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THE texture was good, it looked tasty, there was a nice hint of spice She'd even invited one of her friends over to try LIKE TO BE EATEN? meaty dish, and served it up at a candlelit table with a side salad and a gourmet-style bloody drizzle. They both agreed: too much soy sauce, but otherwise delicious. Instead, she made the meal from her own blood - which she had painstakingly drained into a medical bag that day - after becoming fascinated with the idea of trying a human sausage.

Although she's rare in acting publicly on her unusual tastes, Gwen is far from the only one to be fascinated by cannibalism. Dating-style fetish sites match up those desperate for human flesh with those who want nothing more than to be eaten alive themselves. I prefer girls. Another says: "I'm a thirty-something man looking for a female so we can sample each other's flesh. Cut together, cook together, and eat together. Non-lethal cuts so we can enjoy eating one another. Would-be victims refer to themselves as "longpigs" - a term meaning human flesh which was used by man-eating Pacific islanders who thought people tasted like pork.

Experts say that cannibalism is largely to do with power - breaking the 'ultimate taboo' leaves man-eaters feeling euphoric. Therapist Karen Hylen has even suggested that cannibalism can become addictive for a small of people with psychopathic tendencies, comparing the act of eating someone to a cocaine high.

On Reddit, a growing of posters chat openly about their fascination with cannibalism, although comments seem to often be driven more by a LIKE TO BE EATEN? curiosity than anything else. He told Sun Online: " We think cannibalism is revolting because that's what our culture dictates. In June last year, a year-old man took to Reddit to share the story verified by Vice of a dinner party where his friends tucked into a meal made from his amputated foot.

After a motorbike accident inhe had the smashed limb cut off - and doctors let him keep it. Then, three weeks later, he threw a brunch for ten willing friends where the main course was tacos made from the flesh which had been amputated. The anonymous man posted photos of the dish, and explained how he kept his mangled foot in the freezer until it was time to cook it. Then he cut out a chunk of flesh, marinated it overnight and sauteed it with onions, peppers and lime juice. Posting on Reddit, he says: "I taste like buffalo. But chewier.

Super beefy and a little fat.

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We weren't looking to go all Hannibal and get gourmet - just to make it so no one gagged. And we always said of course. Well the opportunity came up and I called them on it. There could be liability for unlawfully preventing a burial or outraging public decency if a desecrated body was publicly exposed or eaten in public. So although eating human flesh isn't strictly illegal, "consenting" cannibal arrangements can stray into dark territory.

Samantha says: "The law sets limits on what you can lawfully consent to. So, for example, you couldn't consent to someone chopping off your finger to consume it. In Gwen's case, it all started because she had been thinking about how her friends would react if she really made a dish from her own bodily fluid - so last month she got online and ordered a set of needles and a blood bag.

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A couple of days and a few YouTube tutorials later, she punctured the skin on the inside of her elbow and started filling a bag with half a litre of her blood. Listening to the sounds of blood splashing into the bag, Gwen wondered: "What would my mom think if she saw me sitting in my living room like this?

Once she had extracted half a litre of her own blood from her now weak and purple-looking arm, she removed the needle - accidentally squirting a few droplets onto the carpet. Then, with the help of a close, not-too-squeamish friend, Gwen mixed lentils, tomato puree, soy sauce, and herbs into a filling and sloshed in almost the entire bag of blood. Amazingly, many of Gwen's friends were eager to try her creation, which she served up, MasterChef style, on white plates with a bloody jus. Unfortunately I went a bit heavy on the soy sauce, LIKE TO BE EATEN? the sausage is a bit salty.

Not bad, though. An alarming of online posts feature requests for victims willing to be eaten alive to satisfy cannibalistic sexual desires. The forum which hosts hundreds of these posts is the evolution of Cannibal Cafe, a now-defunct website for cannibals seeking the same.

Supposedly, the message board is for fetishists who want to role play as man-eaters, but we know from a high-profile case on Cannibal Cafe that some users were deadly serious about eating someone they met online. German IT technician Armin Meiwes was among the unknown of legitimate cannibals lurking on the site. In the most notorious case of cannibalism this century, he posted: "looking for a well-built 18 to year-old to be slaughtered and then consumed. A few days later, the pair met in Meiwes' home in the small town of Rotenburg and filmed a video where Meiwes cut off and ate Brandes penis, with his consent.

He ate the remains over the following ten months, hiding body parts in his freezer and eating up to 44 pounds of human flesh - all for the supposed sexual pleasure of it.

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The cannibal wasn't arrested untilwhen another ad he posted online was brought to the attention of the authorities. Even though his victim had agreed to being killed and eaten, he was eventually convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. Today, Meiwes is a vegetarian and says he regrets his crime, but he estimates that there could still be as many as active cannibals in Germany alone.

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Is cannibalism legal? Most read in news.


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