I need advice from a mans persective

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We all knew guys in college that acted older than they were and we all have friends who are well into their 30s or even 40s who still live the college lifestyle. Despite those caveats, love blossoms at any time for men who are ready for relationships. Communicate well and often. So when it comes to speaking with men, the best solution is the direct, non-confrontational approach. Over the long haul, this kind of communication helps both people in a relationship learn about one another.

Going into a relationship, people already have bad habits.

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Instead, encourage him to grow and grow with him. Relationships are like a garden that needs thoughtfulness, time, love and the right kind of fertilizer.

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Instead, cultivate the relationship over time. Be mindful of his space. Fun fact about men—they can feel smothered sometimes. But a relationship is made up of two individual people with their own interests and different lives.

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Respect him and yourself as individuals, give him space and take space for yourself. Respect his hobbies.

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The idea of a long-term, serious relationship is great. Trying to have the conversation about where you are in your relationship on one date or over the course of one week, is usually too much to take in all at once.

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Realize that the relationship is about both of you. Everyone loves feeling validated in a relationship, and doing favors for your ificant other is important to a man. But he should do things for you because he genuinely cares about you and wants to make you happy, not because he feels pushed, pressured, or coerced into doing what you want. Do him some favors!

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Maybe a little. Is it healthy to let him know the relationship and feelings you have are building toward something bigger? More from The Date Mix. Subscribe to our newsletter Please enter a valid address. Address.

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I need advice from a mans persective

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