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A budding municipality in the metropolitan area of Sao Paulo, it is divided into two districts just like Santo Andre. The main district, which is also called the city of Sao Bernardo do Campo is a well-developed urban area with an economy which is based on the metallurgical industrial sectors and is also considered to be the birthplace of the Labour movement that reformed the most of Latin America.

The other district is called the Riacho Grande district and is the area of predominance by the Billings Water reservoir and a huge rainforest that covers the area is a delight for the dwellers. Also the starting point of the Caminhos do mar walking tourhis place is beautiful due to the lush green rain forests and has been the major site of tourist attraction for many years.

The rainforest extends till right up to the coast and offer breathtaking views which also contain historical constructions in the Brazilian Area. This city has a well-developed system of local transport which makes you independent as far as the transport is concerned. You have many places to shop from.

The food served is multi cuisine but the local food that is the standard meal of the local is well worth a try. You can also find a of restaurants in the area, each ranging from various price lists making it easy for you to eat at a place of your budget. There are many activities that you can enjoy while you are touring Sao Bernardo do Campo.

Brazil itself is very adventurous and each of the cities is known for some thing or the other which stands apart and is special. Fishing is an engaging activity and you can spend hours together fishing in Sao Campo, relishing the breeze and the faint sun.

Try the Colango bar and the Drink 7 after a day well spent while fishing, if you are tired and would like to relish a drink. The people here are very fond of nautical Sports also which are very popular because of the Billings Water reservoir. Try your hand at them too. Apart from being interesting, Saturday morning fun top looking for Sao bernardo do campo also happen to be high intensity activities that make your pulse pace with them. And if you are fond of yourself and would to splurge on your stay then you should be headed straight to the Liau Hotels Park Plaza and feel as pampered as a Royal on a vacation.

With a mix of high and low, rich and simple, this city is a mixture of tall the things in life and a visit to Sao Campo is well deserved. The average temperatures range from 24 Deg Celsius to a minimum of 14 Deg Celsius and normally it is stormy in summers. Peak of the summers is from January till March where the temperatures can go up as high as 35 Deg Celsius. Winters are between June and October and the coldest days can be as cold as 6 Deg Celsius also.

The best time to visit. The pleasant weather allows you to fully enjoy all the outdoor excursions and tours. An 8 kilometers of pure walking area makes this place a memorable tourist spot. Starting from Riacho Grande and extending right up to the city of Cubato at the coast, this walking tour is one of the biggest attractions in this area.

A deactivated motorway is where you take the walking tour and passing through Parquet Estadual Serra do Mar, you can witness the largest patch of a preserved rainforest of the Atlantic type of foliage. If you want to experience the humongous mountains and check out the grandeur of the towering structures of Mother Nature then this is where you should be. The entire mountain range of Baixada Santista can be explored on the walking tour of.

A total of eight monuments had been constructed in the flourishing architectural Brazilian era and in the historical monuments represented the independence of Brazil. A road that was constructed around the same time is also still walkable and exists as a memoir of the old times.

You can walk down through the same route once you reach Cubato and once you get back by the same route, you should be prepared for a lot of uphill walking. Walking on this old route not only makes you feel closer to yourself but also makes you marvel and the wonder of natural constructions and erosions. Beautiful sights line the entire way and you are able to seek much more than just a walk. The walk also offers many picturesque spots which work as great clicks and you can have a lifelong portrait of yourself clicked here. The sun, the mist, the light; everything contributes to the best picture.

Named after a famous Brazilian Actress, the daughter of an Italian Immigrant, Cacilda Becker, was raised by her mother only.

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Her parents parted ways when she was just nine years old. This is why her childhood was spent in Santos and she spent most of her time attending Bohemians and Avant grade circles and could not associate with the high class society. Starting as an amateur in theatre and theater groups she emerged as a professional actress in In a career spanning 30 years, Cacilda performed in over 68 plays and inaugurated the Teatro Municipal de Sao Carlos with a play in It was during this play that she suffered a stroke and was rushed to a hospital in the attire of the theater character and she died.

Considered to be holy by the theater lovers, this theater is still functional and stages many plays though out the year. Though it is very old now, it has still not lost its charm. A rumor mill suggests that the spirit of Cacilda Becker still resides in this area. This is why people go to see this theater, which is supposedly haunted by in a good way. There have been no cases of anyone being scared ever, but all those who have felt it, feel a good presence somewhere nearby.

During festivals, events and reforms, this place comes alive with various activities and schedules that make it one of the most happening places in Latin America. Both of these theatres have an old feel to them but just like the Cacilda Becker theatre they also have fully functional schedules. A nice spot to spend your day in while you are in Sap Campo! You would be able to find people no matter what time of the day you happen to visit the park. In the morning you can find scores and groups of joggers everywhere and the day is spent by lazing around in the park and reading good books under the shade of the trees.

Also, the evening would see in some of the aerobics fans coming in for their daily dose of exercise. The children can play safely and you would not have to fear them getting hurt. There is also an elaborate open gym for those who like being fit and you can do all sorts of work out in the open park making it even healthier and beneficial. A big Aquarium has also been placed in the. You can even pitch in to feed them at their feeding time. The entire history of Brazil has been very spiritual and historical and some places in Brazil are also the seats of High Diocese of the believers.

Entirely spiritual and serene, visiting this place would offer you the sancitity feelings. The statue is magnificent and is embedded among many trees surrounding it, all enhancing to the effect of the Statue.

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Then there is also the forest that you can enjoy and also the waterfall which is fresh and vibrant. The images and statues kept here almost carry some sort of magical energy and help you reinvigorate yourself from within. You would instantly fall in love with the landscape if the nature appeals to you. There are good restaurants in the area and they offer different varieties of food. You would wish to go down the stretch of the Sea Mountains, just walking down through them, but it is prohibited.

You can visit the same mountains from a different route instead. A blessed place, everything about his place is almost perfect and the connect with God, that it has makes it even better. A must visit for those who want to introspect with nature surrounding them. There is nothing better than shopping for a while. Almost therapeutic, this place offers you many options to shop from. Apart from shopping for your personal belongings you can also choose a good gift for a loved one. There is enough choice in apparel, cosmetics, handicrafts, and many other things. You can enter the Sao Bernardo Plaza.

The shops are lined with almost anything that you could buy. The best part is that these places are not that expensive. If you wish to have a more localized experience then you need to be going to the Golden Square shopping and pick and choose whatever you feel like. There are so many colors and des of everything in the market, almost as if, it makes you seek more colors into your life.

With narrower lanes and loaded shops, shopping at Sao Bernardo is a wonder full experience. Carefully make your choice and weigh the worth before you finally give in to pay the price being asked for. Apart from giving you hundreds of choices to choose from, shopping. This is one of the best places where you can take your children. An amusement park of a different kind, the. In fact, this one place is actually for children only.

The best part about this park is that you do not have to pay to get in and you just need to pay for whatever rides are being used. Good infrastructure and enough space make this amusement park one of the best in the area. While the parents may not able to do much, it is just perfect for children. Different rides have been placed for the entertainment of the children and they just keep hopping from one to another.

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A theme park which was basically made for children, this park is where children love to be. Considering there are not many parks like this in the ading areas, people from the nearby places come in to enjoy the rides at this place making it crowded over the weekends. There are some good restaurants and shops here. You can taste good food and also beat the heat with some very good chilling drinks.

A must visit for the adventure park lovers, this place will get your children tired before they sleep peacefully after. Very well maintained and acclimatized to make you comfortable, this park has the best amenities that it can offer you. Take a long walk in the park to see how well it has been planned structurally and also enjoy your day of a sunny shined evening. The types of trees and plants that have been planted are typical to the area and make your experience wonderful.

The flowers bloom in very unique colors and the planning of the park makes them look like lanes and by lanes of plants and flowers. Take your children for a good fun day out. Well, it is different. Apart from the different types of caging that has been used, the zoo also needs to be explored well. For the convenience of the tourists many zoo guides take you around and help you explore the area in detail. A brief history about each of the animals is presented here and you would be amazed to see the different locations that the animals have been brought in from.

The animals have been well bred and are cared for deeply, making them happy and active all through. Due to this the animals do not just keep sitting but interact with the tourists. You will surely enjoy the collection of the animals that have been collected here. Right from small birds and insects till the large animals, your children will be able to see each one of them.

Also, to entertain the visitors, camel rides and elephant rides are common in the area. The feel of sitting on these tall and huge animals is mind blowing, especially if you have never sat on them before. Enjoy your rides and stay happy with the animals while you experiment with the different animal shows that are exhibited to keep you occupied throughout the visit.

A must visit for the children and the adults alike. There are many more theatres and parks that you can explore while you visit this city. Located at an advantageous site from the major cities, this place is common for the tourists and the locals of the Brazil.

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Visit this place for a whole big range of Activities. You can indulge in good outdoor activities and indoor fun also. The Labour Museum will acquaint you with the history of the laborers and the various labour laws that have since been introduced to boost the economy.

Saturday morning fun top looking for Sao bernardo do campo

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