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Lawmakers and Washington lawyers were puzzled by what prompted federal authorities to investigate. The president made the decision after receiving a report and recommendation from the State Department.

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Reports emerge that the alleged misconduct was sexual in nature, and dated to when Hastert was a high school wrestling coach in Yorkville, Ill. Wheaton College had named a center on economics and public policy for its famous alum. His criticisms lead to the creation of the House Judiciary Committee. Here are the ways that the measures compare and differ.

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In a campaign video, he extensively uses footage from his lengthy speech on the Senate floor. Memorial tributes pour in for Beau Biden, the vice president's son.

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He also wants to add more debates to the Democratic calendar. Key provisions have expired — at least for a few days.

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He will cut short his diplomatic trip and return to America on Monday. The former attorney general of Delaware died Saturday after battling brain cancer. His launch has been hurt by unrest in Baltimore and Bernie Sanders' unexpected momentum. Aaron Mair, the first black president of the Sierra Club, aims to make the group more inclusive.

In Yorkville, Ill. Christopher Grant is allegedly under investigation for fundraising activities. Conservative Republicans are balking at handing more executive authority to Obama. The payments by Schock cover mileage reimbursements he received from

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