Need someone i can click with

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Definition: To immediately like someone; to get along very well and very quickly with someone.

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Occasionally, people use click with something. This means that they like a new idea immediately or that they understand it very well and support it. The word click comes from the Dutch klikken. It has existed in English since the s. The figurative meaning, to function well togetheroriginated in the early s. Some sources speculate that it comes from the click of a key in a lock: a perfect fit. Mother: I strongly disagree. He just has poor social skills. Daughter: I just click with him so well! He really understands me, and I understand him.

Mother: Well, you seem like two very different people, in my opinion. In this example, two coworkers talk about a new person working in their office.

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Dave: Hey, have you met the new guy? Ben: Hank?

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I only met him briefly. He seemed nice enough.

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Maybe we should invite him to come to lunch with us. Ben: Okay. We can wait and see if we like him more before inviting him. This example is about a competitive cheerleader and her new coach. The cheerleader gets along very well with the coach. The phrase click with someone means to function well with someone and that it is easy to be friendly with that person.

Need someone i can click with

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What Does Click With Someone Mean?