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Whenever a person wishes to construct, alter, repair, enlarge, move, renovate, demolish, or permanently place any building, or structure. Call City Building and Codes at or submit a work request online. For properties in the city of Clarksville, you can contact the City of Clarksville building and codes office at As, well as the Regional Planning Commission at Parking a motor vehicle on the grass is not allowed all vehicles must be parked on an approved surface, either concrete, asphalt or gravel.

For properties inside the city limits, you can contact the City of Clarksville building and codes department at Permits are valid for the duration of the project, provided construction begins within six months of obtaining the permit.

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If a project is abandoned for more than six continuous months, the permit is no longer valid. Handrails are required for any platform that is 30 inches or higher and removal constitutes a violation of the code. Handrails are important to people's safety and should not be removed. Yes, but please be aware of setback and requirements. Permits are required for a fence Clarksville 26 hookup 6ft tall. A homeowner may obtain his or her own permits, with the exception of plumbing permit, they must be obtained by a d plumber.

On average, 30 days after receipt of the ed easement provided no additional approval from the committee is necessary. If additional approval is necessary, it may take 6 weeks for the check to be issued. A current Vendor Application PDF must be completed and submitted to the Gas and Water purchasing office to be qualified prior to bid award.

Bids and proposals are advertised in the Leaf Chronicle newspaper under the Public Notice section. Call the Purchasing Department at and an application will be mailed to you. TOC is a computerized information center located in Nashville which establishes a communication link between excavators and those who operate underground facilities operators in Tennessee.

The Tennessee Code requires anyone who engages in, or is responsible for, the planning or performance of any type of excavation to provide at least three working days advance notice and not more than ten working days notice to underground facility owners who may be affected by the excavation.

Call and ask for the Gas Department to complete a gas feasibility study.

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Next, call and ask for New Services for connection fees. You will then need to contact a plumber or contractor for an estimate to make the connection. For Gas, call and ask for the Gas Department. A Certificate of Occupancy is required for all existing buildings in which the occupancy changes. A life safety inspection is required from the Fire Marshall prior to issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy. Please see the deck handout for further questions. There are two methods to make hotline reports to the Clarksville 26 hookup 1 by phone call or 2 online.

For either method, reports are sent directly to the Internal Audit Department for further review. Phone calls to are handled through voice recorded instructions followed by 3 minutes of recording time for callers to report their concerns. Online reports utilize a form with instructions where you can include information related to your report. When using either reporting method, be sure to include as much detail as possible and check the "What information should I include? No matter which method of reporting you choose, please include as much detail as possible by answering the following questions:.

The Internal Audit department will gather sufficient information to determine the appropriate action needed. Depending on the nature of the issue, the report may be referred to another City department. Each report is unique and is investigated to the fullest extent possible with the information provided. Matters communicated to Clarksville 26 hookup Internal Audit Department are typically kept confidential to the extent possible. There may be some situations where you will receive a follow up communication from the Internal Audit Department or another department, if it is appropriate for the type of allegation.

For the majority of reports, you will not hear back from us; however, you can be assured that we will investigate each report to the fullest extent possible. You are not required to provide your contact information. However, providing your contact information will help facilitate a thorough investigation of the allegation since we can contact you for more detailed information, if needed.

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The information you provide is considered confidential under TCA a. Your confidentiality is not guaranteed, however, Clarksville 26 hookup the City has a separate legal obligation to cooperate in a subsequent legal proceeding related to your allegation. Again, if you do not wish to identify yourself, you are not required to provide contact information. Providing your information, however, may help facilitate the investigation.

Tennessee State law prohibits any retaliation against whistle-blowers. If an employee or citizen feels that they are the subject of retaliation for reporting wrongdoing, they should contact the City Human Resources Department or the Internal Audit Department. You should report any activity by a City official or City employee that you consider to be illegal, improper, wasteful, or fraudulent.

For clarity, see the definitions of fraud, waste, and abuse below:. Return to the Fraud and Audit Web. Water distribution systems are deed with the intention of the water flowing in a certain direction-from the distribution system to the consumer. Therefore, it is possible and common for the water to flow in the opposite direction in unprotected systems. This is called backflow. Backflow is dangerous because it can allow chemicals, bacteria or pollutants to flow into drinking water in your plumbing system and the drinking water can become contaminated and unusable or even possibly deadly.

Thermal expansion is a dangerous increase in water pressure due to heated water having nowhere to go in a closed system. All backflow prevention devices and many water meters are manufactured with check valves in them to prevent water from flowing in reverse and into our water system. The valves are a safety feature that protects the Clarksville 26 hookup water supply from contamination; however, they create a closed water system. The closed system is not a problem until water Clarksville 26 hookup heated with little or no space for expansion.

The result is a dangerous increase in water pressure that can damage water heaters, plumbing systems and fixtures. Thermal expansion may lead to more serious problems and may also contribute to water heater ruptures and in rare cases explosions. There are s to look for to identify potential problems before more serious ones occur. Please learn the s of thermal expansion from the list. Some s of thermal expansion:.

Instead, contact a plumbing professional if you suspect a problem. The plumber can schedule an inspection and install proper thermal expansion control methods. Contact Angel Goike with the Cross Connection office at for more information. Any physical or potential connection whereby the public water supply is connected with any other water system, whether private or public, either inside or outside any building or buildings, in such a manner that flow of water into the public water supply is possible through the manipulation of valves or because of ineffective check of back pressure valves, or because of any other arrangement.

This means any pipe, valve, fixture, etc. Some of the most harmful threats resulting in a backflow come from swimming pools, lawn irrigation systems and garden hoses. Through these devices a vacuum can be created and water can accidentally flow backwards or backflow carrying any chemical, cleaner or other contaminant directly back into our drinking water supply. Even a simple garden hose submerged into a pool, a bucket of water or other container filled with liquid can create a vacuum. However, there are a few simple preventative steps to follow around your home to avoid backflows.

Backflow preventers are mechanical plumbing devices installed in a plumbing system to prevent water from flowing backward in the system. A properly installed, tested and maintained backflow preventer can reliably prevent the backflow of water of an unknown quality from flowing back into the public water system. The installation and maintenance of backflow prevention devices shall be at the expense of the owner or occupant of the premises. Leave immediately, leaving the door open for ventilation. Go to a neighbor's and telephone the gas company at during the hours of 8 a.

If the odor is very strong, call Do not turn electrical switches on or off or use a flashlight or phone because an electric spark could ignite the gas, causing an explosion. When a hydrant is opened, there will always be temporary incidences of discolored water containing fine sediment particles.

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There is no health hazard associated with this discolored water. It is safe to drink and continues to meet all federal and state drinking water standards. Allow a few minutes but up to 4 hours for discoloration to dissipate. If the discoloration persists for more than 24 hours, please contact our Water Treatment Plant at No, Fire Departments are required to flush hydrants when they are testing them to ensure adequate flow and pressure is available. The Water Department flushes throughout the year so that the water does not stagnate in less active parts of the water distribution system.

Clarksville Fire and Rescue flushes all hydrants within city limits during the spring beginning in April. Again, the largest complaint during and just after hydrant flushing is discolored water. Check to see if any of your drains have a dry trap.

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If the drain is not frequently used it could be dry due to evaporation. You may also have a loose fitting, break or hole in the vent pipe, items easily fixed with the aid of a plumber. If you detect sewer odors outside of the home please call the Wastewater Division at and they will investigate the odor complaint. Contact the Wastewater Department at to schedule a dye test.

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Dye tests are provided free of charge. Residents are not required to be at home during smoke testing; however, pouring a few cups of water in all household drains will help prevent smoke from entering the home through drains. Smoke should not enter the home unless defective plumbing is present or drains are dry.

The smoke is non-toxic, leaves no residue and creates no fire hazard, but there is a possibility of it triggering smoke alarms. To help prevent smoke from entering your home, please pour a few cups of water into all household drains, especially seldom used drains.

Clarksville 26 hookup

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