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Added: Aaliyah Weston - Date: Michele Raynera St. I have struggled to understand why this is necessary. I have struggled to contemplate with everything going on in our state — people have job loss, people are dying of COVID — that this is the bill. And I have struggled when we know the devastating impact this will have on children, why this bill even got to the floor. She pointed to Connecticut where two Single lady seeking nsa Grandville athletes set state records in 15 events in which the prior records were held by eight individuals.

The legislation has been among the most controversial of the Session, generating hours of debate over amendments. House Republicans voted down 18 amendments offered by Democrats on the floor on Tuesday. Those included changes that would have carved out elementary and middle school children from the bill, prohibited genital inspections or codified the current Florida High School Athletic Association guidelines into law.

Anna Eskamanian Orlando Democrat, gave an impassioned statement on the floor deriding assertions the bill in any way protected woman. She went to college on a tennis scholarship, and she said the legislation was necessary to make sure women have equal chances for sports opportunities.

He argued this was primarily a safety concern. Rayner, though, suggested this will do the opposite. Carlos Guillermo Smithan Orlando Democrat and a gay man, said that argument was laughable. He compared it to when supporters of a constitutional amendment prohibiting same-sex marriage argued in that a gay man could still participate in the institution of marriage by marrying a woman. The U. Supreme Court since ruled that unconstitutional and the argument is widely viewed as laughable now, he Wives looking real sex FL Sarasota The Florida High School Athletic Association since has had guidelines in place that allow transgender students to request to play on the team aligned with their gender identity.

To do so requires affirmation of gender identity and testimony that athletes live their entire lives as a gender different than that ased at birth. Since then, only 11 students in Florida have asked to be allowed to compete in sports differing from the gender ased to them at birth. Notably, the Senate bill also has substantive differences, most notably allowing some transgender girls to play after a full transition if their testosterone tests at levels normally found in girls or women.

House passage drew commentary from political figures in Florida and beyond. I proudly stand with our transgender community and remain committed to inclusivity, equality, and liberty, values which this legislation infringes on.

Additional reporting from News Service of Florida was used in this report. His work has appeared nationally in The Advocate, Wired and other publications. He can be reached at [ protected].

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There is nothing in the Bible about transgenders. Nothing at all. God, what has this ridiculous world come to, thank God at least Florida shot this ridiculousness down! No, you see, a woman who lives as a woman is a woman. Yay for competing teams being able to single out kids and accuse the star athlete of being trans just so their team gets an advantage by taking people off the opposing team? Yay for the extreme potential for this bill to be abused to target vulnerable kids and force some stranger to inspect their genitals?

These are not men. Really educate yourself and stop acting like heterosexual are the only people who can have rights. So your solution is to force children to let strange adults look Single lady seeking nsa Grandville their genitals? Sexually traumatizing children is your way of preventing the scourge of trans athletes all 11 of them?

There is 0. In the process, they demonize and further stigmatize people suffering from conditions that are out of their control remember, follow the science! The evangelical fear mongering is leading this state. I went full reluctant repug because of this topic and will continue to vote R until the dimocrats stop squashing women and girls SEX based rights and spaces.

Florida voter. Strong point, though. This bill is absolutely vile and horrifying, especially for forcing athletes many of which will be KIDS to be subject to genital inspections. The ways this will be abused if it does ultimately get made into law are numerous and horrifying.

This will hurt not only trans people, but cis women and girls, which this bill is supposedly protecting, by also forcing them to undergo unwanted and invasive genital inspections. Like, of course republicans would think that making cis women and girls subject to sexual assault is somehow protecting them from the supposed real predators. This is misogyny in fleek.

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Why is the focus on womens sports? What about integrating mens sports with women so if a transgender girl qualifies to compete with the boys they can instead of forcing them to compete with CIS girls. The majority of CIS girls are at a genetic disadvantage competing with a birth male.

Libs want to keep bullying their way into womens sports but act like the mens sports is sacred. The only fair way to intergrate trans people into sports while allowing them to hide their birth gender is to have equal males and females in all sports. So that people are placed on teams based on their skill level. This is state sanctioned sexual assault and grown men and women just allowed this to happen.

Impossibly disappointed and incredibly angry with our state officials. You are absolutely right. Florida is a state I will never give my vacation dollars to again. The only reason they are doing this is because they are hateful bigots and I hope they get Single lady seeking nsa Grandville karma they deserve. Fixed it for you. Florida Politics is a statewide, new media platform covering campaigns, elections, government, policy, and lobbying in Florida.

This platform and all of its content are owned by Extensive Enterprises Media. Petersburg, Florida Related Articles. Residents evacuated from North Miami Beach condo can retrieve essential items. Supporters say the measure protects the integrity of women's sports. Post Views: 9, Charles April 14, at pm.

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Single lady seeking nsa Grandville

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