, just as DeLuca is hauling the teenage son from the back.

Everyone is safe and sound, but back at the station, Bobby lets DeLuca have it.

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As it turns out, DeLuca was up for the Captain position and he feels like Bobby stole it right out from under him. The guys have words, DeLuca mouths off once again, and so Bobby fires him. He reveals to Hen that he talked to the Chief and had DeLuca suspended and sent to another station. That wins Hen over, and she invites Bobby out for drinks with Chimney and Tommy.

He goes back to the restaurant. He has a hunch. You know who else has a hunch? Athena Grant. He he back to the church for some counsel because he feels like such a hypocrite. How can he, of all people, be turning this man in for doing whatever it takes to save his family when Bobby failed his own? That last thing is crucial because it le to Bobby instituting a house tradition that we know and love: Family dinner! The man is cooking gourmet meals for his team, what an angel person. Eventually, bids farewell to Tommy and hello to Evan Buckley and we return to present day.

So he puts on his dress uniform and faces the panel. Dad has to be fine. Save FB Tweet More. TV Show. Action Drama. S2 E18 Recap season finale recap: The serial bomber targets the Angela Bassett. S2 E17 Recap recap: Station suffers a tragic loss. S2 E15 Recap recap: Did our first responders just rob a bank? S2 E9 Recap recap: Hen smashes the patriarchy. S2 E8 Recap recap: Love hurts S2 E7 Recap recap: That moment when a ghost dials S2 E5 Recap recap: Maddie goes on a ride-along with Athena, learns that people really can be awful.

S2 E4 Recap recap: How many ways can people get stuck in things? S2 E3 Recap recap: Our firefighters must fight to save one of their own. S2 E2 Recap recap: A monster earthquake shakes things up for L. S1 E2 Recap recap: 'Let Go'. S1 E1 Recap series premiere react: 'Pilot'. All rights reserved. Close this dialog window View image.

Single firefighter looking for a beautiful gf

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