Bi curious girl wanting to explore

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Skip ! Story from Wellness. Erika W. The problem? The suggestion is often that they're too young and have to 'explore' first. It feels like a product of bi-phobia because we don't expect heterosexual people to be sexually experienced before we believe they're hetero. In fact, they can save themselves for marriage and still be straight. The fact that there is specifically a pre-stage to bisexuality but not really other identities feels very bi-phobic.

Instead, Alexa says, people who are interested in exploring attraction to more than one gender can feel free to use another term: bisexual. They might also find a different label, such as pansexual or queer, fits them better.

Not sure about the difference? It's unreasonable to expect them to know what bisexual or bi-curious mean outside of what they've seen in movies or on TV. I'm sure nobody declares themselves 'bi-curious' with the intent to harm. Instead, she encourages everyone to push for better representation of bisexuality, and fight bi-phobia in all forms.

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Maybe eventually, [the word] bi-curious won't be popular anymore. But it's a symptom of a much larger problem, not the problem itself.

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Bi curious girl wanting to explore

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