Wanted loyal forgiving lady for a liein cheatin loser

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A "sexual fling" and its destructive powers that I thought we were working on I was wrong was what started unraveling out marriage. While separated to "work things out" he had a full-fledged affair and lied right to my face so many times. He showed no remorse for his infidelity, was disrespectful, and his emotional abuse was unbelievable. There has been too much damage done and he thinks I'm the only one who should be working on things. He still remains secretive and won't talk without blowing up at me.

It's never the right time to talk with him. He will always find a good excuse to shut me up and he always puts me down…hard. I was the only one trying to communicate in the marriage in an attempt to resolve our differences. He doesn't like to talk about anything, anytime.

His game is to ignore me. If he ignores me long enough he can continue to blame me by saying "That happened 3 years ago. When are you going to let that go and move on? He blows up and I back down but the questions never leave my mind they resurface at a later date. But it's my problem not his. He's content just sweeping all his lies and betrayals under the rug and leaving it all there.

We've been married for 38 years. I have no children he can't be a father. All I ever wanted to be was a Mom, but since it didn't matter to him, we never adopted either. I'm so depressed. My entire adult life was just a waste. He thinks I should be content with devoting my life to him as he deserves it. Clearly I don't deserve anything and he should get an award for putting up with me. If I filed for a divorce he wouldn't have to pay spousal support if he's retired. What a thoughtful man he is. Thoughtful of himself alone!

I was a virgin when we married too.

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He's all I've ever known. I'm all alone. I have no one. Post reply. Return to Your Reasons For Divorce. Get exclusive articles, tips, and resources. Plus receive your FREE divorce ebook. Recent Articles. What to consider if you are thinking about doing your own divorce. These tips can help turn your marriage bling into money.

Disclaimer - Legal information is not legal advice. All rights reserved. Home Reasons for Divorce No remorse for his infidelity. No remorse for his infidelity by Rose California A "sexual fling" and its destructive powers that I thought we were working on I was wrong was what started unraveling out marriage. No remorse for his infidelity by: Anonymous I understand what you are going through. You do not have to stay in that kind of situation. My husband started having an affair with a crack addict. Than I found out that he was on it too.

So I put my faith in God and God told me what to do. I left and was glad, we stayed married but apart until 3years ago. Now he's trying to take the money from me that I get from him, but God is in the miss. So I am saying to you, don't stay and be unhappy. Wow you nailed it. It was almost to the word the situation I am also in, for 22 years now. I hope you get the courage to walk away and know it will get better.

I tell myself this every day in hopes I will take my own advice. Although I may end up alone possibly and homeless, at least I will be free of the hurt I carry with me every day. It is so scary for the simple fact we don't even know who we are, or how to live.

We have been living their life, what they need, and what they want. It's pretty scary to learn how to be our own person and take care of ourselves, not someone else. I hope you find happiness and peace. God bless you. Details by: Shari I'm sorry for the pain you've put yourself through and the red flags you missed or refused to see along the way.

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We all did it. Please don't get bogged down in the details of his cheating. You won't ever know it all and at what point will knowing it all ever be enough for you to make a change, trust him, be happy? Don't buy into I just don't have the strength to leave him. It's not strength. It's making a decision to leave and being disciplined and convicted to that decision. On the other side of life within this marriage All of us who have been disciplined and convicted to changing our lives and leaving these idiots are beyond happy.

Life is wonderful when you only allow honesty into your life at all costs! I wish I had the strength to divorce my husband right now. Also found out that he has a porn addiction. Mind you, my husband is 52! I hope someday I can find the strength to leave him like so many have some on this thread. Research by: Shari I respectfully disagree. It depends on the state you live in as to whether the cost of hiring a PI is a wise choice.

You really need to do your research and discuss this with an attorney before shelling out the cost of a PI. I agree with squirreling away money so you can go forward in leaving the idiot. Make a plan and be silent about it. Position yourself.

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Once you feel like your spouse is cheating by: Anonymous Get a private detective! Get a private detective! Did I mention, get a private detective? Their job is to find irrefutable evidence that you can take to court in the event of a divorce. You could spend a lot of time chasing your tail trying to catch them. These folks can do it in a matter of days.

Even if you catch them and want to reconcile, rent a safety deposit box of your own never a bad idea and keep what they gave you in there. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best the best I ever worked with is elitecracker12 AT gmail. Tell them what you need to know, and ask their opinion on what else you should try to get. There are even agencies who specialize in cheating spouses. It definitely increases the chance of you walking out with a nice settlement.

Don't hurt alone by: Lindsay I am so deeply sorry. The pain you are going through is real; just reading your story, moved me. That is a pain in its own category and when I felt what you wrote. I've gone through and am going through something similar as well, except for I've had the experience of a couple of best friends lovers, stabbed you in the back and left you with nothing.

But nothing felt better than hoping they'd come back. You have to get up on your feet, find an out and start dong for you. Feel free to text me if you need to talk I've been through all the same and it hurts and is not easy. Venting by: sister in pain To all you beautiful strong women, I feel your pain and all the recurring themes. Why are we putting up with this? After 28 years, ups and downs, caring for him through his cancer, I stumbled across the truth. Thought it was just the one woman sending inappropriate messages. Discovered presents whilst on holiday hidden in his suitcase.

I was not staying on in his homeland, thought he needed time to be with his friends after his ordeal. Knew something was wrong. Came home and translated yet more messages and then realized there was another woman friend. He had confessed to planning an affair but let me assume it was just the one. Now I have found out by snooping that he has had these flirtations going back at least 15years and probably longer.

What a fool.

Wanted loyal forgiving lady for a liein cheatin loser

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