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City of Lowell, MA. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, please do not use eCode Pin open the table of contents Table of Contents. Chapter Canvassers and Solicitors. V of the Code.

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Amendments noted where applicable. Hawkers and peddlers — See Ch. As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:. It shall be unlawful for any solicitor or canvasser to engage in such business within the corporate limits of the City without first obtaining a therefor in compliance with the provisions of this chapter. It shall be unlawful for any person to go in or upon private residences in the City for the purpose of distributing advertising material of a commercial nature, not having been requested in writing to do so by the owner or occupant of such private residence.

The foregoing provision shall not apply to the distribution of advertising material by any charitable organization, newspaper, nonprofit organization or the United States Postal Service. Applicants for a under this chapter must file with the City Clerk a sworn application in writing, in duplicate, on a form to be furnished by the City Clerk, which shall give the following information: [1].

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At the time of filing the application, a fee as provided in ChapterFees, shall be paid to the City Clerk to cover the cost of investigation of the facts stated therein. Upon receipt of a application under this chapter, the original shall be referred to the Superintendent of Police, who shall cause an investigation of the applicant to determine the following facts:.

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If, as a result of such investigation, the Superintendent of Police shall find that either Subsection A 1 or 2 is answered in the affirmative, he shall endorse on such application his disapproval and his reasons therefor and return the same to the City Clerk, who shall notify the applicant that his application is disapproved and that no will be issued. If, as a result of such investigation, the character and business responsibility of the applicant are found to be satisfactory, the Superintendent of Police shall endorse on the application his approval, execute a addressed to the applicant for the carrying on of the business applied for and return such along with the application to the City Clerk, who shall, upon payment of the prescribed fee, deliver to the applicant his and issue a.

Such shall contain the ature and seal of the issuing officer and shall show the name and address of the e, the class of issued, the kind of goods to be sold thereunder, the amount of fee paid, the date of issuance and the length of time the same shall be operative, as well as the and other identifying description of any vehicle used in such soliciting or canvassing. The Clerk shall keep a permanent record of all s issued.

The fee which shall be charged by the City Clerk for a under this chapter shall be as provided in ChapterFees.

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None of the fees provided by this section shall be so applied as to occasion an undue burden upon interstate commerce. In any case a fee is believed by a e or applicant for to place an undue burden upon such commerce, he may apply to the City Clerk for an adjustment of the fee so that it shall not be discriminatory, unreasonable or unfair as to such commerce.

Such application may be made before, at or within six months after payment of the prescribed fee. The applicant shall, by affidavit and supporting testimony, show his method of business and the gross volume or estimated gross volume of business and such other information as the City Clerk may deem necessary in order to determine the extent, if any, of such undue burden on such commerce.

The City Clerk shall then conduct an investigation, comparing the applicant's business with other businesses of like nature, and shall make findings of fact from which he shall determine whether the fee fixed by this section is unfair, unreasonable or discriminatory as to the applicant's business and shall fix as the fee for the applicant an amount that is fair, reasonable and nondiscriminatory or, if the fee has already been paid, shall order a refund of the amount over and above the fee so fixed.

In fixing the fee to be charged, the City Clerk shall have the power to base the fee upon a percentage of gross sales or any other method which will assure that the fee assessed shall be uniform with that assessed on business of like nature, so long as the amount assessed does not exceed the fees as prescribed by Subsection A of this section.

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Should the City Clerk determine the gross sales measure of the fee to be the fair basis, he may require the applicant to submit, either at the time of termination of applicant's business in the City or at the end of each three-month period, a sworn statement of the gross sales and pay the amount of fee therefor, provided that no additional fee during any one calendar year shall be required after the e shall have paid an amount equal to the annual fee as prescribed in Subsection A of this section.

Action on such bond may be brought in the name of the City to the use or benefit of the aggrieved person. Solicitors and canvassers are required to exhibit their s at the request of any citizen. It shall be the duty of any police officer of the City to require any person seen soliciting or canvassing, and who is not known by such officer to be duly d, to produce his solicitor's or canvasser's and to enforce the provisions of this chapter against any person found to be violating the same.

The Superintendent of Police shall report to the City Clerk all convictions for violation of this chapter, and the City Clerk shall maintain a record for each issued and record the reports of violation therein. s issued under the provisions of this chapter may be revoked by the City Clerk after notice and hearing for any of the following causes: [1]. Notice of the hearing for revocation of a shall be given in writing, setting forth specifically the grounds of complaint and the time and place of hearing. Such notice shall be Do you need Lowell Massachusetts money, postage prepaid, to the e at his last known address at least five days prior to the date set for hearing.

Such appeal shall be taken by filing with the Council, within 14 days after notice of the action complained of has been mailed to such person's last known address, a written statement setting forth fully the grounds for the appeal.

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The decision and order of the Council on such appeal shall be final and conclusive. All annual s issued under the provisions of this chapter shall expire on December 31 in the year when issued; other than annual s shall expire on the date specified in the .

Do you need Lowell Massachusetts money

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