Vegetarian dating southern california

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Internet Explorer is no longer supported. Please upgrade to any modern browser such as Chrome, Edge, or Firefox. Learn more here. Find members near you? I'm a whisperer by day who delights in intellectual pursuits, humor and great friendships after a hard day's work of saving money's life. My passions are nature, science, technology, puzzles and word-play. My friends describe me as kind, perceptive, respectful and genuine.

I lived and was raised in the rural area of Muscatine, IA from along the Mississippi River where most of the food we ate was organic before it actually became labeled organic as it is now and drank free, unfiltered spring-fed water before bottled water got popular while growing up…FYI, I was one of the last of the fortunate school kids to have attended real, authentic one-room country schoolhouses with a real outhouse! I've written and published a memoir about my vegan journey. What a profound awakening, right?

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I am emotionally intelligent, compassionate, curious and fun loving. Oh how I love to laugh. I've taught yoga and meditation. And I love all things creative - from playing guitar to stenciling, writing, cooking and crafts. Meaningful connection is important to me, as is a deep desire to end injustice.

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Activism is the rent we pay for living on this glorious planet. I love and crave being out in nature, love hiking, walking the beach or mountain, and interesting and stimulating conversations. And a good movie can make me cry as will any Hallmark or Folgers commercial. My hobbies include cooking, movies, music, health, travel.

Lately I have been exploring WebMD for health-related topics, recipes, quiz etc. I have been a vegetarian for several years. I love outdoor activities especially during the summer such as hiking and swimming. Traveling is also one of my interests. I also enjoy seeing movies, reading books, going to concerts and going to museums.

With a bachelor's degree in biological sciences, I worked at first as a lab technician in an environmental lab. Eventually, I received my nursing degree and now work at a local teaching hospital. I am very family oriented. I try to respect and get along with my parents. Little about me: Easy going, mellow, no stress kinda guy. I love nature and outdoors, especially anything beachy. I've been in software development for 22 years and absolutely love it. I'm usually biking or hiking on the weekends.

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I work really hard to try maintain a healthy lifestyle. No drugs, rarely drink, don't smoke. Cooking is definitely one of my passions. Love experimenting with foods from other countries. The spicier, the better! Pretty decent guitar player, comes in handy around campfires : Total animal lover. I volunteer at the local animal shelter as often as I can. I have 2 rescue cats that are the most spoiled cats on the planet as it should be!

Why am I here? Well, it's really hard meeting vegetarians Yes, even in California! I hate the 'Bar Scene' and the chances of meeting that perfect someone while grocery shopping is pretty unlikely. Just looking for someone with some common interests that might turn into something more. So say hi if you think we'd click! I'm really big Into self improvement, health, self learning, really big on self respect also really big on self healing, into higher consciousness, self aware, love animals.

I do not watch tv or watch anything that programs my subconscious with garbage. I eat one meal a day for one hour and fast 23 hours a day, everyday and love it.

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My main interests are running and yoga. I love running marathons well any distances really i'm also training to become a yoga teacher. I would love to meet someone with similar interests who is compassionate passionate and empathetic. I pretend we're ten years in the future, and I try to live and eat like that was true.

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I am a long term vegetarian, and I have been very healthy and lucky my whole life. I have a Master's degree from the U of A, but I feel like I am really self-educated, and I am well read on many subjects. I love modern everything - architecture, cars, clothes, furniture, Macintosh computers. Never married, I have no children or pets. I have no "baggage". But I do love women, children, and other people's animals. I would like to meet a like-minded girlfriend, who can share some my passions.

I never watch sports on TV, and I go to live sporting events only rarely, just to enjoy the spectacle. After the game, I might not know who won. If I never golf, that would be too soon. I would much rather go to a concert, museum, event, or just a walk in the desert.

I live in a high-rise in downtown Tempe. I drive an electric Chevy Volt. I can WALK to restaurants, Vegetarian dating southern california, bookstores, banks, and take the light rail to the airport. I don't like: motorcycles, weird piercings, tattoos, religion, guns. I'm looking for a needle in a haystack. That's why you're meeting me on the Internet, not standing in a bar, or sitting in church.

If you're out there, I'm sure you will know what you have to do. I enjoy hiking, music, movies, and playing guitar. I enjoy gardening, swing dancing, easy hikes, vegan Indian and most other types of cooking, occasional trips to Mexico, and exploring new places and their vegan offerings. I have a big heart and I am passionate about living a natural life, local cultures and a lot more. I am a faithful and dependable guy. Flowers and poems are a nice touch but at the end of the day, the only things I really have to give the woman in my life are my masculine presence, my undivided attention and loyalty, my protection, my emotional connection, and my love.

With only these simple gifts, I will fill your cup to overflowing. I have achieved financial independence and am now looking to enjoy the finer things in life.

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I have a 35 ft yacht and am spending this summer sailing around the Great Lakes. After that, I will relocate to be with the love of my life. I haven't met her yet but if you're veggie or vegan, high-functioning, and have a clue about life, I will respond to your note of interest. Our future together will include lots of soul-baring intimacy, laughter, gardening, travel, and possibly rescue dogs or foster children.

I'm certified as a yoga instructor, F. I stay fit with lots of activities from swimming and kayaking to kettlebell and chopping wood so don't let my age scare you off Thanks to good genes and clean living, my plumbing is in good order and my flag raises every morning. Have I piqued your interest? See if you meet my requirements below. I am a deeply feeling, compassionate, responsible person, concerned about others, human and animal.

I'm a fun loving person and love all animals and being in nature! I've been an activist since a young age.

Vegetarian dating southern california

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