Woman looking sex Eggleston Virginia

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I'm a realist, good-hearted, confident, down-to-earth, easy going, fun loving, straight-edge guy with old fashion values. Did you know that most women who can push themselves through the first 20 - 30 seconds of hyper sensitivity to their clit can unlock a nearly perpetual orgasm that will dwarf the intensity of Luundale orgasm you've ever had?

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Women of all legal ages, races, and body types are welcome. I can be really independent, opinionated, and hard headed at times. I'm looking for a companion to compliment me not change me NO smokers, drama queens, if you curse like a sailor, and no mind games. I'm looking for someone that knows how to act and dress like a lady. I have a great sense of humor, although its mostly sarcastic or dry humor. I will help you explore the hows and how nots of your sexual goal, and coach you through any fears or mental hang-ups that prevent you from reaching the pleasure peaks you want and deserve!

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Have you secretly wanted to try but been to scared, or with the wrong person, or had no one to ask for help? If your a red head that's a bonus! I'm not perfect by any means and don't expect you to be either. This is not a sideways attempt to get into your pants. Relationships are work but I would prefer a conversation vs.

Did you know that in an informal poll done by AVN the vast majority of "squirters" said that there orgasms were three times as intense since learning how to ejaculate? I'm movie buff, but prefer classic films. During these sessions I will NOT be having sex with you. As for friends I do keep to my "inner circle" as quality is more important that quantity to me.

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In this chapter I'm hoping to complement my life with someone who seeks a serious Lunale, good, strong relationship. I looking to add a new chapter to my life I am very protective of those I love. What if at that moment when all touch becomes to sensitive, the sensations were actually increased instead of Womej. Did you know that women who have experimented with "forced orgasms" have reported orgasms lasting as long as an hour?

Put what feature is most atractive to you in the subject line. I'm attracted to "all american" girl types that are white, and around my age that are more conservative. Have you ever wondered what would happen if the sensations to your clit didn't stop after your orgasm? Especially the female orgasm. I'm the nerdy kid who was so worried about having a "typical" bumbling first time sexual experience, that I read everything I could get my hands on and studied more about sexual technique, anatomy, physiology, and neurology as a teenage virgin then most men are exposed to in their entire lives.

Did you know that a study done by the American Board of Health in discovered that most women can experience and enjoy female ejaculation if they Wesf taught how? I mostly listen to oldies, country and symphonic rock.

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Not professionally, but just because it's so amazingly fun! If you've ever wondered, been curious, or wanted to try either forced orgasms or female ejaculation, I am offering "coaching" sessions. I'm 35 now, but I've never quit studying. Contact About Forced Orgasms? Click to send message. More info.

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Woman looking sex Eggleston Virginia

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