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Adam Schiff — went through the tired motions of trying to blame it all on, who else, the Russians. But seriously, how many times can these hacks cry wolf, even to Wolf Blitzer? Which is why last year they commissioned one of their Democrat stenographers with a press pass to try to inoculate the campaign. Without evidence? Actually, in the context of the modern-day Ministry of Truth that the alt-left media has become, the Hunter Biden Agonistes are somewhat amusing.

Consider that he shares a first name with Hunter S. Thompson, the so-called gonzo journalist who was, like Hunter Biden, an alcoholic and a drug addict. In one of his more famous books, Thompson recounts driving a rented car through the Nevada desert while on drugs.

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Forty years later, Hunter Biden was in a rented car in which he would later leave a crack pipe out on the same desert at night, stoned out of his own mind. Hunter seems to have spent time in half the high-end rehab centers in the U. Ibogaine — another link to Hunter S. Of course he has. Newsletters Subscribe E-Edition Logout. Opinion Opinion Columnists. Fear and loathing in the Biden Crime Family. By Howie Carr howard. More in Opinion Columnists.

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